Second-order violent talent is more capable of completing 1.0 times the strength amplitude.

  That is to say, a second-order violent talent awakening person can explode twice his power at any stage of martial arts level.

   Even the strength of God of War is no exception.

   can still double out!

and so.

   In the minds of almost all the strong men above Wuzong level, possessing a talent of violence is far more terrible than possessing a talent of divine power.

   And the higher the order, the more obvious the gap between the two.

   For example.

   Third-order divine talent, can almost increase the strength of about ten thousand pounds.

   This is almost negligible for the warlord and warlord level.

   However, the third-order violence talent is different!

   But it can bring permanent twice the explosive power!

   Even the existence of the level of warlord and warlord, will also ushered in a huge increase in strength.

   a sentence.

   Divine talent, plus absolute power, has a huge advantage in the early days of martial arts.

   The violent talent, it is the explosive power (relative strength), and the stamina is far beyond the divine talent.

   Almost can use the magic talent to rub on the ground...

   And the most special kind of power talent is the [Bali Power Talent] that has just dropped from the red blood mammoth.

  It is obvious from the word "tyrant" in the talent of superpower.

   Talent talent, extremely domineering and unsolvable!

   has unparalleled power!


   has a talent for superpower, which means having a special power that can ignore the defense of the other party!

   Whether it is a supernatural talent talent type defense.

   is also the material defense of the armor.

   is also the body of the Nine Tribulation's primary **** pattern defense.

   Even life-saving abilities like the body of water.

   Talents can be ignored!

  That is to say.

   As long as you have the talent of domineering, no matter what state the opponent is in, you can cause damage!

   This is hegemony.

   The degree of hegemony can only be described as "perverted".

  Ignore any form of defense, as long as it hits, the opponent will be damaged.

   First-order hegemony talent can turn 1% of his own strength into hegemony.

   Second order, 3%.

   Third-order, 8%.

   Fourth order, 15%.


   Ten levels, that is 100%!

  If we say that when the North Pole played against the white ape, Chen Yu had a tenth-level power.


  Chen Yu punched, and the white ape would most likely be killed on the spot.

  The body of water?

   It's useless in the face of overwhelming defense.

   That's why, when Chen Yu sees the drop of [Balance Talent], he will be so excited.

   "If you can get some violent talent, it will be more perfect!"

  Chen Yu's mind can't help but show that he has the three powers of divine power, violence and domineering power at the same time, and then he can make a lot of pictures of the monster monsters traversing the wild.


   If Chen Yu really possesses three power-type talents of divine power, violence and hegemony at the same time, and they are all upgraded to the fifth-order level.

   Then, he can hit countless monsters with his bare hands.

  Thick-skinned meat? Instinct body protection? There are defenses like superbody talents?

   All useless!

Under   , all defenses are in vain.

   is at the same time as Chen Yu keeps imagining.

   The remaining dozens of generals of the rank of red blood mammoth, tolerating the pain caused by gravity and resonance, continued to storm Chen Yu.

   will rank, after all, will rank.

   Their physical strength is far above those of the red blood mammoths at the Wuzong level (large commander level).

   It is basically impossible to kill gravitation and resonance talents alone.

   And they have judged that Chen Yu used some means to kill their siblings.


   They have blushing eyes, and the whole body is soaring, rushing towards Chen Yu frantically, vowing to let Chen Yu pay the price of his life.




   ran towards Chen Yu at the same time, they made a deafening howl.

  'S own momentum can be described as climbing to the top.

   "Master, you are running away!"

   "These red blood mammoths have entered the state of crazy blood eruption of the original energy limit, and their strength has been greatly improved!"

   "Never fight hard with them!"


  At this moment, a sergeant exclaimed one after another, for fear that Chen Yu would be tragically attacked by these violent attackers of general-level red blood mammoth.


  Chen Yu was always calm as before, and it seemed that there was no response at all.

   saw those general-level red blood mammoths, getting closer and closer to themselves.

   His eyes suddenly fell:

   "Avatar, now!"

   The next moment.

   300 Chen Yu came!

   is Chen Yu's present fifth-order doppelganger talent!

   "The army leader said, I surrounded them!"

  As Chen Yu spoke lightly, a few moments later, 300 Chen Yu avatars all started, exploding at full speed, and besieging the dozens of generals of red blood mammoth.

To know.

  Every Chen Yu doppelganger, with Chen Yu deity, has considerable combat power.

   It is conceivable that 300 Chen Yu shot together, what a concept!

   High-level generals are estimated to be likely to be beaten to death.

   Not to mention, there are dozens of low-level war mammoth mammoths in this area.

   "Moo ————————"

   Suddenly 300 Chen Yu appeared, making the head of the fierce **** mammoth, panicked and panicked to the extreme, making a very roaring roar.

   originally expected them to rely on quantitative advantage to crush Chen Yu.

   didn't want to. After only one second, they were surrounded by Chen Yu.

   This kind of collapse makes them have the urge to vomit blood and hit the wall.

   As for the sergeant of the Wild Wolf Legion.

   At this moment, I do not know how many people have opened their mouths.

It can be said.

   Everything that happened in front of them is absolutely shocking to them!

   Unparalleled shock!

   "Master of the new army, it's just a pervert! The pervert of Tai Nima!"

   "The fifth-order avatar talent! This **** thing is the fifth-order avatar talent!"

   "Okay, okay, this time, we can survive! The master of the army is so fierce, we will destroy the group, then there are ghosts!"


   A cry of exclamation ~ ~ Every sergeant's face showed extreme excitement.

   They finally understood that every sentence Chen Yu said before was not a word of speech!

   This new military master can really surround the monster with his own strength!

   Boom! boom! boom!


   There were no accidents, 300 Chen Yu clones shot together, and soon all the general red blood mammoths were exploded.

   The scene was a slaughter.

   And when these general red blood mammoth fell to the ground one after another.

   A pile of attribute bubbles keeps popping out of them:

  【Magic Talent+117】

  【Magic Talent+128】

  【The power of evolution +67】

  【Blank Attribute +33】

  【Blank Attribute +35】

  【Bali Power +209】






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