Chapter 152 Looking up at the stars to do business!

   "Three overlords?!"

  Hearing this, everyone in the fleet was instantly dumbfounded.

  Even those high-level navy officials who knew the general plot in advance felt a little chilled down their backs at this time.

  At the same time, some people looked at the Rockefeller family with a guilty conscience.

  There are only a few overlords in the world, and three of them are created at once, isn't it a bit unreliable?

   Seeing this, several people were dumbfounded.

  The leader's eyes widened, and he commanded his subordinates loudly: "Retreat! Retreat quickly! Quick!"

  A high-ranking navy officer just wanted to go over and say something, but Du Hang had already gone up first.

   "Haha, don't rush to run, don't we still have a free general?"

"Are you kidding me? Are you stupid?" Hearing this, the team leader took a few seconds out of his busy schedule to rage at Du Hang, "No matter how strong the steel bone is, he is just a general, how can he beat the three overlords? Don't run away again!" , we are all going to die here!"

  Du Hang scratched his hair: "But I think if you run, you will die faster..."

   These words made everyone choke.

  The team leader blinked and subconsciously looked towards the pier.

  The three overlord pirates are still confronting Cyborg Kong.

  Although Steel Gu Kong didn’t react on the surface, he must have panicked like himself in his heart...

  In the current situation, is there any hope of escaping?

   He scratched his hair, unable to believe that he, a middle-level cadre of the Rockefeller family, was going to die in this unknown place?

   "It doesn't matter who it is, doesn't the navy have other powerful combat forces? What about the other generals? What about Marshal Chilong? Can't someone come and suppress these pirates?!" He looked around and asked loudly!

  The marines were expressionless, not knowing whether they were frightened or had no time to answer him.

  On the pier, the empty face of the steel frame sank like water, looking at the three people in front of him.

  The bald guy and the blond guy also looked at him.

  Roger looked at them with a look of lovelessness, looking at them from the perspective of a melon passerby.

  He wants to know one thing now, where is that kid Du Hang?

   Also, what the **** is he doing?

   Well, it could be two things.

  Steel Bone snorted coldly: "It's a good plan, Roger, set up an ambush, unite two overlord-level pirate groups, do you want to keep me?"

  Roger gritted his teeth, not knowing how to answer this topic, he felt that no matter what he said, his lack of IQ would be exposed after a while.

  After thinking for a while, he planned to get straight to the point and ask if Du Hang was involved in this matter.

   As a result, just as he opened his mouth, the steel bone Kong has already interrupted him.

   "It's useless! Roger! Do you think that you are the only one who has thought of a strategy! You are so naive! The navy has already arrived and you will do this, and you are fully prepared!"

   "Huh?" Roger subconsciously let out a bewildered expression.

  The bald man next to him who called himself Saitama cooperated in a timely manner: "How is it possible! We have already investigated in advance! It is impossible for other top naval forces to come here! What else can you do to prepare!"

   On the other side of the fleet, the leader of the Rockefeller family's eyes lit up.

  Navy... and the hole card?

real or fake?

  He swallowed, nervously waiting for the next step.

   As soon as the bald man finished speaking, Steel Gu Kong picked up the words.

   This is also what Du Hang taught him—don’t let Roger pick up the conversation, otherwise, with Roger’s IQ, he will definitely be exposed.

   "Stupid pirates, what do you know... Our navy is no longer a navy that fights alone. Under the wise guidance of Staff Officer Pass, we have a new strategy!"

  The blond muscular man who called himself Monkey King took a step forward: "So what if you have a strategy? Today we have three overlords gathered together. If you are a general, you will surely fall here!"

   As he spoke, his muscles bulged and he punched out!

  Steel bone with empty arms, armed domineering wrapped around it, just blocked the punch, the two of them each took a step back, leaving deep footprints on the ground!

   Seeing this scene from a distance, the team leader stared.

   Sure enough, it is the overlord class... This kind of power that can stand up to Steel Bone Kong is not found in the entire sea!

  He desperately wrote down these things. If he could go back alive and report the news, it would definitely be a great achievement!

Roger is not in the mood to fight anymore, but the two illusionists are not willing to let go, fighting with Steel Gu Kong in the dark, looking at it from a distance, it only makes people feel like fighting with gods, Steel Gu Kong was just two arms at first Armed color, and later on the whole person was covered with armed color, making it look like a non-chief.

  He let out a roar, stretched out both arms, and drove the two of them back with one blow.

   But his appearance is not much better, there are many small wounds on his body.

  He turned his head and looked at the fleet.

   "If you don't make a move at this time, when will you wait?!"

  His loud voice, across the sea, makes people's ears numb.

  The team leader subconsciously looked at the marines, not knowing who Cyborg Kong was talking about.

  Roger also showed an expression of interest, and he also saw some clues. The admiral Steel Gu Kong might cooperate with a person he is least likely to cooperate with!

   Sure enough, there was a burst of laughter in the fleet.

   "Hahahaha! I can't stand it so soon! The steel bone is empty!"

   Following the laughter, a black figure rose into the sky!

  The team leader looked at this scene dumbfounded. Isn't that man... the man in black who has been joking with him since just now?

  That guy who is not serious at all, is the hole card of the steel bone empty?

  In the eyes of everyone, Du Hang stepped on the moon and appeared directly in the sky.

  The black robe flutters in the wind, and the white mask shines with icy color in the sun!

   Just when everyone's eyes were focused on the air and they said nothing, Steel Bones laughed and said, "Just in time, today, I will announce the new strategy of the navy!"

  He pointed in Du Hang's direction.

"Admiral Chiryu, and Staff Officer Pass signed a contract with the free organization Looking Up at the Stars. From now on, the navy will formally establish the 'Shichibukai' strategy! As long as they are willing to cooperate with the navy and contribute to the peace, stability and prosperity of the sea pirates All groups can accept the assessment of Qiwuhai Project and become one of them!"

   "Roger! This is... our navy, the grandest feast prepared for you pirates!"

  As he uttered the last word, the figure in the air rushed towards him like lightning. He cut through the space and appeared directly in front of the bald pirate. He punched the bald pirate more than ten meters away!

  Du Hang landed on the ground and smiled.

   "On a beautiful summer afternoon, hitting a One-Punch Man with one punch is a different kind of enjoyment."

  Hearing this familiar flattering tone, Roger's eyes lit up, and he opened his mouth to call out that name.

  Du Hang raised a hand to stop him, and also stopped Lei Li and others who had the same reaction behind him.

"Roger, and... the other two, I know you know me and want to ask me why I did this, but now, I don't want to explain to you, the only thing I want to say is... look up to the stars to do things! The weak retreat!"

  Roger's eyes twitched.

  Grandson Du Hang, why is he so crazy?

   I update very diligently... Is there any reward? Hey hey (tilt head

  (end of this chapter)

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