Have you really forgotten the truth of the ninja world?

When [Hypocritical Jingling Court], [Heroic Void Circle], [Cruel Ghost Realm], [Curse of Horror]....one by one ancient terms resurfaced from the historical text, the ninja world Finally, I recalled once again the fear of being dominated by Kaguya Naomi, and the shame of being imprisoned in a bird cage.

that day,

Seeing the deadly silent Ninja Allied Forces, Kaguya said faintly, "Although I have a ruthless heart, a lot of nonsense, and insidiousness and cunning, those are not my original intentions. Now, I have abandoned the darkness and turned to the light, and I am sincerely standing with you. Together, please trust me in my determination to be a good person!"

Behind him is a dense mass of...

The mastermind behind the scenes directed the disaster film of the entire ninja world. In fact, he just wanted to be... a savior?

One sentence version: The mastermind behind the scenes defected from the organization he established, and he wants to be a good person~ Sorry, I lied again!

(ps: I am afraid there is some misunderstanding of the definition of "good person" by this plug-in)

The new book is fat and ready to be slaughtered!

New vest and old tree at the tomb!

The new book can be regarded as Arlin in Hokage!

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