"This wave, blood earned!"

   Without any hesitation, Chen Yu stepped forward and absorbed all the attribute bubbles within the range of his eyesight through the human biological magnetic field.

   And with one after another attribute bubbles, injected into Chen Yu's body.

  Chen Yu only felt his body, cells and genes, and began to usher in great changes.

   It seems that there is an incredible mysterious power that is being born from his body!

no doubt.

   This is because Chen Yu officially opened the power!

   is very special.

   It seems to be some kind of cosmic energy, and any matter or living body that comes into contact with it will suffer an unparalleled blow.

  It's almost as if there is no solution.

  As long as it is hit by superpower, even if the defense is magical, it is completely in vain.

of course.

   Absorbed such a large wave of attribute bubbles, Chen Yu not only opened up the power of domineering.

   Primal energy, blank attributes, divine talents, etc., have all experienced very good increases.

   "The battlefield is really the best place for me!"

  Looking at his current panel data, Chen Yu was in a good mood, and he began to wait patiently, and the next wave of monsters arrived.

   This feeling of waiting for the property to come to the door automatically, Chen Yu is undoubtedly enjoying it.

   Even more.

   He began to think that only a seven-wave monster army came to siege his own wolf army, which was too few.

   Not enough for him to kill alone!

of course.

   Such a thought, Chen Yu dare not say it.

  He didn't want to "frighten" his subordinates, let alone the confidence of his subordinates.

   "I should still be low-key, and slowly develop is the king!"

   whispered in his heart, the next moment, Chen Yu made a decision to be gentle with the next few waves of monster army.

   After all, if all monsters are killed to death in minutes, he might not be able to become a thorn in the eyes of some more powerful monsters...

   Boom! boom! boom!

   Boom! boom! boom!


   About half an hour later, on the wilderness where Chen Yu was, there were already monsters everywhere.

  A whole army of seven monsters who came over to siege the Wild Wolf Corps had already killed Chen Yu.

   None of them escaped!

have to say.

  Meeting such a pervert of Chen Yu is definitely a tragedy of these monster army.

   Those low-level general monsters, in front of Chen Yu, are basically a group of small ants.

  Chen Yu wanted to step on to death, he could step on to death.

   didn't need any effort, sent 300 avatars, easily, they can clean them all.

  And during this period, witnessed Chen Yu again and again encircling numerous monsters with his own strength.

   Those sergeants of the Wild Wolf Corps, they were all very excited.

   It seems that they have seen their Wild Wolf Corps, and they will become the second-tier and third-order Legion in the future!

It can be said.

  After this, Chen Yu completely conquered the hearts of these subordinates!

  Every subordinate gave birth to the same idea: Following such a boss is absolutely promising!

   "Master Majesty is powerful!"

   "I guarantee with my little JJ that the master of the army must be a high-level warrior, and the king of war is also possible!"

   "After all, our Wild Wolf Legion is about to rise!"


   looked at each other's eyes, and every sergeant in the Wild Wolf Corps could hardly restrain his inner excitement.

   jumped up one by one excitedly, and then hammered his chest wildly, shouting a few voices.

  Use this to express your heart's joy!

To know.

   Prior to this, each of them believed that this time their wild wolf army was in danger of looting, and it is very likely that it will be an ending of the whole army.

   But now?

   The master of the new army shot at will, and all the monsters who came to siege were dead!

   thought that from now on, he can follow such a new army master to fight the Quartet.

  Excuse me, who can't be excited? "Okay, now, report the situation here to the headquarters, and then return to the base with the army master!"

  Withdraw all the avatars, Chen Yu directly ordered.

have to say.

   At this time, Chen Yu's mood is extremely good.


   His panel data has already become-




   [Spirit]: 1277.1

   [Yuanneng]: 461298 (Cell Evolution Lv3)

  【The power of evolution】:31005


   [Talent]: Talent of second order (125/10000) +......


   [Kong, martial arts]: ...

  【Knowledge】: Six basic disciplines (full score), Luoxin script (38922/999999)

   [Blank attribute]: 26450

   [Law of Origin]: Life Zero Order (39/1000)

   "26450 has blank attributes!"

  The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and Chen Yu's eyes were full of expectations: "That is, as long as I want, I can always make my mental power reach a level close to 4000.0!"

   "The spiritual power of 4000.0!"

   "Peak warrior, I'm afraid that's not the case?"

   "With such mental power, even if I don't use any ice supernatural power, I can kill countless monsters of the general rank only by relying on the sixth-order material supernatural power and the water of the brake god..."

   After secretly thinking about it.

  Chen Yu let his subordinates count and reap all the results of the battle.

   For example, the blood of red blood mammoth is an indispensable material for a certain medicine.

   1 kg of red blood mammoth blood can be sold for tens of millions even less.

  Another example, the wings of Qingfeng Dragon Cicada...

   In short.

  Chen Yu did not want to miss any material on any monster.

  His wolf army suffered such a heavy blow this time, with heavy casualties and only 10% of the overall fighting power left.

  Chen Yu of course must do everything possible to get more resources in order to rebuild the wolf army and restore the glory of the past!

   Even lead the Wolf Corps to become the Tier 2 Legion...

   In addition, every monster means a lot of contribution points.

  Chen Yuke also expects to take these contribution points to buy Yuanjing and feed his Zerg Queen~www.mtlnovel.com~ Of course he will not forget to count how many monsters he killed this time!

   "Yes, Lord Master!"

  With the order of Chen Yu, the sergeants of the Wild Wolf Corps began to tear up the materials on the monster's body with excitement.

   Until two hours later.

The sergeants of the Wild Wolf Corps, carrying all kinds of monster materials like hills on their shoulders, followed Chen Yu to the nearest supply base.

   This supply base, called the Yunzang Base, is one of the seven super-large supply bases built by the Chinese military in the forefront of the Gori Mountains.

  It is the size of several counties in China.

Around   , there are super-tech weapons currently developed by human beings, and there are war king-level strongmen sitting here all year round.

  The reason why Chen Yu chose to come here is that the tired subordinates can take a break and slowly formulate the future development plan of the legion.

   Second, of course, in order to be able to sell all the harvest this time!

  ——Gorgeous dividing line——

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