Pirate’s Brood Order

The heroic person, with the ambition of the jackal, is a heroic person. Astur Bader: The Brood of Alienation and Flesh, Lord of Death and Slavery. When the two coexist together and wake up in the world of “ONE PIECE”, these heroes will rise together, and the magnifice.... Read more

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~ People are in Hokage, start 1 Jingling Court ~ new vest, new book ~ Kids, get in the car

~ The new book "Starting Uchiha: My Plug-in Battery Is Insufficient" has been released in January and can be killed... ~ New Book Naruto ~ The new book "Starting Uchiha: My Plug-in Battery Is Insufficient" is released ~ New book Naruto Doujin ~ new book! ~ new book, new book, new book ~ The new book is 100,000 words, hurry up and kill it ~ New Book Suspense Author Survival Guide ~ New Book Suspense Author Survival Guide

~ The new book "Parasitic Author" has been released v3 Chapter 390 A new road (complete testimonials and new book preview) v3 Chapter 389 Arrin comes

~ Something came out v3 Chapter 388 we're here v3 Chapter 387 I will inherit Whitebeard's legacy v3 Chapter 386 shock v3 Chapter 385 horn of destruction v3 Chapter 384 The curtain call of the era v3 Chapter 383 East China Sea change v3 Chapter 382 Top War - The Beginning v3 Chapter 381 Doomsday Six

v3 Chapter 379 Doomsday IV v3 Chapter 378 Doomsday III v3 Chapter 377 Doomsday II v3 Chapter 376 The end of dawn v3 Chapter 375 hunt v3 Chapter 374 fierce battle v3 Chapter 373 This trade-off v3 Chapter 372 the only god v3 Chapter 371 coming from behind the sky v3 Chapter 370 Lift the throne to the sky v3 Chapter 369 die with soil v3 Chapter 368 Obito vs Gana

v3 Chapter 367 death battle v3 Chapter 366 join or die v3 Chapter 365 Akatsuki vs Apostle II v3 Chapter 364 Akatsuki vs Apostle v3 Chapter 363 Ninja world pattern v3 Chapter 362 Hades v3 Chapter 361 4 emperor dynamic v3 Chapter 360 7 Wuhai Dynamics v3 Chapter 359 final distance v3 Chapter 358 Sabo dies v3 Chapter 357 cp nine? v3 Chapter 356 Monkey D. Long

v3 Chapter 355 9 prisoners v3 Chapter 354 Devour Magellan ~ , go to the grave v3 Chapter 353 prison riot v3 Chapter 352 Invade the advance city v3 Chapter 351 Shadow Apostle - Doflamingo ~ Land 350 Yarlin vs Doflamingo ~ Land three hundred and forty-nine, enemies meet ~ Three hundred and forty-eight sheets progress v3 Chapter 347 East China Sea falls into my hands v3 Chapter 346 1 Everything is going according to plan v3 Chapter 345 ups and downs

v3 Chapter 344 Pirates appearing in the headquarters v3 Chapter 343 Arlin is dead? v3 Chapter 342 Summon the Heretic Golem v3 Chapter 341 Sand Hidden Village is destroyed v3 Chapter 340 The actions of the apostles and Akatsuki v3 Chapter 339 Reborn? v3 Chapter 338 Naruto Uzumaki in a desperate situation v3 Chapter 337 The Strongest Gana - Mirror Wheel Eyes v3 Chapter 336 Eternal Kaleidoscope v3 Chapter 345 v3 Chapter 335 Sasuke's death v3 Chapter 334 Desperate Sasuke

~ 。。。。。 v3 Chapter 333 Ghana's Opportunity v3 Chapter 332 Tenseigan v3 Chapter 331 1 to die v3 Chapter 330 Quirky v3 Chapter 329 you will thank me v3 Chapter 328 last struggle v3 Chapter 327 respective prey v3 Chapter 326 None of you can escape v3 Chapter 325 escape v3 Chapter 324 Konoha Zhongxiaoqiang in a desperate situation v3 Chapter 323 The seeds of the mother's nest are sprouting

v3 Chapter 322 desperate Konoha v3 Chapter 321 Phagocytosis of wood escape cells v3 Chapter 320 Apostle of Terror v3 Chapter 319 The apostles come to Konoha v3 Chapter 318 Konoha's plan v3 Chapter 317 Nara Shikahisa's inference v3 Chapter 316 mature brood v3 Chapter 315 devour death v3 Chapter 314 summon death v3 Chapter 313 Reincarnated Orochimaru v3 Chapter 312 Darkness falls v3 Chapter 311 Uchiha Itachi dies

v3 Chapter 310 Dried persimmon ghost shark died ~ Modify 1 time v3 Chapter 309 The other side of the Advent Gate v3 Chapter 308 Karp died v3 Chapter 307 Malice is coming v3 Chapter 306 6 lanes v3 Chapter 305 reincarnation eye v3 Chapter 304 trap v3 Chapter 303 prison, black door, peep v3 Chapter 302 Return to the one hundred and fifty-three branch v3 Chapter 301 tyrannical kapp v3 Chapter 300 Back to the East China Sea (happy birthday to myself)

v3 Chapter 299 found unusual v3 Chapter 298 Kakashi drained of blood v3 Chapter 297 can't escape v3 Chapter 296 welcome back, Dalaran v3 Chapter 295 apostle ferocity v3 Chapter 294 blue beast dead v3 Chapter 293 Unkillable Gana v3 Chapter 292 dead door v3 Chapter 291 progress v3 Chapter 290 Arlin's plan v3 Chapter 289 Dalmesia is dead v3 Chapter 288 Banned East China Sea

v3 Chapter 287 prelude v3 Chapter 286 Arlin's meet and greet v3 Chapter 285 Arrive at Navy Headquarters v3 Chapter 284 Luffy's horror v3 Chapter 283 3 eyes on Gana's face ~ Away from home v3 Chapter 282 Izanagi v3 Chapter 281 The apostle who took food from the mouth of death v3 Chapter 280 The ghouls are sealed, the surprise apostle v3 Chapter 279 reincarnation v3 Chapter 278 Gana arrives v3 Chapter 277 spooky apostle

v3 Chapter 276 can you give me your eyes v3 Chapter 275 Turn defeat into victory? v3 Chapter 274 cornered blackbeard v3 Chapter 273 Gana's eyes v3 Chapter 272 the most dangerous yarlin v3 Chapter 271 successive tragic deaths v3 Chapter 270 shock v3 Chapter 269 trap v3 Chapter 268 Broken Nightmare v3 Chapter 267 Destroy the group v3 Chapter 266 Usopp, Nami dies v3 Chapter 265 1 Everything will go to home

v3 Chapter 264 Zoro vs Kojiro v3 Chapter 263 nightmare of reunion v3 Chapter 262 The waves that start a new era v3 Chapter 261 The disappearing Dr. Hook v3 Chapter 260 Outlander Golem v3 Chapter 259 Orochimaru talks to Smoker v3 Chapter 258 Mysterious Smoker v3 Chapter 257 this world v3 Chapter 256 The world behind the door v3 Chapter 255 tree pattern on the door, push the door v3 Chapter 254 real door v3 Chapter 253 Drawings in hand

v3 Chapter 252 Apostolic Rank and Chaos v3 Chapter 251 strongest apostle v3 Chapter 250 reunion of fate v3 Chapter 249 twisted vortex v3 Chapter 248 swallow devil fruit v3 Chapter 247 your destiny is already doomed v3 Chapter 246 tyrannical v3 Chapter 245 recognized v3 Chapter 244 Arrival arrives v3 Chapter 243 apostle admission v3 Chapter 242 start v3 Chapter 241 variable

v3 Chapter 240 Spartia v3 Chapter 239 Fruit ability confirmation v3 Chapter 238 exposed v3 Chapter 237 the disappearing yarlin v3 Chapter 236 sudden change v3 Chapter 235 The Twelfth Apostle Crocodile v3 Chapter 234 Horror Crocodile ~ The waist broke v3 Chapter 233 11th Apostle Smoker v3 Chapter 232 I am waiting for you on Huangquan Road v3 Chapter 231 Furious Dover, Scourge Ash v3 Chapter 230 Caesar's end

v3 Chapter 229 Weird Arlin v3 Chapter 228 I will stop all this v3 Chapter 227 answer v3 Chapter 226 Smoker vs Sand Crocodile v3 Chapter 225 the main event v3 Chapter 224 trap! Caesar's horror v3 Chapter 223 Dead, alive? v3 Chapter 222 History is written by the victors v3 Chapter 221 Saka dead, shocked v3 Chapter 220 It's time to get back 1 cut v3 Chapter 219 within fifteen days (on 1 v3 Chapter 219 within fifteen days

v3 Chapter 217 4th Apostle Poseidon v3 Chapter 216 die? live? value? ~ Notice v3 Chapter 215 Progress derivation v3 Chapter 214 go underground v3 Chapter 213 under the tomb v3 Chapter 212 appetizer v3 Chapter 210 start v3 Chapter 209 hooked v3 Chapter 208 Crocodile in action v3 Chapter 207 progress v3 Chapter 206 Toxic rain over Albana

v3 Chapter 205 The 9th Apostle - Anilu v3 Chapter 204 Apostolic formation, and layout v3 Chapter 203 come back to life v3 Chapter 202 Closing v3 Chapter 201 Anilu vs Kojiro v3 Chapter 200 fierce fight v3 Chapter 199 shed mask v3 Chapter 198 escape v3 Chapter 197 Nightmare reappears v3 Chapter 196 terrifying swordsman v3 Chapter 195 break into chaos v3 Chapter 194 lift off

v3 Chapter 193 Monster Pirates - Black Skull v3 Chapter 192 William arrives v3 Chapter 191 William vs Ernie Road v3 Chapter 190 tell me where is god v3 Chapter 189 out of control v3 Chapter 188 Blockade of the East China Sea v3 Chapter 187 selfish v3 Chapter 186 only 1 name missing v3 Chapter 185 Smoker's decision v3 Chapter 184 I'll help you get 1 back v3 Chapter 183 fruit clues v3 Chapter 182 Fruit Awakening

v3 Chapter 181 Turn face and don't recognize people v3 Chapter 180 Yin · fluttering fruit v3 Chapter 179 Arlin's Reward v3 Chapter 178 william and clown v3 Chapter 177 missing corpse v3 Chapter 176 upgrade and follow-up v3 Chapter 175 William's choice v3 Chapter 174 Death of the Golden Lion v3 Chapter 173 Tiger Falls in Pingyang v3 Chapter 172 1 last thing v3 Chapter 171 destroy the East China Sea v3 Chapter 170 violent

v3 Chapter 169 Golden Lion vs Akainu v3 Chapter 168 The golden lion is coming v3 Chapter 167 vicious v3 Chapter 166 clown vs william v3 Chapter 165 bombard the navy club v3 Chapter 164 Time is up v3 Chapter 163 capture bell v3 Chapter 162 poisonous, intertwined v3 Chapter 161 The prelude kicks off v3 Chapter 160 Dover and Sand Crocodile's 2nd Conspiracy v3 Chapter 159 The storm is coming v3 Chapter 158 toxins in the air

v3 Chapter 157 empty island ~ on the car v3 Chapter 156 3 missions v3 Chapter 155 brewing v3 Chapter 154 The Script to Destroy the Golden Lion v3 Chapter 153 prelude v3 Chapter 152 The only faction in the East China Sea v3 Chapter 151 ruthless v3 Chapter 150 unusually weird v3 Chapter 149 harvest v3 Chapter 148 Fangs of the Shaohe Party v3 Chapter 147 The funeral knell is tolled

v3 Chapter 146 East China Sea - Naval Cemetery v3 Chapter 145 Talk to Sand Crocodile Again v3 Chapter 144 Can't hold back v3 Chapter 143 Smoker's Poison v3 Chapter 142 Arlin, are you kidding me? v3 Chapter 141 It's fate v3 Chapter 140 Marco's preposterous claims v3 Chapter 139 dark life card v3 Chapter 138 Blackbeard's Ambition v3 Chapter 137 Twin Apostles Ace and Van Oka v3 Chapter 136 Inheriting the legacy of Dalaran v3 Chapter 135 Arlin and Ace's Conversation

v3 Chapter 134 lineage factor v3 Chapter 133 next journey v3 Chapter 132 You don't understand the value of the dead v3 Chapter 131 Yarlin VS Titch v3 Chapter 130 i changed my mind v3 Chapter 129 desperate v3 Chapter 128 The taste of fate? v3 Chapter 127 I should ask this question v3 Chapter 126 Human ambition will never be extinguished v3 Chapter 125 weird apostles v3 Chapter 124 2nd Apostle ~ disappear

v3 Chapter 123 trapped in a dead end v3 Chapter 122 Niche the corpse v3 Chapter 121 Shocked! Blackbeard appears v3 Chapter 120 fierce fight v3 Chapter 119 6th Apostle vs Ace v3 Chapter 118 Ace appeared v3 Chapter 117 Death of Sanji v3 Chapter 116 backtracking v3 Chapter 115 straw hat downsizing v3 Chapter 114 life on the line v3 Chapter 113 I don't accept threats v3 Chapter 112 life and death

v3 Chapter 111 they will die here v3 Chapter 110 Thriller of the Straw Hats v3 Chapter 109 special experimental material v3 Chapter 108 Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers v3 Chapter 107 Underground Horror v3 Chapter 106 The Discovery of the Straw Hat Crew v3 Chapter 105 self-determination v3 Chapter 104 Blackbeard and Ace v3 Chapter 103 heavy casualties v3 Chapter 102 i came back from hell v3 Chapter 101 Can the dead be resurrected? v3 Chapter 100 The Legion's Gift to Doflamingo

~ v3 Chapter 99 Evil's mirror v3 Chapter 98 7th Apostle v3 Chapter 97 Death of Dusky v3 Chapter 96 I want Smoker to be a mad dog v3 Chapter 95 there are people in the shadows v3 Chapter 94 Tiaohu Lishan v3 Chapter 93 Retrofit Mr. Five v3 Chapter 92 Birth of a self-exploding man v3 Chapter 91 back to alabasta v3 Chapter 90 a storm v3 Chapter 89 Chopper joins

v3 Chapter 88 Sauron vs Mr. One v3 Chapter 87 a sudden battle v3 Chapter 86 meet v3 Chapter 85 looming new era v3 Chapter 84 10th Apostle v3 Chapter 83 You are valuable when you die v3 Chapter 82 Ruthless Kojiro v3 Chapter 81 Golden Lion Shiki v3 Chapter 80 unlucky william v3 Chapter 79 Arlin's accusation v3 Chapter 78 Reply to Sakaski v3 Chapter 77 deep malice

v3 Chapter 76 Yarlin vs Hawkeye v3 Chapter 75 ignore v3 Chapter 74 Terrible Arlin v3 Chapter 73 Usopp's horror v3 Chapter 72 terror strikes v3 Chapter 71 Fate, Straw Hats Assemble v3 Chapter 70 comeback v3 Chapter 69 resurrection v3 Chapter 68 Welcome back, Colonel Arlin v3 Chapter 67 Justice is written in blood v3 Chapter 66 national hero v3 Chapter 65 did it fail

v3 Chapter 64 I take over 1 v3 Chapter 63 wake v3 Chapter 62 postmortem v3 Chapter 61 Arrin's death v3 Chapter 60 Yarling vs Doflamingo v3 Chapter 59 turn over v3 Chapter 58 wave cloud v3 Chapter 57 Omakushita Ox Demon Snake God v3 Chapter 56 Every drop of blood is a conspiracy v3 Chapter 55 The darkness woven by lies v3 Chapter 54 civil unrest v3 Chapter 53 undercurrent

v3 Chapter 52 Cobra's death and frame v3 Chapter 51 trap v3 Chapter 50 hesitation and astonishment v3 Chapter 49 final exam paper v3 Chapter 48 ups and downs v3 Chapter 47 most dangerous man in the world v3 Chapter 46 property extreme v3 Chapter 45 Self-explosive research and development v3 Chapter 44 Experimental progress v3 Chapter 43 foraging brood v3 Chapter 42 Revolution is your death v3 Chapter 41 We are the Revolutionary Army

~ update notification ~ test result ~ pneumonia worsened v3 Chapter 40 The clues of Longshi Trading Company v3 Chapter 39 bribery, cooperation v3 Chapter 38 can't refuse v3 Chapter 37 military meeting v3 Chapter 36 Times breed ambition v3 Chapter 35 Vinsmoke v3 Chapter 34 Transformation Modulation Synthesis Recipe v3 Chapter 33 laboratory inside the pyramid v3 Chapter 32 Master Naval Type 6

v3 Chapter 31 CP Nine Navy Type 6 v3 Chapter 30 mutation v3 Chapter 29 arrival v3 Chapter 28 science madman v3 Chapter 27 Spy on the resurrected Kureha v3 Chapter 26 Drum Upheaval v3 Chapter 25 king of the crystal palace v3 Chapter 24 join the rebel army v3 Chapter 23 Foresight v3 Chapter 22 Military eager to take the helm v3 Chapter 21 Pussy Wax Zan Gao v3 Chapter 20 Valpo

v3 Chapter 19 3rd brood v3 Chapter 18 Drum Island v3 Chapter 17 A world in sight v3 Chapter 16 Falling Fermented Chessboard v3 Chapter 15 she can't die v3 Chapter 14 pre-prepared lines v3 Chapter 13 Blood-stained justice and authority v3 Chapter 12 Dialogue between heroes v3 Chapter 11 first encounter, trial v3 Chapter 10 Sand Crocodile and Yarlin v3 Chapter 9 same sense of smell v3 Chapter 8 Arrin comes

v3 Chapter 7 blood for blood v3 Chapter 6 Yarlin's purpose v3 Chapter 5 was discovered v3 Chapter 4 1 person is the army v3 Chapter 3 2nd brood v3 Chapter 2 1 lesson was taught v3 Chapter 1 Arrived, **** smell ~ Volume 3 Final Words v3 Chapter 202 Vivi v3 Chapter 201 brood split body v3 Chapter 200 Legion's Core Strengths v3 Chapter 199 Individual or Legion

v3 Chapter 198 progress bar complete v3 Chapter 197 black bird cage v3 Chapter 196 Transform and refine v3 Chapter 195 eyeball v3 Chapter 194 Absorb 10 word tattoos v3 Chapter 193 my purpose here v3 Chapter 192 Got you v3 Chapter 191 With a secret goal v3 Chapter 190 hunting v3 Chapter 189 Mr. Three Deaths and Shadows v3 Chapter 188 The name that comes into view v3 Chapter 187 2 colums

v3 Chapter 186 Correct usage of exploding fruit v3 Chapter 185 poison v3 Chapter 184 Cloyin, William Ruth v3 Chapter 183 Weakness is a sin v3 Chapter 1 Upload error, has been corrected v2 Chapter 186 Proper Application of Exploding Fruit v2 Chapter 181 clean up the mouth v2 Chapter 180 shocking interrogation v2 Chapter 179 Catch alive v2 Chapter 178 run to my place v2 Chapter 177 is it here v2 Chapter 176 baroque studio

v2 Chapter 175 Murder in Alabasta v2 Chapter 174 Headquarters meeting v2 Chapter 173 Transaction content v2 Chapter 172 2 twisted ropes v2 Chapter 171 Terrified Star v2 Chapter 170 Yarlin's Layer-by-Layer Calculations ~ went to the grave v2 Chapter 169 2 conditions v2 Chapter 168 tit for tat v2 Chapter 167 fierce battle v2 Chapter 166 shock v2 Chapter 165 scheming

v2 Chapter 164 Their lives must be on your head v2 Chapter 163 The storm is coming v2 Chapter 162 fear and cooperation v2 Chapter 161 Machine Front, Cp Six v2 Chapter 160 Reflection under clenched fist v2 Chapter 159 boiling v2 Chapter 158 exposed v2 Chapter 157 Lipa's complaint v2 Chapter 156 Bandit flames v2 Chapter 155 Natural Department, Hailou Stone v2 Chapter 154 good advice v2 Chapter 153 good show

v2 Chapter 152 undercurrent v2 Chapter 151 higher rank v2 Chapter 150 cunning and cruel v2 Chapter 149 letter 1 v2 Chapter 148 ups and downs v2 Chapter 147 you are not the navy v2 Chapter 146 stray into the mother's nest v2 Chapter 145 living island v2 Chapter 144 Investigation report v2 Chapter 143 Multi-party probe v2 Chapter 142 Murder in the Dark v2 Chapter 141 bait for tandem fishing line

v2 Chapter 140 swallow it v2 Chapter 139 from their attention v2 Chapter 138 face change v2 Chapter 137 self-directed v2 Chapter 136 bloody vortex v2 Chapter 135 The era when even crying was suppressed ~ funeral, leave v2 Chapter 134 bizarre v2 Chapter 133 Neither of you can leave v2 Chapter 132 swordsmanship nemesis v2 Chapter 131 There is no light, the darkness has come v2 Chapter 130 Arrin's Conditions

v2 Chapter 129 undercurrent v2 Chapter 128 Alex Kingdom v2 Chapter 127 Seed Program v2 Chapter 126 4 split 5 split fruit v2 Chapter 125 I lied to you, who knows? v2 Chapter 124 The dead don't need doubts v2 Chapter 123 what to do with you ~ 1 day off v2 Chapter 122 despair v2 Chapter 121 where do you want to be eaten v2 Chapter 120 gutter capsize v2 Chapter 119 act recklessly

v2 Chapter 118 Flesh Wall v2 Chapter 117 scary v2 Chapter 116 Bucky v2 Chapter 115 Expansion and news of the able v2 Chapter 114 4 sea v2 Chapter 113 club v2 Chapter 112 2nd invitation v2 Chapter 111 please die v2 Chapter 110 Murder v2 Chapter 109 deep sea shadow ~ report 1 v2 Chapter 108 Soaring strength, less coalition

v2 Chapter 107 Fusion Modulation, 6 Bars, Bad Teeth v2 Chapter 106 Tier 3 Transformation Sea Beast ~ On the shelf testimonials! (must see) v2 Chapter 105 postwar report v2 Chapter 104 Kneel down without killing v2 Chapter 103 desperate dragon ~ say something recently v2 Chapter 102 powerful! Cool! cruel! v2 Chapter 101 fierce v2 Chapter 100 take over the battlefield v2 Chapter 99 Kindness that cannot be denied v2 Chapter 98 Chaos reaches its peak

v2 Chapter 97 approach v2 Chapter 96 frame the blame v2 Chapter 95 death of a rat v2 Chapter 94 see the picture v2 Chapter 93 save? v2 Chapter 92 Unhappy break up? v2 Chapter 91 navy club v2 Chapter 90 The sequence brewing in the dark night v2 Chapter 89 Chloe in action v2 Chapter 88 Nami v2 Chapter 87 Evil Dragon Pirates v2 Chapter 86 Excluded

v2 Chapter 85 friction collision v2 Chapter 84 Cocoa Village v2 Chapter 83 unfathomable force v2 Chapter 82 buyer behind alabasta v2 Chapter 81 distortion v2 Chapter 80 Introduce wolves ~ Notice v2 Chapter 79 i join v2 Chapter 78 1 living lair v2 Chapter 77 Chloe's curiosity v2 Chapter 76 track of the times v2 Chapter 75 cunning bastard

v2 Chapter 74 Yarling vs Crowe v2 Chapter 73 0 Count Clo v2 Chapter 72 West Lob Village v2 Chapter 71 see, see, see v2 Chapter 70 Tentacles that stretch out in the dark v2 Chapter 69 Chloe, is he really dead? v2 Chapter 68 Zangao v2 Chapter 67 Black Cat Pirates v2 Chapter 66 weird mental properties v2 Chapter 65 Absorbable bad thoughts v2 Chapter 64 creepy prison v2 Chapter 63 Brood Guard

v2 Chapter 62 Evolved Abilities v2 Chapter 61 mother's nest v2 Chapter 60 This is your curtain call v2 Chapter 59 Do you really think you know me? v2 Chapter 58 big picture v2 Chapter 57 Pirate Support Program v2 Chapter 56 progress v2 Chapter 55 navy, your name v2 Chapter 54 They are the sword in my hand v2 Chapter 53 Bloodstained 1 Heart Dojo v2 Chapter 52 you can draw your sword v2 Chapter 51 Roronoa Zoro

v2 Chapter 50 beast 1 man v2 Chapter 49 blood on the wall v2 Chapter 48 what is the truth v2 Chapter 47 long waiting v2 Chapter 46 belumaber v2 Chapter 45 strange and suspicious v2 Chapter 44 The mother hive is intact? v2 Chapter 43 Devour or Drain? v2 Chapter 42 Willing to die for Lieutenant Arlin v2 Chapter 41 slippery fruit ~ Power outage in the area v2 Chapter 40 Devil Fruit Ability

v2 Chapter 39 I want your absolute obedience v2 Chapter 38 transition integration v2 Chapter 37 control the base v2 Chapter 36 keep it secret, replace it v2 Chapter 35 framed ~ 1 day off v2 Chapter 34 Only one step away v2 Chapter 33 outrageous assassination v2 Chapter 32 1 scene of exhumation v2 Chapter 31 trap v2 Chapter 30 The approaching danger v2 Chapter 29 orpiment

v2 Chapter 28 navy coat v2 Chapter 27 I can make them really afraid of you v2 Chapter 26 it's me v2 Chapter 25 he's the culprit v2 Chapter 24 exchange kill v2 Chapter 23 gatekeeper v2 Chapter 22 missing sergeant v2 Chapter 21 The meaning of existence v2 Chapter 20 Masonic v2 Chapter 19 special slave bill v2 Chapter 18 Poisoned bait must not be eaten v2 Chapter 17 I'm here to correct

v2 Chapter 16 kicked off v2 Chapter 15 Devil Fruit v2 Chapter 16 Devil Fruit v2 Chapter 14 A shadow over an era v2 Chapter 13 source of power v2 Chapter 12 as you wish v2 Chapter 11 One hundred and fifty-third branch of the Navy v2 Chapter 10 navy enlistment v2 Chapter 9 suggestion and manipulation v2 Chapter 8 power deal v2 Chapter 7 To wear a crown, one must bear its weight v2 Chapter 6 black 8 prongs

v2 Chapter 5 Dirty under justice v2 Chapter 4 the navy stands for justice v2 Chapter 3 Global and chips v2 Chapter 2 Shieldstown v2 Chapter 1 install, hold Chapter 64 The Epitome and Conquest of the Times (End of Volume 1) Chapter 63 I 1 keep my promise Chapter 62 he can't die Chapter 61 Kill you to be complete Chapter 60 Arlin's reasoning Chapter 59 Happy cooperation ~ Volume 1 explanation and update notice

Chapter 58 Only the dead can leave Chapter 57 trapped Chapter 56 Fierce flame Chapter 55 allocating points Chapter 54 Slaves in the dark Chapter 53 start Chapter 52 non-toxic no husband Chapter 51 official business collusion Chapter 50 vicious mind Chapter 49 something is wrong Chapter 48 covert peep Chapter 47 Calculate everywhere

Chapter 46 collusion Chapter 45 collusion between officials and bandits Chapter 44 in the name of justice Chapter 43 poor slave Chapter 42 silent signal Chapter 41 Ambitious Chapter 40 i never lie Chapter 39 Dangerous clue Chapter 38 Prologue on the Sea Chapter 37 eating and hatching Chapter 36 test Chapter 35 vicious

Chapter 34 choose Chapter 33 the Avengers Chapter 32 Erin coin Chapter 31 vile bastard Chapter 30 I can't have blemishes Chapter 29 Most afraid of the air suddenly becoming quiet Chapter 28 Strengthen the promotion Chapter 27 sorry to bother you Chapter 26 The scarier Yarlin Chapter 25 corpse porter Chapter 24 Horror Via Chapter 23 fight

Chapter 22 When framed for murder Chapter 21 Eat people without spitting bones Chapter 20 tethered bat Chapter 19 Devil's Embrace Chapter 18 4 eyes opposite Chapter 17 Murder everywhere Chapter 16 very thoughtful Chapter 15 the heartbeat of the dead Chapter 14 life and death haze Chapter 13 eyes hidden in the dark Chapter 12 presence in the body Chapter 11 1st dead

Chapter 10 night 1 Chapter 9 Transformant Chapter 8 past life Chapter 7 fangs hidden in the dark Chapter 6 Who's got a ghost Chapter 5 weird beginning Chapter 4 upside down black and white Chapter 3 black eat black Chapter 2 black fingers Chapter 1 Whispers under the skin

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