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Pirates: I Resurrected Roger

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Novel Summary

Through the pirate world, I can resurrect the dead and get one of its abilities.

It is said that pirates are immortal, I want to see, in addition to Roger, which other unlucky person has been written to death.

Luffy: “My brother is dead, I never won a game against him when I was a kid.”

Zoro: “My girlfriend died, and I never won a game against her when I was a kid.”

Sanji: “You still have a girlfriend? Ah, my mother died of illness.”

Usopp: “My mother died too.”

Nami: “It’s good to die, my mother was killed.”

Robin: “It’s okay, my mother was killed too.” Everyone: “???”

Whitebeard: “Zefa, I didn’t expect you to die. I was killed by your disciple. My son made up the knife. Who killed you?”

Zefa: “I was killed by my disciple! Let’s go get revenge together!”

Whitebeard: “Yes, but let’s fight first!”

The most chaotic confession in the pirate world..

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:PIRR
Alternate Title:海贼:我复活了罗杰
Author:please hit me
Weekly Rank:#4051
Monthly Rank:#3261
All Time Rank:#2751
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Male Protagonist, One Piece, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Resurrection, Ruthless Protagonist, System,
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  1. A domineering, big swordsman-level swordsman who predicts the future,the strongest shock fruit of the superhuman system, the most valuable, mysterious surgical fruit, the strongest thunder fruit of the natural system, Zefa's black-armed domineering, Charlotte Lingling's physique and strength,also the Soul Soul Fruit, this guy's(gold lion) Fluttering Fruit, my(gol d roger) swordsmanship ________198

  2. Resurrection of Roger in Rogge Town, capture the Grand Prison of Advance City, incorporate the Golden Lion, capture the Kingdom of Dressrosa, resurrect Zefa, rebuild the navy, unify the underground forces in the new world, crusade Totland, and destroy the Sea of ​​Four Emperors Thieves, Fishman Island Defence, Dressrosa Guard, the opening of three major battlefields, the "Decisive Battle of Justice" of the Navy Headquarters

  3. Liu Feng, indeed, comes from a magical and beautiful country. Otherwise, there is no way to explain what he knows, what he has.

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