"Order of the Pirate Mother's Nest (!

"Starting Uchiha: My Plug-in Battery Is Insufficient" brain hole essay, a mental illness disguised as a psychiatrist travels to Hokage, and diagnoses and treats lunatics all over the world. Lying on the dissection table of Orochimaru at the beginning, has developed into a patient + teacher disciple relationship. . . . Diagnose yourself, diagnose plug-ins, diagnose the world, new brain holes!

Pink eye, cataract, and circle eye are all signs of organic disease in hereditary diseases, and euthanasia is recommended for all.


[This plug-in provides various functions such as attribute + points, skill modification, five-sense control, battle hosting, on-hook training, etc. It does not require krypton gold, no effort, and will help you reach the pinnacle of life in one second! 】

[One key to open? √√】

At the beginning, he crossed into a patient of the Hokage pink eye family, and he opened all functions in seconds with one key.

Open your eyes again!

He was lying on the dissection table of Orochimaru with a **** slit in his chest.

Uchiha was anxious: "..."


Bloody scalpel: "..."

Plug-in cheater: "The current battery is 7% remaining, and it is running at low power, please charge!!!"


This is a loving story of a psychiatrist who turned on a plug-in with insufficient power after crossing over, and arrested mental patients all over the world to study medical skills.

Standing on the ground of the Uchiha clan that had been transformed into a mental hospital, with a nurse in a red cloud uniform on a black background behind him, Uchiha He hurriedly stepped on the outsider golem, overlooking the densely packed allied forces of the Ninja World, and said with joy: "The ground is full of They are all mentally ill, they need to be cured~!”

The dean (Uchiha Heji) wrote the final treatment plan on the diagnosis and treatment book...

This book is also known as "Academic Report on Communication and Treatment of Psychiatric Patients", "The Genetic Manifestations of Severe Mental Symptoms-Pinkeye and Other Blood Restrictions", "Hokage's Treatment Records in Psychosis"...

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