【Plane coordinates are being confirmed...Confirmation is complete. 】

  【Confirming host status...Confirmation completed. 】

  【Intellectual brain activation... The activation is complete. 】

  【Spatial fluctuations have been completely stabilized, and the wake-up procedure is starting...】

  Following the prompts in his ears, Du Hang slowly opened his eyes.

In front of him is a vast sea, the sea is very clear, like a large piece of flowing blue gemstones, Du Hang can guarantee that he has never seen such a beautiful ocean, even if it is the Maldives, in this sea All looked eclipsed in front of them.

  However, corresponding to the beautiful scenery is Du Hang's melancholy face.

   "I just pressed a wrong button when I was playing a game, and I actually traveled through time? Isn't it too cheap to time travel these days..."

As a professional squatting at home and a part-time writer of online novels, Du Hang used to fantasize about what he would do if he crossed over. Sometimes he thought about it for several days, and the planning was very detailed. A biochemical crisis broke out in a city, how to save itself and so on.

  Patients with advanced secondary illnesses like this must be much more accepting of time travel than ordinary people.

  After rubbing his temples, Du Hang looked around.

  Not far from the coast, there is a small white building complex with the words Naval Branch in Rogue Town written in large characters. There is a long stone pier next to it, and two ships are parked.

   "Navy... branch in Rogge Town..." Du Hang's eyes twitched.

Don’t say he is a squatting at home, even if he is not, he must have an impression of this place. Isn’t this an island in One Piece? The protagonist Luffy stayed here before they entered the great channel. At the same time, this is also the hometown of One Piece Roger. …

  I actually traveled through the world of One Piece, it’s too tragic, why can’t I travel to a world with a lower power system and a little more peace?

  Even if it is not peaceful, at least you can travel to a place with a higher degree of modernization. In a world with an ultra-low technological level like One Piece, even if you want to play a game online, it’s a real pitfall.

   While thinking about these things, Du Hang tried to contact the prompt sound just now.

   "That what... the brain, right? Can you hear me?"

【Yes. 】

  It’s good to be able to talk, whether it’s a cheat or not, at least it can be used as a chatbot.

   "What can you do? Can you make me stronger?"

  【Intelligent Brain has powerful analytical ability, as you come into contact with more and more things, Intellectual Brain will also collect more and more information, thus making you stronger. 】

  Hearing this, Du Hang couldn't help showing joyful eyes.

  The function of this intelligence brain sounds as if it is not obvious, and it is completely inferior to the ability to directly give away devil fruits and artifacts, but as long as you look carefully, you can find that this is the real god-level function!

You can only eat one fruit, and you can only learn a few kinds of martial arts, but if you have a brain that is infinitely stronger than the human brain and can help you strengthen your own brain, then it is not just one or twenty kinds, or even one or two hundred kinds It's a matter of ability, as long as you collect enough information, you will be an omnipotent god!

   By the way, does this statement feel like a flag?

【According to the information collected so far, this brain has organized two sets of activatable programs for you. The first set is a program for maximizing muscle strength. As long as you download this program, you can freely use your muscles in battle in the future. Strength, gaining power far beyond what you usually use, but if you overuse this ability, you may overdraw your body, please use it properly. 】

  Du Hang is happy, look, what he just said, he immediately gave him such a powerful and invincible ability.

  【The name of the second set of programs is "No Self". After using it, your fighting instinct will be greatly improved, and the battle will be brought into the best rhythm. In this state, your fighting power will be infinitely magnified! Due to the limitations of physical fitness and mental strength, at present, Wuwu can be used continuously for up to four seconds, after which it will enter a longer cooling time, please use it properly. 】

  【If you need more powerful programs, please get in touch with various things in this world and increase the content of intellectual brain information. 】

   After downloading the two programs, Du Hang felt that there were two more software icons in his head.

He thought about activating the first program. In the next second, a large amount of memory flooded into his mind. Within a few seconds, this memory was completely digested by him. The so-called muscle use is actually very easy to understand. Many Everyone has more or less known similar knowledge.

Human muscle strength has a theoretical maximum. Some people say that people use up to 30% of their strength in normal times, and some say it is 60%. In emergency situations, such as fire scenes, such as mothers Rescuing babies who have fallen from a building, at these times, human beings can exert strength and speed far beyond the theoretical value. This is the control of the brain over the muscles. This is an instinct and a kind of self-protection to prevent people from playing themselves badly.

The program given to Du Hang by Zhinao can forcibly break through this instinct and obtain power beyond the limit of the body. This kind of power is dangerous, but as long as it is used carefully and continuously improves one's physical fitness, it is still completely It is worthy of the term divine skill.

As for "non-self", it is easy to understand. After downloading, Du Hang naturally obtained a mysterious and mysterious experience. To describe it in easy-to-understand words, it is like the death mode of tutor Rizawada Tsunayoshi, infinite. Zheng Zha's first-order gene lock unlocking mode in Horror, in just four seconds, Du Hang can instantly transform from an ordinary modern youth into a terrifying combat weapon!

   Just when Du Hang was secretly excited about his new ability, he suddenly noticed some commotion coming from the Navy Pier. From a distance, it seemed that the navy were chasing someone.

   "Chinao, do you know what happened over there?"

  【Answer to the host, someone has stolen the important cargo that the navy has just escorted, and is fleeing in this direction. According to the communication content of the navy, it is speculated that this item is one of the important props in this world, Hailou Jingshi! It is recommended to obtain this prop! 】

   "Sea Tower Jingshi?" Du Hang narrowed his eyes and looked at the navy from a distance.

In the whole story of the pirate, the prop Hailoushi is interspersed in it. For the "devil fruit" ability users that are ubiquitous in this world, Hailoushi is their nemesis, the incarnation of the sea, and Hailoujingshi , which is a treasure similar to the ore mother in Hailou Stone, which has stronger influence and greater effect on capable people.

Just when Du Hang was communicating with Zhinao, the person who stole the Hailou Jingshi had already run here. He ran very fast. Although he had been shot by the navy a few times, he had no intention of stopping. It can be seen that he must be in this line of work. Du Hang has no psychological pressure on black people.

   After arranging his clothes a little, Du Hang took a step as if nothing had happened, and just stood in front of that person.

   "Go away! Do you want to die!" Seeing someone blocking the way, that person cursed angrily.

  Du Hang smiled slightly, didn't say anything, just clenched his right fist, and the next second, there was no emotion in his eyes.

  No self, open!

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