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Pirate’s Holy Light Swordsman

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With veteran Hemi and Wannian Milk riding through the Pirate World, Wright was able to take charge of the power of Azeroth’s Holy Light.

“Eighteen years!”

“Finally, no one can stop the export of labor and capital!”

“Labor and capital are great swordsmen!”

The navy: “Your Excellency Marshal, you can kill people, don’t forget the whole group!”

Wright: “…”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:PHLS
Alternate Title:海贼之圣光剑豪
Author:Zi Yue Jiong
Weekly Rank:#1249
Monthly Rank:#1206
All Time Rank:#1018
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Famous Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Healers, Male Protagonist, One Piece, Righteous Protagonist, Sword Wielder, Weak to Strong,
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43 Comments on “Pirate’s Holy Light Swordsman
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  1. Is there any romance in it? If yes, with who? I already past 100+ chapters yet there's still no romance yet. I dont even seen a candidate

  2. So mc is a goody two shoes i might regret saying this since im in the part where he brainwashes someone with his powers

  3. I Ian Britannian, I declare this the best fanfic of one piece. This wonderful ending is Eichiro Oda level, looks like this author stole some notes from the creator of One Piece himself. The author added to the story many theories created by the community in his fanfic, so few main mysteries were left aside, the important things in the world were answered splendidly, this final part is wonderful, I literally cried imagining this happening for real. If Oda can't get over the end of this fanfic, I will be sad. Final Grade 5/5

  4. I thought that this was an over the top comment, but after reading I have to agree; perfect book, beautiful story and ending, no loose ends, without any further spoilers: read it!

  5. chapter 226 and people still treat Wright like a young person, he must be about 36 years old but it looks like the author still wants him to be a young boy

  6. young in the context of marine view or the worldview itself, maybe? you know in marinford, luffy called ki(gaki/gakki idk)d literally by everyone despite 17yo himself

  7. the younger generation than the person is normal. For example, the sengoku generation considers the generation of three admirals as a youth group

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