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Lu Ze, he is the junior brother in Zoro’s eyes, the old enemy in Sanji’s eyes, the competitor in Luffy’s eyes, the goddess in Nami’s eyes, the shit stirrer in Sengoku’s eyes…

Regarding Lu Ze, people in this sea have various evaluations of him, good or bad, not enough.

Maybe Lu Ze, Qiwuhai, the three generals, and the four emperors have something to say.

But in the eyes of players, thousands of words can be combined into one sentence: “This product is definitely not a GM or it’s a hack! System, I want to report it!”

In the game of crossing + rebirth invincible.

“I’m Lu Ze, and I’m the endorsement for Hangbi!”

(PS: The introduction is weak, please don’t persuade you to quit easily, at least read a few chapters before making a decision, please!)

(Re-PS: New book for collection! Ask for recommendation!)

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Short Title:POL
Alternate Title:海贼OL
Weekly Rank:#2531
Monthly Rank:#873
All Time Rank:#1967
Tags:Chefs, Cooking, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Ranking System, Gamers, Male Protagonist, One Piece, Sword Wielder, System, Transmigration, Virtual Reality,
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30 Comments on “Pirates OL
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  1. MC is too much of a hypocrite, said he cheated Buggy in past life, so he wont distrub him in this life, and in next chapter he plan a trap for buggy raid his ship and kill his lieutenant, and speak to Buggy "in last life I have wronged you, this time I wont distrub you, we are even." Did author even know the word "even"? And if didnt for the fact author mentioned othet players praising how awesome MC is, you will even forget it is a novel about online game.

  2. Eh, i thought this is gonna be a op fanfic that will actually let the crew keep up with the captain, but in the end it's the usual fanfic where the captain left everyone in the dust. The crew is basically useless in a top scale fight except for fighting off cannon fodders.

  3. The author keeps talking about "real life problems", "Rl government", "rl social peace is disturbed" but he won't in the end, he writes nothing about it. So overall, this book is a 2/5

  4. Is there any way for you to indicate a novel by Game Designers, creating games in another world? type... Restart the Gaming Era , God-level Game Designers Start From Scaring the Crying Anchor , Number One Game Designer , Almighty Game Designer (Almighty Video Game Designer)

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