Chapter 151 Steel Bone Kong: I've been tricked!

   Seeing the scene of the two fleets fighting each other, the people sent by the Rockefeller family panicked.

  He hurriedly looked at Steel Bone Kong.

   "Steel bone general! He, how did they ambush so many people?!"

"Pirates do things with many tricks, and we have been tricked." Gang Gukong's face was gloomy, and he looked back: "Roger Pirates, it seems that they have been prepared for a long time. He has been acting for you, the purpose is to attract High command of the navy, hit the navy hard!"

   "What?!" The other party was shocked, "It's like this?!"

  Steel Gu Kong didn't reply, he fished it out with a big hand, and took out the phone bug from his pocket.

   "Marshal Chilong!" he said loudly.

   "I'm Chiron, please tell me." Chiron's voice sounded from the opposite side of the phone bug. Although the person sent by the Rockefeller family had never spoken to Chiron, he still knew the voice, and immediately stretched his ears.

   "Marshal Chiryu, we have been counted by the Roger Pirates. The opponent has ambushed a large number of warships. Now they are fighting fiercely with us. Our army is at a disadvantage."

   "There is such a thing?" Chilong's voice sounded full of surprise, he pondered for a while, and slowly said: "Then how many of the opponent's top combat power?"

   "I don't know yet, I haven't contacted the other party members, I will try next." Steel Gu Kong said.

  With Chilong's permission, he hung up the phone and looked at the Rockefeller family.

   "You heard what you said just now... Next, this general will go to test the opponent's strength. You should pay attention to protecting your own safety."

"Ah?!" Hearing this, the other party panicked, "Don't worry, Cyborg General, no matter how powerful the Roger Pirates are, how can they be your opponents? They must be bluffing, you should sit still here Army..."

  Hearing this, Steel Bones sneered inwardly.

   What a timid and timid thing... As soon as he heard that he might be in danger, he immediately became cowardly.

   "Puff puff puff." Cyborg didn't smile, but Du Hang didn't care, he just covered his mouth and made a snicker.

   "What are you laughing at?!" The leader of the Rockefeller family said angrily.

   "It's nothing, it's just interesting to see a member of a certain great family, who was scared to pee his pants by an unpopular pirate group..."

   "Who are you talking about!"

   "I didn't mention you..." Du Hang made an innocent expression of shrugging his shoulders, but his face was covered with a white skull mask, unable to show any expression, which looked particularly unconvincing.


   "Be quiet, now is not the time to quarrel." Steel Gu Kong said coldly, upon hearing this, the Rockefeller leader hurriedly silenced, and he was still pointing at the navy to protect him.

  Du Hang also snapped to attention, looking like a five-good student.

  Steel bone Kong's eyes were full of coldness, but he rarely gave Du Hang a compliment in his heart.

  This taunt is good, it’s fun to listen to.

  Perhaps, this head of state who "looks up at the stars" is not a thoroughly annoying guy.

  He turned around and rushed towards the illusion fleet!

   "Admiral, the steel bone is empty, come on!"

   As he spoke, he swung a punch violently in mid-air, and the strong arrogance spread out, rushing past an illusion warship, and the ship exploded into two pieces and sank!

   Seeing this scene, the navy cheered.

  The Rockefeller leader also breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that this time he is safe.

  On the coast, Roger grinned: "The Lord is here! It's time for me to play!"

  He drew his knife and was about to attack!

  Rayleigh had a drop of cold sweat dripping from his forehead. Roger is still injured, so he is going to go up to the general?

  In Du Hang's words, be the vanguard of death!

  Roger didn't care about this, he laughed and stepped forward.

   "Captain of the Roger Pirates, Gore D. Roger, accept your challenge! The steel bone is empty!"

  Such a domineering speech shocked the audience!

  Not to mention the navy soldiers, even the steel skeleton Kong who was stepping on the moon step in mid-air could not help but shine.

  This Roger... is different from Du Hang. He is obviously injured all over, but he doesn't care whether he can win or not. When he encounters a challenge, he will take action without hesitation.

  He grinned ferociously, accelerated in mid-air, and rushed down fiercely! He clenched his right fist, which was already covered with jet-black armed domineering. He wanted to use this fist to smash Roger into pieces!

  Hmm... It's not really about beating him to death, and he will stop in the end, otherwise Du Hang's plan will be ruined.

   As a result, just halfway through the rush, his pupils shrank.

  Roger seemed to have anticipated his movements, and with a single movement of his feet, he was in the dead corner of his attack!

   "How come..." Steel Gu Kong was really startled, no matter how you look at it, it's not a coincidence, Roger's step was not too much, it happened to be the weakest position in the range of his punch!

  This guy... is kind of evil.

  Steel Gu Kong raised the corner of his mouth. Just now he just had a good impression of Roger, but now, he is really interested in fighting!

   "Eat my leg!" After getting serious, Steel Gu Kong's movements became more flexible. During the dive, he changed his moves temporarily, turned his fist into a leg, and slammed Roger hard!

  Roger laughed loudly: "Good time!"

  He swayed slightly, and just before the steel-bone Kong's leg fell down, he dodged to the side.

  Steel Gukong showed a triumphant smile. He had already guessed that Roger had seen through his moves, so...his kick actually had a different move!

  Put his left foot on the ground, and the steel bone Kong's body swivels and punches!

  Wrapped around the domineering legs of armed color, it turns into the sharpest meat grinder at this time. No matter how strong a person is, under this whip leg, they can only die!

   But the scene that really surprised him came.

  Roger actually saw through his move, he jumped up early, dodged the blow, and even slashed down with a knife!

  If it weren't for the strong steel bone hollow body technique, I'm afraid this knife will be hit!

  Steel Bone smiled and opened his mouth: "Interesting... You guy, you have a terrifying talent. If it were normal, I would definitely play with you, but unfortunately I don't have a chance today."

   "Huh? What do you mean?" Roger was puzzled.

   As soon as he finished speaking, he subconsciously looked to both sides.

   Not far away, two figures are rushing towards this side.

  One of them has a bald head, wearing an orange tights, red gloves, and a red cloak!

  The other one is a blond man with a muscular body. He is wearing an orange exercise uniform with the word "Enlightenment" on it!

  As soon as these two people appeared on the stage, Roger could tell that they were both Du Hang's illusion.

  So, where is Du Hang, what is he doing, and why does he always come up with these inexplicable illusions?

   As he was thinking, the two had already spoken.

   "Under Saitama."

   "Under Monkey King!"

   "Navy, you are already surrounded, just obediently capture them with nothing!"

  Roger: "…"

  Rayleigh: "…"

  Azshara: "…"

   What the **** is this! No matter how stupid Steel Gu Kong is, he must be able to see that something is wrong! Who would believe it!

   In the next second, if the steel skeleton is empty, the three of them will be petrified collectively.

   Facing the two illusionists, Gang Gukong roared loudly.

   "We are ambushed! The opponent has three overlords!"

  Roger stared at the sky speechlessly, he was really confused about the situation.

   I’m a very virtuous person, have you seen that?


  (end of this chapter)