Chapter 153 This content is simply shameless

   "Looking up at the stars? What kind of organization is this?" Rockefeller's team leader looked surprised. How could he not know when the Navy had foreign aid?

  However, even if there is foreign aid, there are three overlord-level monsters on the opposite side! Fighting with them, no matter how many people there are, don't they still deliver food?

   While he was watching, after Du Hang repelled the bald pirate, the blond Afro rushed up again.

  Du Hang and Steel Gu Kong joined forces to attack. Steel Gu Kong at full strength was like a meat grinder, wrapped around armed domineering arms and kept attacking, advancing all the way. Only the "Monkey King" who hit was hard to fight back.

  But at this moment, "Saitama" has made a comeback, and with one punch, the steel frame is knocked back several steps.

  Different from others, Gang Gukong accepted Du Hang's special care, and he voluntarily fully immersed himself in Du Hang's illusion, so that he would not reveal his secrets during the battle.

Originally, he thought that even if he completely entered Du Hang's illusion, it would not matter. With Du Hang's knowledge, he could at most find two opponents who were at the same level as Roger. Much worse.

That bald-headed pirate who calls himself Saitama, who knows how Du Hang made it, is actually stronger than himself, and the blond one named Sun Wukong, whose "Kamehae Qigong" can be fired from a distance at every turn. "What is it again?

He doesn't know much about the fruits of illusion, but he also knows that this thing is closely related to the user's knowledge. There is also a lieutenant general who uses similar abilities in the navy. The person he created with illusion is like this. The deeper the understanding of the body, the better. The more perfect the puppet can be pinched, so the lieutenant general who pinches most often is himself and several other teammates who often fight with him.

  Look at how perfect these two people are when they fight... Could it be that there are really two overlord-level pirates in this sea?

  Steel bone Kong couldn't help but feel terrified.

   Roger watched them fight for a long time, completely unable to figure out what was going on.

  Rayleigh guessed something, showing admiration.

  Since he couldn't figure it out, Roger didn't think about it at all. He laughed, swung his knife to join the battle, and fought steel bone again.

For the current Roger, fighting with Steel Bone Kong is an excellent opportunity. Every time the two of them fight hand to hand, Roger can benefit a lot. Fighting against such a fast-improving opponent, Steel Bone Kong admires Luo Roger's talent, but also fear of Roger's future.

   Such a pirate, let him grow it really okay?

  He subconsciously looked to the side, Du Hang who was having a heated fight with two illusionists.

  If you do it now, kill Roger and that kid...?

  As soon as this idea appeared, Steel Gu Kong's brain became hot.

   At this moment, Du Hang suddenly turned around.

  He looked at Steel Gu Kong, said nothing, but gave Steel Gu Kong a chill.

  From the hole in the skull mask, he could see Du Hang's smiling eyes.

   Those eyes clearly reminded him of one thing.

  Your thoughts... I guessed it!

  Steel Bone turned back idly and stopped looking at Du Hang.

  At the same time, I also gave up the idea that I had just risen.

  The leader looking up at the starry sky, he can't see clearly, although he is confident of winning, but if the opponent runs away, with the opponent's ability, there will be endless troubles!

   Marshal Chilong, Staff Officer Paz, are you really sure that the one you found is an ally?

  The steel frame is empty, and the mind is heavy!

  He was very disturbed, but the Rockefeller leader was very happy.

   Seeing that the three big pirates on the opposite side were all suppressed, his sense of security increased sharply, and he walked all the way to the bow of the ship, giving advice.

   "Navymen, go! Your generals can't hold up their heads! You can't even clean up the mess?"

  None of the navies responded to him.

  These people are not the soft guys in charge of diplomacy in the headquarters, each of them is an elite soldier brought out of the steel skeleton, with iron-like discipline!

  The captain of the ship made a helpless rescue: "Sir, I'm very sorry, we only follow the orders of General Kong."

   These words made the leader of Rockefeller's face turn green and pale.

  Roger feels better now.

  He wanted to just fight Steel Bones until tomorrow!

  Unfortunately at this moment, "Monkey King" spoke.

   "Roger! Since the Navy has called for help, we are not suitable for continuing to fight, so we will withdraw!"

   "..." Roger wanted to ignore it at first, but he nodded when he thought that this was Du Hang's illusion.

   He absolutely trusts Du Hang!

  Well, except when Du Hangkeng was...

   "Well, well, let's withdraw." Roger replied a little unnaturally, he was not used to answering questions for an illusionist.

  Hearing this, Steel Gu Kong snorted coldly: "If you want to leave, how can it be so easy?"

   As he said that, he was about to block the person, but the Monkey King on the opposite side waved his hand, and another dazzling Kameha qigong struck him, making him pause for a moment.

   Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Roger Pirates and the two Illusion Pirates disappeared on the island together.

   "...Unfortunately, he ran away." Steel Gu Kong said a little annoyed.

   This is not acting, he really felt sorry for Roger's escape.

  Du Hang walked up to him and chuckled: "What's the matter, my friend, something unpleasant happened, tell me to make me happy?"

  Steel Gu Kong gave him a squinted look, didn't speak, just soared into the air, and walked back to the boat a few months ago.

   As a result, Du Hang was not idle either, relying on the power of the domain to follow closely.

   Seeing the two men come back, the Rockefeller leader was a little anxious: "Pursue! We are almost winning, why don't you chase?"

  Steel Gu Kong took the towel handed by his subordinates to wipe his hands, and gave him a faint look: "The enemy is in the dark, and the pursuit is risky."

   "Even if there is a risk..."

   "Excuse me, don't get in the way." Just halfway through his words, he was suddenly slapped aside, Du Hang withdrew the slap, and walked leisurely in front of Steel Gu Kong.

  Steel Gukong's face was a little weird, and he wanted to praise Du Hang for throwing that man away just now, but he didn't want to talk to this weird guy too much.

  Du Hang didn't care, he smiled and looked at Gang Gukong.

   "Brave man, go back and tell Paz, I will take someone away first, if you want to find me, use the phone number I left him before."

   "Huh?" Steel Gu Kong was startled, "You want to leave? The Qiwuhai plan is not stable yet. If you leave, we're afraid..."

   "You underestimate Paz too much, don't worry, he will do well." Du Hang laughed.

   After speaking, he turned to look at his subordinates.

   "Let's go, everyone."

   Just one sentence, the moment it fell, two rows of black robes and white faces stood up neatly, and followed behind Du Hang!

   Then, as if no one else was there, just leave!

  Looking at the backs of the people looking up at the starry sky, Steel Bone Kong took a deep breath and ordered to return.

   On the second day, looking up at the starry sky, Qiwuhai, Rogue Town, the new overlord, Roger Pirates, these few words occupied the vision of every force in the world!

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