"Holy Land" Mary Gioia, headed by Marshal Wright, the world's powerhouses and the "king of heaven" Uranus, the immortal Eim completely collapsed in the battle.

   The natural disasters that swept the world caused by the "king of heaven", under Wright's adequate arrangements and the super-powered navy headquarters, did not cause a large number of losses.

   can even be said to be almost negligible.

   The natural disasters themselves were eliminated one by one under the targeted blows of many powerful men.

   The reconstruction of the world is proceeding in an orderly manner——

   As long as the people are still there, and the world civilization is still there, these are not problems.

   Besides, the Devil Fruit was originally born for this.

   The admiral "Fujitora" smiled and led the navy officers to arrest all the members of the world government and the Denon people who were hiding in the underground seal.

   The navy headquarters, the military court, became the last stop to try these guys who fell from "world nobles" to "world sinners".

   is also not right, their last stop was the public execution stand on Marin Vatican Doolis Square.

   The most spectacular public execution in eight hundred years. When the people of the world watched the live broadcast, they felt completely different from that of Roger.

  Five flavors Chen Za.

   The world government has been proven by the world to be a dark, corrupt and deceitful person.

  The leader of the revolutionary army called "the most murderous criminal" by the world government, Monkey D. Long, is also one of the three main forces that defeated the world government...

   Then, the One Piece who was executed by the world government back then, now everyone knows, he is called Gore D. Roger, not the world government who dare not name it...

   Roger, he is really like the world government said, is he a demon?

  Roger...what the **** is he carrying?

  Although the five old stars are under Luo Xindi’s silent realm, they have no chance to shout something that shocked the world like Roger...

   But Wright has already sensed the last thoughts of the five old stars.

  【The Immortal·Rosandy! He is a Denon! The blood of the Tianlong people will not be cut off! 】

  【You have won, but you also cannot avoid it, our destiny! 】

  【The kingship has no eternity...】

  【But without the rule of the world government, without the suppression of the "king of heaven", the world will eventually fall into endless chaos! 】

   [There must be a king of the world! 】

   "This line is so familiar... it scared me..."

  Wright looked at the five old stars who roared silently, and shook his head slightly:

   "This point, you don't have to worry about it."

   "The wonderful world, you are not qualified to see it!"



   The world government disappeared in smoke, and the Celestial people, including the five old stars, were the same.

  Wright fulfilled his promise, and the world-wide banquet was held in the last battlefield of the red earth continent, the land of the fall of Uranus.

  With the vast area of ​​the Red Earth Continent, coupled with the powerful transmission ability of the Lightcasting Beacon, this is an unprecedented, world-class "banquet" in the history of the world!

  At this time, the world was once again divided into a "whole", not only physically but also spiritually.

   And the last thing Wright and others have to do is to realize the long-cherished wish of the great kingdom for thousands of years, and it is also the most important step to break the world barrier——

   "OnePiece" project!

   The world’s top powerhouses and Vidicar gathered together on the red earth continent where there was no Mary Gioia, and shattered the barrier that had separated the world for thousands of years!

   On that day, the world shook again, but it was not the fear that "king of heaven" brought to the world, but the excitement of "people" who used their own hands to transform their own world!

  Ability bombing, sword slashing, physical bombing, Vidical’s main artillery strike...

   The concerted efforts of the world's top forces, the Red Earth Continent did not last long!

   The admiral smiled and floated all the broken pieces into the air, Guina was responsible for the displacement of the pieces, and the White Star Princess commanded the sea kings to transport and gather the pieces that were moved by Guina into the designated sea area to create a new island!

   The thousand-year-old red earth continent disappeared, and the whole world was integrated into one. The original fisherman island location that has turned into a submarine volcano, "Sun Tree Eve" still stands tall.

   Here is the new world center, the legendary "AllBlue"!

   Next to the trunk of Yangshu·Eve, is a small island built from fragments of the red soil continent.

  Here is the location of the new Tripartite Provisional Parliament. They will exert their power in handling world affairs.

  Different from the three parties in the decisive battle against the world government, the constituent parties of the Provisional Parliament are--

   Representing the military power, the "Navy Headquarters" led by Wright!

   represents public opinion, is based on the power of the people, has received the response of most enlightened kingdoms, and is led by the former leader of the revolutionary army, Monch D. Long, the "Republican Alliance"!

   represents free will, takes the sea as home, and is led by the former guardian of the last generation, the redhead Shanks, the "Navigator Association"!

   Yes, the Revolutionary Army integrates the power of many kingdoms, with its powerful strength, and the support of the light forged road mark of the navy headquarters, liberates public opinion and establishes a truly equal kingdom alliance.

   And pirates, from now on, there will be no pirates in the world.

   The guys who sinned badly and never guarded one side, redeemed their sins in the final battle, and even took the opportunity to make trouble, just like the Tianlongren, were directly liquidated.

  Those who want to live a stable life can get what they want, but they must accept the supervision of the "Republican Alliance" and must not do things that endanger civilians.

   Those who still want endless adventures and enjoy life at sea can join the "Navigator Association" and become a "Navigator"——

   This is a loose organization, which is only responsible for holding the navigators responsible for the supervision of the destruction of the world.

   can’t take action against civilians, it’s the iron rule, and the violator is the public enemy of the world!

   has a light-forged beacon, the world is connected as a whole, and people travel to and from the islands, just like traveling between cities and towns within a kingdom.

   The collision of civilizations and the exchange of ideas have made the world more and more prosperous.

   "Lord of the Dawn Watch, Legend of Wright"

   "The Last Guardian, The Legend of Shanks"

   "Leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey·D·Long Biography"

   "Biography of Admiral"

   "The Pirate's Final Generation Biography"

   "Revolutionary Army Biography"

   "The First One Piece, The Biography of Gore D. Roger"

   "The Last One Piece, The Wonderful Journey of Monkey·D·Luffy"



   The legendary experience of the world's strong men, written by Morgans with painstaking efforts, has enabled the world to further understand the stories behind these strong men and what they have done for the whole world.

   name goes down in history.

   And the leader of the world's heroes, the lord of the Dawn Watch, the marshal of the navy headquarters, the example of justice, the light of hope, the man of miracles Wright...

   If there must be a "king of the world", Wright deserves it.

   However, in four years, the world has returned to peace again. After getting on the right track, Wright disappeared when he was forty years old.

   Once every four years, three parties take turns in power, which is his rule.

  Marshal of the Navy Headquarters, taken over by the general "Akadog" Sakaski!

   Even his closest comrades in arms, the Recorder Smogg, and the Immortal Rosindi, don’t know where he went.

   What he left behind is a special beacon of light casting.

   This beacon is located in the original "Final Island" Love Drew.

The    light casting beacon is made of the strongest "brilliant alloy" that will hardly be destroyed.

   On its pedestal, Wright’s message is inscribed:

   "Want to be a true messenger of justice? Young people with dreams, come and accept the trial!"

   "In contrast to the constraints of the devil fruit's luck and powerful bloodlines, the source of eternal light is in the heart of each of you!"

   "A firm enforcer of justice, as long as you make unremitting efforts, the Holy Light will be your most powerful help!"

   "Hero, accept my strength and fight for justice!"

   This is a trial for all non-devil fruit capable people to become those with the Holy Light system!

  The highest masterpiece of Wright and Begapunk——

  The Trial of Justice!

   Those who pass will be given Wright's unfavorable, the power of the Holy Light!

  The host of the trial ~www.mtlnovel.com~ is the immortal Rosindi and the Paladin Cavendish!

   Whenever evil breeds, there will be justice light messengers.

  The brilliance of hope will never be cut off, from the highest level in the world that may be corrupted by rights, down to the innocent thieves in the streets...

   Where the holy light goes, sin has nowhere to hide!

   This is the protector of the weak, the regulator of world rights...

   "Holy Light's Wish"!

   Wright, known as the "world legend" by the world!

   "World peace... is really a challenging thing."

   On the edge of the moon base, Wright looked back and grinned:

   "White Beard, our agreement is complete."

   "Everyone, it's up to you later..."

   Vidical landed beside him, he turned and boarded the battleship:

   "My journey is the sea of ​​stars, hahaha!"

   "Huh? Why are you little guys here!?"

   "Uncle/teacher/sir/big brother/marshal... Our adventure is not over yet! Hahaha!"


   The book is over.

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