"Order of the Pirate Mother's Nest (!

"Starting Uchiha: My Plug-in Battery Is Insufficient" is already fat and ready to be slaughtered! !

The moon wears aunt's blood-colored strips on top of her head, the golden-haired handsome Guojue is the mastermind behind the scenes, the pacifier-eating kid is the black prince who exterminates the clan, the bandaged **** is secretly coveting me, and lying in the coffin The restless middle-2 disease, the cataract + pink eye parkour lovers running all over the floor, and the teacher Orochimaru who is holding a scalpel and coveting my body...

The psychiatrist, who was lying on the dissection table at the beginning, was overjoyed: "This is a world in which mental illness is recklessly breeds. My unfinished career in this life can finally become bigger and stronger!!!"

[This plug-in provides various functions such as attribute + points, skill modification, five-sense control, battle hosting, on-hook training, etc. It does not require krypton gold, no effort, and will help you reach the pinnacle of life in one second! 】

[One key to open? √√】


Can the tumor (plug-in) in my brain be surgically removed first?


This is a loving story of a psychiatrist who turned on a plug-in with insufficient power after crossing over, and arrested mental patients all over the world to study medical skills.

This book is also known as "The Dean Is Definitely a Problem", "The Genetic Manifestations of Severe Mental Symptoms-Pinkeye and Other Blood Continuing Limitations", "Crisis! Uchiha Madara dangerous! ", "How to transform Konoha into a lunatic asylum".... All the above academic materials are only for reference by people in the industry!

Is this a love show? Family ethics drama? Hot-blooded anime? ....No, this is a large-scale medical drama that promotes positive energy! ! !

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Children's shoes who haven't gotten on the bus, it's the last time to make up the ticket, hurry up, the speed of the car is already soaring.

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