Chapter 149 The real protagonist who hasn’t appeared for a long time

  Donghai, Luoge Town.

For a very long time, Rogge Town has been a quiet and peaceful island, where occasionally some pirates who want to enter the great route pass by, and occasionally there will be some small troubles, but no one has ever thought that a The war will be fought here.

  The two sides of the war can be said to be two completely unequal forces.

On one side is the wealthy businessman, the Rockefeller family, who have the power to cover the entire great sea route, and on the other side is a small pirate group that has just been out to sea for less than a year. From anyone's point of view, this is bound to be a one-sided game The crushing bureau.

  However, the development of the matter was beyond everyone's expectations.

On the edge of the Rogge Town pier, a sailboat was parked there. Judging from the outline, the ship should have been quite large, but unfortunately, it has been scarred by shells, with holes everywhere, even the mast. are all broken, and now rely on a large tree trunk I don't know where to tie the sail.

   This is nothing, the most shocking thing is a huge crack at the bow, like a 40-meter broadsword slashed down on the boat, and the boat will probably break if it goes down a few meters!

   But it is such a broken ship, but no one dares to underestimate it.

  The reason is the few people sitting next to the boat and drinking on the pier.

Rayleigh's blond hair was stained in several spots, with blood, ashes, and other things, and there were many large and small wounds on his body, but he didn't show any painful expression, just maintained an elegant posture, giving Pour yourself.

  Azshara's appearance was much worse than that of Raleigh's. She looked a bit depressed, but if you looked closely, you would find that there were no serious injuries on her body, and she was obviously protected by her companions.

  As for Roger, the most tragic of the three, he has always liked being a berserker, and he likes to be reckless. He looks like he is covered in blood.

  He took a wine bottle, drank a few swigs, and laughed loudly.


   Azshara looked at him with a wry smile, while Raleigh still smiled faintly.

   Even in the face of the enemy, the Roger Pirates are still standing firm!

The powerful Rockefeller family fleet was able to completely suppress the Roger Pirates at the beginning, but as the battle time lengthened, they had to face the reality that Roger was too fierce. A strong guy is born for fighting! Although the Roger Pirates are in distress now, the fleet sent by the Rockefeller family is even more miserable, and they all retreated a few nautical miles away!

   Not far away, several villagers came over with food and put it down for Roger and the others.

  Seeing them, Roger said in shame: "I'm sorry, everyone, it's because I caused trouble outside that caused these things, and it's all my fault!"

  A villager shook his head.

"I've said it several times, you don't need to apologize, Roger, what's wrong with a man going out to pursue his dreams and going through ups and downs for his dreams? And didn't you stand up for us and block the enemy? Everyone lives now Well, there is no loss of property, so there is nothing wrong with that."

   Several other people also nodded with a smile.

  Roger scratched his hair and smiled awkwardly. He knew that the villagers were trying to comfort him, but everyone showed their kindness. He didn't accept it, and he was too ignorant.

  He clenched his fists and grinned: "Okay, thank you for the food! I promise, I will definitely defeat the Rockefeller family and let everyone live in peace!"

   "Don't try too hard!" The villagers reminded him.

  Roger laughed: "Of course! I won't fall now! Because my trustworthy companions haven't arrived yet! When we get together, no one can stop us!"

  The villagers showed curious expressions: "Speaking of which, you seem to have mentioned before that you have a partner who hasn't come yet... Who is that? No matter how strong you are, you can still be as strong as Raleigh and Azshara?"

Lei Li on the side took up the topic with a smile: "Speaking of that person, his strength is indeed very strong, and he is not inferior to me, but his greatest strength is not his strength... I can guarantee this time, it is not the captain's bragging , if that person comes, he will definitely be able to change the status quo!"

   Roger stared wide-eyed: "What do you call me bragging! I never bragging!"

  Looking at the Roger Pirates fighting together, the villagers looked at each other in blank dismay.

   Could it be that such a person really exists?

   At this moment, Roger suddenly turned his head, facing the sea in the distance.

  Rayle Azshara looked along, and there, on the horizon, a large piece of sail was slowly showing its head!

   "My God... how many ships are there?" Azshara asked with wide-eyed beautiful eyes.

  Rayleigh put his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist: "I'm afraid there are seven or eight ships...and they are not the ships of the Rockefeller family."

  "Navy." Roger revealed the identity of the comer, "The Rockefeller family actually invited the navy... Oh, it's so irritating. If you can't beat it, you can call it a parent."

   "Money can turn ghosts around." Rayleigh laughed.

  Roger snorted and didn't answer.

  At this time, the amplified sound of the amplified telephone bug came from a distance—

   "Evil party, Roger Pirates, listen up! The Admiral of the Navy Headquarters, Steel Gu Kong, led the fleet to surround you! Quickly put down your weapons and surrender! Otherwise, you will be killed!"

"Damn it!!" Azshara suddenly felt bad, "Admiral?? Why? Why?" She looked at Roger Raleigh in surprise: "Didn't we just defeat a few Rockefeller fleets?" , how did you attract the general??"

   Roger Reilly also had a face full of shit, the two of them never expected such a thing to happen!

  Seeing the arrival of the naval fleet, the Rockefeller family's fleet also approached. Although they were defeated before, they were still not small in size, with 14 large ships, mighty and mighty, looking at Bel with momentum.

  The leader boarded the ship and began to greet the senior naval officers who led the team, with a natural attitude, as if they were not the ones who failed before.

  Steel Gukong doesn't like these wastes. In his opinion, the thugs of the Rockefeller family are nothing more than walking corpses wielding weapons for money. No matter how strong they are, they are still weak inside.

  Following Du Hang's previous instructions, he asked angrily, "What is the strength of the opponent, and how many people are there?"

  The answer from the other party was completely as expected.

"General Steel Bone, you don't know that the opposing captain is at least at the overlord level! The cadres under him are also extremely fierce! If we hadn't fought them desperately and consumed a lot of their strength, I'm afraid they would be even stronger! As for the number of people, we can now All I saw was three…”

   "Oh? Three?" Steel Gukong narrowed his eyes, "Three people made the great Rockefeller family fleet into such a state. I'm afraid it won't sound good to hear about it?"

  Hearing this, the other party was taken aback, unable to realize what Steel Gu Kong was about to say.

   At this time, Du Hang, who was standing aside, smiled and said, "Then Roger Pirates, I'm afraid there are still hidden hands... More powerful traps and the like, are you right?"

  (end of this chapter)

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