Chapter 150 Wow, the fight is really intense

   How can someone who can be the leader of the Rockefeller family fleet be a fool? When he heard what Du Hang and Kong said, he immediately realized it.

  The words of these two people... have already made it very clear, they just want to lie about the level of the enemy and make their contribution greater.

  At the same time, I can also reduce the responsibility for losing the battle, which is really a good way for win-win!

   Now, he really wants to present an award to the two people in front of him! Although one of them was wearing a black robe and a skull mask, he didn't look like a good person, but with the steel skeleton empty, what did he have to be afraid of?

Under Du Hang's gaze, he grinned: "That's right... That's it, the enemy is really strong, almost as powerful as the overlord, and there are many reinforcements hiding on the island, I suspect that some of them are even stronger than them There are people out there, all naval warriors, you must be careful!"

  Du Hang nodded in satisfaction, touched the mask on his face, turned around and said to his back: "Let's record it all."

  A navy nodded: "It's recorded."

   "Very good..." Du Hang smiled and looked at Gang Gukong.

   Kong snorted coldly, and without looking at him, shouted: "Get ready to fight!"

  In the distance, the three of Roger cheered up and looked at the warship approaching this way.

   "It seems that there is no way to hold on until Du Hang comes back." Lei Li said helplessly.

   Azshara hugged her head and mourned: "Even if Du Hang comes back, it's useless! How can you be so confident in him!"

  Roger grinned: "Don't worry, Du Hang will definitely come! I believe him!"

  Hearing Roger's words full of confidence, Raleigh and Azshara couldn't help being encouraged, and recovered a lot of energy.

  But then, the three of them were stunned.

The location they are now at is the wharf of Rogge Town. Here is a beach, and not far away, there are continuous cliffs a certain distance above the sea. Except for this beach, most places in Rogge Town are like this. cliff.

   At the moment when the naval fleet moved, medium-sized sailboats actually sailed out from behind the cliff!

   It was as if those ships had already ambushed there!

  Every ship has a black skull flag.

  The pirate flag is raised, representing the will to fight!

   "Here, where do these pirate ships come from?" Azshara said in surprise.

  Rayleigh looked confused: "I haven't seen it... Rogge Town can't hide so many ships, and these flags don't recognize them, they are not our allies."

  Roger blinked, didn't speak, but smiled.

   Azshara guessed: "Could it be that Bert brought someone here? Didn't he leave before, maybe he just went to rescue the soldiers."

  Rayleigh rolled his eyes: "Bert is going to protect the people of Rogue Town, so there is no time to bring in any reinforcements, and when he left, we were not at a disadvantage."

   Before Azshara could say anything, Roger had already smiled and said, "Don't guess, it's Du Hang."

What? !

   Azshara and Lei Liqiqi were surprised.

   "At this time, what is that idiot doing here? Death!" Azshara shouted.

Lei Li blinked: "So that's it, it turned out to be Du Hang...Then these ships are probably all his illusions, but this time the navy came here is a general, and he is very domineering, will he be deceived by his illusions? "

   As soon as the voice fell, the roar from the navy reached his ears.

  "The enemy army is found in an ambush! The whole army is ready to counterattack!"

As the order was issued, the naval fleet reacted quickly and began to slowly spread out in all directions to reduce the chance of being hit by shells. The orderly way of action was obviously not for show, but because of this, Lei Li and the others shocked.

   "I'm going... What the **** is going on? The admiral can't recognize an illusion?"

   Azshara opened her mouth wide, with a look of shock on her face. Could it be that in such a short period of time, Du Hang has already cultivated his illusion to the point that even the generals can't distinguish it?

  Ghosts believe it!

  The Rockefeller family also couldn't believe the scene in front of them.

  They have all been fighting with Roger for a long time. How could these ships exist before? If there were really so many people under Roger's command, they would have packed up and ran away long ago, how dare they stay here for so long?

  Suddenly, he realized.

  Looking at the unsurprised Kong and Du Hang, he finally understood that this might be an amazing battle of wits!

  Roger had already planned to come to the navy to encircle and suppress, so he deliberately concealed his strength and wanted to take over the navy. As a result, the navy had already figured this out and prepared countermeasures!

   Wonderful, this is the way military strategists fight!

  Thinking of this, the person in charge of the Rockefeller family couldn't help admiring both sides, and at the same time admiring himself for being able to guess the whole truth of the matter.

  He suspected that if he hadn't been a subordinate of the Rockefeller family, with his intelligence, he might have become the leader of a faction now!

   While he was busy admiring, two groups of battleships had already started fighting.

   Under the watchful eyes of those sent by the Rockefeller family, the fleets of both sides started shelling at the same time.

  In just a few seconds, the fleets of both sides were damaged. This battle was more tragic than the ones he had seen before!

  Looking at the scene in front of him, he scratched his head: "What is Du Hang doing...Why did he still make the illusion of a navy ship?"

  Hearing this, Azshara and Raleigh were taken aback at the same time.

   "You mean, both sides in the war are now using illusion?" Raleigh asked strangely.

  Roger nodded: "Some naval warships participated in the illusion, but none of them were injured. The injuries were all virtual scenes."

   This is really confusing, at least Azshara thinks that she can't figure it out with her fish head.

  At this time, on the flagship of the navy, Du Hang quietly smoked his pipe, and the drifting smoke slowly merged into this large illusion.

Such a large-scale illusion is really impossible before he learns the inherent barrier. Thanks to the appearance of the inherent barrier, the computing power of the brain has been greatly improved, which gave him the capital to implement this plan .

   Moreover, in addition to the computing power of the brain, he also has another hole card.

Beside him, Mi Luoli stood quietly. She stretched out her small hand and grabbed Du Hang's hand that was not holding the cigarette rod. reveals.

After receiving Kenan's inheritance, Miloli also started her own practice. Although she still can't use the illusion that Kenan used the God's Eye, she can connect with Du Hang's illusion through her brain and become a The external processor of Du Hang illusion!

The joint efforts of the two, coupled with the assistance of the intellectual brain, pushed the illusion to the realm of art in one fell swoop. Even Steel Gu Kong felt terrified when he saw such a magnificent illusion. He was thinking, such a powerful illusion, if It's not used to deal with yourself, but to attack low-ranking naval officers and academies. Can those people resist it?

  With so many people present, I am afraid that only Roger, who has mastered the ability to listen to the voice of all things, can distinguish between reality and fantasy without any pressure!

  Actually, this chapter was finished yesterday, but I forgot that there is no 4G network when I go abroad, so I quickly bought some data on the boat today, and updated the chapter... I really have a conscience, do you have it? ? ?

  (end of this chapter)

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