After turning on the selfless state, the world in front of Du Hang's eyes suddenly changed. In just a moment, all the enemy's movements were analyzed by the intelligence brain. The seemingly tricky thief, in the eyes of Du Hang, is like a baby with no secrets!

  Under the unbelievable gaze of the thieves, Du Hang just swung his fist lightly, without using any special skills at all, and he had no room to dodge, so he was knocked out by the punch!

Reaching out to take the package thrown by the thief in mid-air, Du Hang heaved a sigh of relief when he released the selfless state. The first battle was really a little stressful. Fortunately, the selfless state has its own emotional control ability, otherwise the moment just now might not have been successful. .

  Looking at the navy that had already chased after him, Du Hang didn't hesitate, he took out a handful of banknotes from the thief king's clothes that fell on the ground, then turned around and left!

   "Major! The thief Todd has been knocked down!" Someone in the pursuing navy shouted.

   "What? Is it one of our people?!" A man wearing a naval justice cloak asked in surprise.

   "No... no, he ran away with the essence stone!"

   "...Then why are you hesitating! Hurry up and chase after him! Send someone to go around and outflank him! If the thing is lost, everyone will be finished today!"

   "Then Major, what about the thief Todd?"

   "Beat him and throw him in jail!"

  Du Hang didn't know that he punched the poor thief directly into the prison, but even if he knew, he wouldn't react. Wouldn't it be good if someone took the blame for him?

  【Host, a group of navies are trying to outflank it. 】

   "Can you draw a map?" Du Hang asked.

  【Yes, the current map has been uploaded. 】

   After downloading the map drawn by Zhinao, Du Hang smacked his lips.

  One Piece World's physical strength is really good, especially for these navies who have been trained all the year round, they have been chasing so close in such a short time. If you don't do something, you will be caught up in minutes.

  Thinking of this, he looked around.

When he ran just now, he had already run from the sea to Rogue Town, because the navy had to wait a while to catch up, and the residents of the town hadn't noticed the commotion over there, and they were still doing what they should do. One of them was selling fruit In front of the stall, a young man wearing a straw hat was standing there.

  Seeing this person, Du Hang let out a snort. This straw hat seems familiar.

  At first he thought it was Luffy, but he didn't expect that Luffy had already arrived in Rogue Town, and it was time for him to cross.

But in the next second he denied his own judgment. The young man in front of him could not be Luffy. Luffy was only seventeen years old when he went to sea. No matter how you look at it, the young man in front of him was in his twenties, similar to himself, although he grinned The silly smile looks like Luffy, but it's definitely not Luffy.

   If it wasn't for Luffy, this person...?

  Du Hang suddenly thought of a possibility.

  He grinned and walked over.

   "Yo, man."

  The straw hat youth who was looking at the fruit looked back at him strangely.

   "Are you calling me?"

"Yeah." Seeing this man's face, Du Hang smiled brighter in his heart. Although he looks a little different from that uncle in later generations, his foundation is indeed the same. I am really lucky to meet this uncle. Kaizi...ah no, I met this great man who made history!

"Brother, I'm in some trouble. There's a group of villains chasing after me...I see that you have an extraordinary bearing, and you're upright. You're definitely not someone who can't help you. For the sake of love and justice, and for the peace of this world, can you help me?" Let me give you a helping hand, and join me in killing those villains who are chasing and killing me?"

   "Eh...?" Hearing Du Hang's words, the straw hat youth looked confused.

"found it!"

   "Catch up! Right here!"

   "Come on! Don't let him get away!"

   While Du Hang was talking to the straw hat youth, the navy had already caught up. After seeing Du Hang, the navy showed joy and rushed forward without hesitation!

  Seeing this scene, the surrounding townspeople screamed and ran away. Just as the straw hat youth was about to say something, Du Hang slapped him on the back and pushed him out.

   "I didn't expect these guys to catch up so quickly, brother, we can only go together! Don't worry, they are just some small fish. With the strength of you and me, killing them is easy!"

"Wait, wait, what's going on?" The straw hat youth looked at the large number of navy in front of him, and then at Du Hang behind him. Ten thousand grass and mud horses galloped by in his heart, but it was a pity that he hadn't waited for him to say anything. What, the navy's knife has already slashed at him!

   "There are still accomplices?! But there is no difference, neither one can escape!"

   "Will you die if you listen to people well?!" He was repeatedly ignored by others, and the straw hat youth also became angry, and kicked the navy who cut him off.

   "Be careful! This guy has two tricks!"

   "Get this done first! Quick!"

  Looking at the navy that surrounded them all of a sudden, the corners of the eyes of the straw hat youth twitched. He turned around and said, "Damn it! What did you do! How did you offend so many navy...juns?"

  Seeing the deserted street behind him, the straw hat youth felt his eye sockets moist.

  Behind a tree not far away, Du Hang touched his chin.

   “It’s a wonderful summer afternoon, and it’s a different kind of pleasant experience to see others do what is right.”

  Looking at the package containing the Hailou Jingshi in his hand, Du Hang stuffed it into his pocket casually, and walked towards Rogge Town.



   After overturning forty or fifty navies in one breath, Gol D. Roger finally escaped from this innocent disaster.

Pressing the straw hat on his head, Roger showed a loveless expression. What kind of crime did he do? As an ordinary person, although he had ambitions, he didn't implement them. How could he be pulled out as a scapegoat? ? If there is a chance to see that **** again, let him know how powerful he is!

   While thinking, Roger walked towards the restaurant he usually goes to. After such a big fight, he had to comfort his stomach quickly.

   It is probably time to eat now. When Roger walked into the store, there were no seats left. There were people sitting at every table, but there was only one person sitting at the table next to the window, so he should be able to fight.

   Roger strode over.

   "Hey, can I sit here?" He lowered his head and asked with a grin.

   "Ah, no problem, please." Du Hang raised his head and replied with a smile.

  Roger: "…"

  Du Hang: "..."

  Looking at Du Hang, whose face remained unchanged, Roger felt a lot of veins popping up on his forehead, and just as he was about to open his mouth to accuse him, Du Hang spoke first.

   "Brother, ask me, is there any good craftsman around here, the kind that can carve and polish Hailou stone?"

   "Well... the old Hank in the west of the town may be able to do it, I'm not sure, wait a minute!" After answering half of it instinctively, Roger suddenly realized that the point of the matter was not here.

   "You bastard, you made me miserable just now! I was almost caught by those marines and sent to prison!"

  Just fooling himself like that, he can still inquire about things with himself as if nothing had happened. This is the first time Roger has seen such a person when he grows up!

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