Chapter 148 Steel Bone Empty Speechless Looking to the Sky

   One day after Chilong finished making the phone call, Marlin Fudo of the Navy Headquarters.

  Looking at the mission order in front of him, Admiral Steel Gu Kong looked bewildered.

  Holding the paper in his hand, he looked at Staff Officer Paz standing in front of him in shock.

   "Staff Pass, are you sure this is true?"

  He was so shocked that he didn't even know what he was talking about.

  On weekdays, he, who is always serious, would definitely not say such impolite words.

   Sure enough, upon hearing this, Paz showed a displeased expression.

   "Kong, are you dissatisfied with my plan, or are you dissatisfied with Chilong's order?"

Hearing this, Steel Gu Kong shook his head fiercely: "Of course I don't have such an idea... Staff Officer Pass, we have known each other for so long, and you are also my senior, so you must know, I just... can't accept this fact !"

  He shook the order in his hand.

   What was written on it, not to mention him, even Sengoku and Garp who were standing on one side had unacceptable expressions on their faces.

Sengoku cleared his throat: "Well, Staff Officer Paz, it says...we are going to cooperate with the pirates under the Navy Cooperative Organization 'Shichibukai'? This has never happened before in the history of the navy, don't Say no to the general, we all..."

"What are you all doing? Do you want to disobey?" Paz sneered and slapped the table: "This cooperation agreement was decided by Chilong and I. If you have any objections, at least take the position of marshal first." , Speak again!"

   "You are being unreasonable." Gang Gukong said a little annoyed.

   Just then, a person pushed the door and walked into the staff room.

  As soon as they saw this person, everyone in the room saluted: "Marshal Chilong!"

  Chilong nodded and walked in.

   While everyone was watching, he walked slowly to the chair and sat down.

  Seeing Chilong's appearance, everyone showed puzzled expressions.

  Steel Gukong has been following Chilong for so many years, and he has always looked at Chilong's tough and energetic appearance, like today's appearance as if his body has been hollowed out...It seems that only...

  He was surprised: "Marshal, did you use that?"

  Chilong nodded: "This time I went to sea, I was attacked by the Drake Pirates and the Underworld Pirates."

   Sora, Sengoku, and Karp all stared round their eyes.

   "Five overlords?! Two appear at the same time?!" Kong couldn't help but roared in shock. With this scale, if it were him, he would definitely die there!

   "That's right, it's them, the five overlords... These **** really disgust me." Chilong shook his head and said.

   "Do you know why I go to sea?"

  The three shook their heads in unison.

  Pass looked hesitant to speak, he guessed what Chilong was going to say, and he was worried whether it would be possible to say it directly.

  Chilong spoke indifferently. He told the steel bone and Kong Kong three people about most of the things that happened on the island before, except for Du Hang's true identity, he basically told everything.

Under the shocked eyes of the three, Chilong smiled: "After listening to this, you know why Pas and I must carry out this Shichibukai plan, Sora, believe me, the leader who looks up at the stars is a genius, if It's not that he is high-spirited and doesn't succumb to others, but I am willing to let him be a general, and even take my place in the future."

  Steel Gu Kong didn’t say anything, not because he was jealous, but because he thought it was too unbelievable.

After a while, Zhan Guo's eyes lit up: "I understand... This trick is really powerful, and the benefits it brings are much more than the negative impact of that little bit of public opinion. If this plan can really be realized, the navy will regain it. The dominance of this sea, when the time comes, even the five overlords, we can move him!"

Paz nodded in satisfaction. The understanding of Zhan Guo is really good. Among the younger generation, he is particularly optimistic about two people, one is Zhan Guo and the other is He. He especially hopes that there will be someone who can succeed him in the future. Serve as a naval officer.

  It's a pity that Crane is not at the Navy headquarters, otherwise this meeting would be a great opportunity for growth.

  He couldn't help thinking.

  Chilong nodded in satisfaction. He has always been particularly optimistic about his understanding of the Warring States Period.

"That's right, so before the news of my weakness spreads, we must ensure that this plan can be approved by the world government. If we follow the normal process, I am afraid that the plan will not be approved after I fully recover, so we have to use This special event, let the world government know the importance of this plan!"

Hearing this, Steel Bone thought about it for a while: "Okay, I probably figured it out, then since we want to show it to the world government, let's act it thoroughly, and it won't work if they don't think it through... But this matter The premise is that the one who cooperated with us in this operation...Looking up at the starry sky, the strength of their leader is justified."

  Pass smiled: "That's right, Kong, you are still very enlightened. This plan is also what I want to tell you. As for the opponent's strength, don't worry, it's very strong."

  Steel Bone Kong shrugged: "I actually still don't like this plan, as if our navy has run out of capacity..."

   Garp also nodded: "That's right, even if the Marshal fails, you still have us."

  Hearing this, Chilong covered his face helplessly: "Damn, Kong, this kid is really up to you! Are you two long-lost father and son?"

   Sora was speechless, but to be honest, sometimes he also felt this way. This kid Garp was so much like himself that he even wondered if Garp was the seed he left behind somewhere.

  He coughed: "Then how should I direct this operation? Do I use a phone bug to communicate with the other party?"

   Chiron and Paz showed weird smiles at the same time, both of them were waiting to ask this question.

Under Sora's nervous gaze, Paz smiled and said: "Don't worry, you don't have to worry about this, you just need to be a mascot throughout the whole process, this incident... Leave it to the other party to deal with, don't worry, I have already discussed the specific matters with him After that, you only need to sit in the center of the town is enough."

   Sora widened his eyes.

  Having been in the navy for so many years, he really has gained knowledge today, not only to cooperate with the pirates, but also to accept the command of the pirates?

  He looked up at the sky speechlessly.

  Forget it...Let these guys toss, anyway, these wily guys will definitely not suffer, so why should I worry about it?

   In this way, the high-level navy finally accepted Qiwuhai's plan, and half an hour later, Steel Gu Kong saw Du Hang.

  Looking at the leader who "looked up at the starry sky" in front of him, the steel bone Kong stood in front of Du Hang with a straight face and a straight face.

   "You are... the boss who looks up at the stars?" He raised his eyebrows and asked.

   "Not only that, but I am also the commander in this plan, General Kong, as my subordinate, I will put you in confinement for your attitude of being so indifferent to the commander." Du Hang laughed.

  Steel Gu Kong snorted angrily, turned around and left.

   "Wear a mask, hide your head and show your tail, if it weren't for the Shichibukai plan, I would kill you with one hand..."

  Hearing Gang Gukong's unhappy muttering, Du Hang felt that his mood suddenly improved a lot.

   This is also a quirk.

  Hmm... No one thought there would be a fifth update.

  (end of this chapter)