Under the night, the sound of the pattering rain was engulfed by the sound of the huge waves. The splashing waves slapped a dilapidated multi-masted sailing ship that was docked on the shore. , like a flock of vultures hovering over the dead for a long time.

Hungry, revelry, shudder!

For the Via Pirates who "drifted" aimlessly in the East China Sea, this small island that they came across by chance means a feast.

When the pirates who have been drifting on the sea for half a month set foot on this small island, they are destined to become a group of hungry beasts, howling wildly, roaring, waving all kinds of All kinds of low-quality but powerful weapons that are enough to kill people, as if they couldn't vent the overflowing depression in their hearts, this is a complex emotion that they can't understand in their lack of thinking.

"I smelled the unique smell of Berry, as well as the intoxicating aroma of wine, oh, yes, and the full bodies of women..." Captain Via, who wore a black brim, held a dark black The crutch of the sword, the brown boots stepped on the place of the sword in step, even the black night could not cover the greed in his eyes: "Oh, yes, I heard your impatient breathing. , the desire to kill and plunder is roaring in our blood, we are the mighty Via Pirates, and we ride the wind and waves to this island."

Every time Captain Via's mobilization order is almost the same, but every time I hear it again, it is still as exciting as the first time, the blood is full, and the pirates below are holding their heavy breaths, congested with blood. The eyes are getting crueler.

Captain Wea raised the brim of his hat and looked at his crew, completely unaware that there was an indiscernible arc hidden in one of his lips. There was a hint of mockery in the coldness. He waved and roared vigorously: "Go and bring back all the wealth on this island, my crew, start your carnival!!"


The tranquility of the island was completely torn apart, and dozens of pirates screamed and dispersed, running towards the panicked light in the center of the island.

"Yarlin, what are you dawdling about? Did you even burn out your brain after a serious illness? If you don't catch up quickly, Berry will be taken away by others." Fick looked at himself in Viahai The closest pirate companion in the pirate group, his eyes are full of doubts. Since Yaerlin woke up with a high fever two months ago, there has been an indescribable change, and he has become a little dull. You must know that before Every time the captain gave an order, Yarlin always wanted to rush to the first one, but the other party has fallen behind in recent times.

"Damn it!" Fick quickly put his doubts behind him, leaving only anxiety because unknowingly the other pirates had almost disappeared, which means that if nothing else happens, they will have nothing to do this time. A decent harvest, especially after most of the looted wealth has to be turned over to the captain.

"Don't worry, Fick." The hoarse voice with a slight cough, as if a walnut was stuck in the throat, showed the weakness of lack of breath. While speaking, the curve that the owner of the voice had just raised at the corner of the mouth flattened, and it was the front. The indifferent thin lips hidden in the darkness, and then gradually revealed a pale face without too much blood. The blue pupils in the narrow and long eyes reflected Fick's anxious expression. The scarred flesh looked even more ferocious.

"When you're in a hurry, the scars on your face will become even uglier!" Yaerlin licked the wet and white lips soaked by the rain, and chased after the shadow of the pirate that could still be seen in the distance. go.

Fick's cheeks twitched violently, "Damn bastard, this scar was left for you to block the knife." He chased after him and cursed viciously, with a hint of remorse in his eyes, but in an instant he was brutally attacked. Firmness is replaced in the bottom of my heart, "Although we are all vicious pirates, Yaerlin is my best brother, if he doesn't block a knife for him, Yaerlin's fragile head will be chopped to pieces, take me a scar It's not a loss for him, and besides, the pirates are originally the more vicious they are, the more popular they are."

The emotional changes on Fick's face could not be hidden from Yallin. He pursed his lower lip and grinned: "Wait, all the Berry you grab is yours."

"Humph! Lowe, those **** from Gancivir are rushing ahead. You think they will give us something else." Having said that, Fick still laughed. Couldn't be more correct.

"If you rush fast, you may not be able to grab the most, and if you fall behind, it doesn't mean you will gain nothing. The most important thing is to find the target." view.

That bright is the raging light of the flames. Half of the four-meter-high arched door at the entrance of the town is burning, and the other half is shrinking and scorching. The black smoke converges on the top of the head along the twisted wood grain. Erlin's eyes looked strangely like a scorched and deformed dead man.

Inside was the chaotic wailing and the hysterical arrogance of the thugs, as well as the **** smell that even the rain and thick smoke could not hide. The outline of **** on earth has clearly emerged in Yaerlin's mind, bright and dazzling.

Even though his hands had been stained with many lives and blood in his previous life, Yaerlin still frowned fiercely, while his left hand, which was hidden in the linen glove, was tightly clenched into a ball. It seemed that there was another sound contained in that sound.

More dull, more depressing, and—urgent! !

"Target? What do you mean?" Fick didn't understand Yaerlin's meaning. He looked at the man who resisted the murder in the town, the woman who was dragged to the ground in despair, and the child who was kneeling on the ground with blank eyes. In the center, a slender monkey-like pirate was staring at them coldly, and at his feet were bags of blood-stained Berry.

"Damn it, Gancivir must have left us not a single Berry." Fick cursed.

"Look, the idiot Fick and his sick child are here." Gancivir kicked the woman who was kneeling on the ground and kowtowed. Next to the woman was a teenage boy whose eyes were frightened and empty. terrified.

"Who are you calling an idiot? You ugly, dirty, shameless stinky monkey, kneeling and licking Rowe's chrysanthemum." Fick's retort was vicious, "Oh, my God, Yaerlin, look at Gan Sivir's cheeks turning into It's red, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is as red as a monkey's butt."

"I'm going to kill you!!" Gan Sivir's thin body screamed like a woman, "kill him for me, I'm going to tear his mouth apart."

The five pirates surrounding Gancivir stared at Fick, the killing intent in their eyes undisguised, as if they would rush up in the next moment to smash Fick and Yaerlin into pieces.

"In the Via Pirates, only the captain has the power to execute crew members, and other crew members are not allowed to fight privately. Do you want to be stripped off by the captain and soaked in seawater in a bucket?"

Not far away, a few footsteps approached in a hurry. The first person was shaped like a brown bear. It was the second character of the Via Pirates, First Officer Lowe.

Gan Xivir's voice seemed to be stopped abruptly by a male duck pinching his throat. His twinkling pupils seemed to recall a terrifying scene, and the faces of the surrounding pirates were also extremely ugly.

On the Via Pirates, the captain's will cannot be violated, no one dares to challenge the captain's authority head-on, and everyone is reluctant to restrain their killing intent.

"Gather all the berries and drinks, send them back to the boat in groups, and spread out in groups of two to continue searching the town, don't miss any corner, any piece of berry." Lowe stared coldly. He glanced at Fick, and then glanced at Yaerlin without any emotion, his eyes seemed to be looking at two dead people.

Yaerlin didn't say a word from the beginning to the end. He watched Luo Wei leave with unusually calm eyes, and watched Gancivir vent his anger and kill the woman under his feet before leaving.

What Gancivir didn't notice was that the moment he turned around, a strange black light flashed in Yaerlin's pupils, he suppressed the dryness in his throat, and whispered in a non-human voice: "It should be Eat!"