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Bai XiaoHu has been a nine-tailed fox since birth and is always proud of her nine big and fluffy tails. However, when she was going through ‘heaven’s test’, the judgmental lightning burned all nine of her tails, leaving her with an empty back.

Bai Xiaohu was shocked, devastated, and raged; she has no choice but to look all over the world trying to find a way to grow her tails back.

Then she suddenly recalled that she once encountered a poor little white kitten several hundred years back, and to help him become enlightened, she offered him fur from each of her nine tails, helping to cultivate him into a nine-tail cat. Since his tails came from hers, if he is willing to give her one tail, she can attach it back to herself!

Thus, she started looking for that nine-tailed cat everywhere, only to find out he isn’t a part of the heavenly court and instead reincarnated into a human and had gone through several lives in the mortal world. In addition, the moral world he is now in is raging evil energy, which will cause it to collapse soon.

As the leader of the No. 1 mercenary team in the ‘last days’, Lu Ye was always respected and feared by everyone up until a little girl joined his team.

The little girl looked quite delicate, but super empowered when beating the zombies. Lu Ye’s only problem is that she keeps staring at his butt.

Couldn’t bear it anymore, Lu Ye cornered the girl: “What are you looking at after all?”

But who would’ve expected the girl to suddenly burst into tears: “Where are your tails?”

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Short Title:PSMAT
Alternate Title:尾巴分我一条[末世]
Weekly Rank:#6292
Monthly Rank:#5154
All Time Rank:#8073
Tags:Apocalypse, Female Protagonist, Fox Spirits, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Transmigration,
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  1. Chapter 10 As soon as this devilish energy came out, Bai Xiaohu felt very strong, which meant that the zombies that were about to appear were much stronger than the ones he had encountered before. So without even thinking about it, when the devilish energy became very thick and a human-shaped object appeared in the center of the devilish energy, she flicked the skirt in her hand and whipped it like a whip, and the zombie was blown away with a bang . Tear - the skirt is also torn. Bai Xiaohu was quite sorry. Although she didn't like this weird skirt, after visiting so many stores, this was the only piece of fabric that could be worn on her body, and it was quite rare. It seems that it is not easy for human beings to wear new clothes. But he said that the zombie was sucked into the opposite shop and smashed countless things. Bai Xiaohu felt that it would not be able to crawl out for a while. Just as he was about to turn around, he saw the devilish energy in the opposite shop. It was another whirlwind, and the magic energy condensed. No way... This time it was faster than before, a figure appeared from the darkness, and rushed towards Bai Xiaohu. Bai Xiaohu quickly backed away, the zombie's claws brushed against her arm, and was shaken away by the runes on the cassock, the devilish energy burst, revealing the thick and stiff fingers, but immediately, the devilish energy spread again, Cover your palms. The zombie also roared, and rushed over without fear. At this time, Bai Xiaohu only had half of the useless skirt left in her hand, and the little yellow bag on her back bounced, it was the little devil chicken who wanted to come out to help fight, she pressed the bag with her backhand: "It's okay, I can do it. "She threw the skirt, and slapped it out with a palm full of aura, and slapped away the black ball that was so close to her face. This time it flew seven or eight meters away, but before it landed, the zombies disappeared again. Bai Xiaohu's heart skipped a beat, and he turned around abruptly, and there was another whirlwind behind him. Bai Xiaohu raised her foot and kicked, but soon, the zombie disappeared into the distance again, and appeared next to her again, as if it had recognized her, and it didn't care about those people who ran into the house. Bai Xiaohu is a little annoyed, what is going on, you can't tear it apart, right? She really lacks experience in battle, and was a little suffocated by the insanely strong demonic energy, thinking that if I can't drive you away, can't I beat you to death? The elder brother said, if you meet a cunning and flexible opponent, don't fight with them, seize the opportunity to control them, and then smash them! Then he taught his younger sister a super useful power trick to her not-so-clever brain, who was sure she couldn't beat her opponent in spell skills. Bai Xiaohu looked at the devilish energy that had turned black again in an instant, and quickly made a tactic with both hands. In the clothing store, a group of people settled down the injured, Pan Gu immediately said: "Let's go help!" He rushed out immediately, seeing the space zombie appearing in front of Bai Xiaohu again, he stretched out his hands , A white cold current gushed out from his hand, swept towards the zombie, and instantly froze the zombie into a huge ice egg. However, before he could relax, the next moment, the zombie inside the ice egg had disappeared, leaving only a hollow ice egg. Pan Gu's expression changed. Soon, zombies appeared in another place. Several other people also ran out, and one of the boys squatted down immediately, and slapped his palm on the ground. The energy was transmitted, and the place where the zombie was standing quickly turned into a quagmire, causing the zombie to sink more than ten centimeters, and stretched out tentacles. The mud whiskers grabbed its legs. Another girl immediately sent out two flames to bind the zombie, and the last boy waved his hands, and wind blades sprayed out from his hands like a meteor shower, slashing at the zombie one after another. "It's done!" Before they could be happy, the next moment, the zombies disappeared again, the fire chains were empty, the quagmire tentacles fell back into the quagmire because they lost their target, and the wind blade cut the ground into a sieve. "Still can't be trapped!" The fire-type girl cursed, "It's too difficult!" Bai Xiaohu looked at their operations, a little surprised by their abilities, and at the same time nodded secretly in his heart, this zombie is really very cunning. The hand formula has been completed, and she is full of confidence. So when the zombie appeared again, she stepped forward, grabbed the zombie's right forearm with one hand, and clasped the zombie's right upper arm with the other hand, then swung it with a bang, and made a perfect swing. The semicircle, and then hit the ground heavily with a bang. The marble floor of the commercial street shattered into pieces. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. Pan Gu and the others had their eyes widened and their mouths opened wide. They couldn't see any evil or black energy. What they saw was a blue-gray zombie with sharp claws that could easily tear apart human flesh. Its mouth swelled and could bite off a human's neck in one bite. But the young lady in white just grabbed her, lifted her up and swung her down. Wow - bang! The ground shattered countless times, and then the young lady lifted the zombie up again, wow—— the young lady swung the zombie down again, bang! A few people stood at the door of the store in a daze, watching Bai Xiaohu swinging the zombies like fritters, and it took a long time to close their mouths. A girl said in a daze: "No, can you still beat zombies like this?" Pan Gu said: "I don't know." His expression suddenly changed, "That zombie is grabbing her arm, stop quickly, you can't do that! " No one wants to fight zombies in close quarters, let alone hand-to-hand combat, because it is too dangerous. Even if they are supernatural beings, whoever wears an iron shirt with a gold bell cover and is slightly scratched will lose his life That's why they were so shocked when they saw Bai Xiaohu's rude behavior. After the shock, they were terrified. With a bang, the zombie was smashed to the ground again, and this time the whole body slid out, Bai Xiaohu looked at the broken zombie arm in his hand in astonishment, and turned his head to see the green-haired man who said, "You can't do this!" ?” How do you do that? Then she remembered, yes, she was going to hit her head. So she threw away her arm in a good manner, and walked over to pick up Mr. Zombie, who couldn't get up for a while because most of his joints were dislocated. This time it was the feet that pulled. Then, continue to swing. Wow - bang! Wow - bang! Wow - bang! In the commercial street, a helicopter flew over directly. Lu Ye jumped off from it and came to the convenience store. After a quick glance at the scene, he had already judged the situation at that time and where the people were going. He didn't care. The person who was still alive on the wall was about to catch up, but the next moment, he caught a little movement. On the helicopter, because it was flying high and had a wide view, the person above pointed to a place and said, "Legion, there seems to be something wrong over there." Lu Ye said, "I know." Passed by, in fact, it was only a few streets away, and he arrived very quickly at his speed. The closer you get, the clearer the movement. The bang bang bang sounded like the muffled sound of heavy objects falling to the ground, and it was quite regular. Lu Ye was puzzled and walked through the path in the middle, and he arrived at the place. Then his footsteps froze unnaturally, and he saw a familiar figure fiercely swinging a zombie two or three times bigger than her around like a stick, the ground was smashed into a mess, and the zombie His head was deformed by the blow, and he was still struggling weakly. He can naturally see that it is a zombie with a level above level 4, and it should be the space-type zombie. Every time it wants to condense its supernatural powers to teleport away, it will hit its head on the ground the next moment, and the condensed energy is will be smashed. Lu Ye felt that he even saw a trace of aggrieved on the zombie's face. The corner of Lu Ye's mouth twitched, and she looked at the person who was waving vigorously. Last time she was hitting the zombie's head, and this time she was hitting the zombie's head again, and it was even more powerful and domineering. But the skirt with long and flying hair is much more beautiful than the one who was scared to cry that day. Pan Gu and the others looked at the smashing zombie excitedly and anxiously, and suddenly found Lu Ye's appearance, and immediately shouted in surprise: "Boss!" Boss? Bai Xiaohu's men paused, and the neck of the zombie, which was finally overwhelmed, broke, and the blue-gray head flew out, hitting Lu Ye like a cannonball. Bai Xiaohu was startled, and so were the others. But Lu Ye simply raised his hand, and a net formed by electric current spread out in front of him. The splashed putrid liquid immediately vaporized when it touched the grid, and the head was on the verge of contact with the grid. It was disintegrated in an instant, the wreckage fell, and a shiny white crystal nucleus fell gently into Lu Ye's hands. Lu Ye looked at the crystal nucleus, then looked up at the little girl. Bai Xiaohu looked at this acquaintance in surprise, and found that he was holding a crystal nucleus in his hand. She lowered her head to look at the headless zombie in her hand, and found that the devilish energy was rapidly dissipating, revealing the "original appearance" of the zombie. Throwing away the corpse, he wiped his palm on the skirt, and then walked over in a pleasant surprise: "It's you!" After all, he was afraid of his thunder and lightning, so he didn't go too close. Lu Ye raised his eyebrows, and said unexpectedly: "You can talk?"

  2. and hello everyone today I not looking for a novel but a movie it is a Movie series who I hope you guys will help me to find it. it happened when the apocalypse coming to the Earth. and it talking about a family traveling by using Recreational vehicle. the family is the husband and the wife and they had two children a girl and boy. and the story happened at America and the movie has made by Hollywood so it's not a British or any other country who made it. and if I remember good in one of the episodes I that husband gets sick really sick, And they receive a guest from another dimension, and it seems that he has supernatural powers, and he offers the mother to come with him to his dimension. But the mother refuses, and because they gave him tea, and he liked the taste, he healing her husband before he go

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