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Chapter 1963: The Beast of the Beasts [198]

When I heard the origin of the two songs, I smiled and said: "I heard that the soul of the town is the legacy of the ancient gods, the ability to separate the soul, and the soul of the soul can be photographed, I am only a legend, I didn't expect to be able to open my eyes today."

"The strength of the two, I really can't beat you anything." Song Yunshuang laughed and sipped a glass of wine and drank himself. "I just had the heart to test the two cultivators, and the strength of the beast is very good." To the point, I am really sorry."

He lifted up coldly, and the kind of condescending squatting man was very proud, like the **** of heaven, watching the ants and ants.

"It turned out to be the case." Xiao Jin smiled slightly and said to the trick: "Hey, sit down, just a misunderstanding, don't take it seriously."

Song Yunshuang also smiled and said: "It is under the limit, annoyed you, sir, even though you punish."

"Punish? Let you immediately lie here, will you refuse?" He said coldly.

Xiao Jin said: "Hey, don't be willful, this table can't be wasted."

Looking at the smile of Song Yunshuang, he snorted and said: "The face of the sacred priest of Guangyao Temple is here, looking really disgusting, I can't eat."

"You are arrogant!" The girl in red screamed in a crisp voice. "The Holy King rewards your face, don't you know it!"

"Honglian lives!"

Song Yunshuang just sighed, and he had already bullied himself. He grabbed the neck of the red girl and looked at him like a man. He wanted to break the neck of this ****!

Song Yunshuang was shocked and stunned. He wanted to stop the opponents who could know that their strength was not awkward.

Fortunately, Xiao Jin moves faster, stepping up, holding his wrist, and whispering: "Forbearance!"

魇 魇 才 才 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指 手指Followed by falling out, the two fell in Merlin.

At the same time, my heart was full of horror, looking at you with fear, but never dared to say a word.

"Thank you for your mercy." Song Yunshuang got up and saluted.

I didn't look at him at first glance and went straight out.

The meal was quite unpleasant. Song Yunshuang watched his back disappear and turned his head and said to Xiao Jin: "I was really sorry."

Xiao Jin pretends to be nothing, just smiles and asks: "You have tested the strength of my sister and me, how?"

Song Yunshuang said: "The strength of you is above you."

Xiao Jin nodded and was very strong. She always knew that she should have been happy, but she was too happy to be happy.

"So..." She opened her head but didn't say it.

Song Yunshuang is alert and knows that she is worried about being a true soul. With such strength, no one can stop him.

Are there other people in the world who are stronger than Xiao Jin?

She is already the strongest person, but she can't compare with the shackles after the soul, so...

"I see, I still go to the library as soon as possible." Xiao Jin stood up, not mentioning what happened just now, just saying: "I am in trouble with you for a few days in the Guangyao Temple."

"You and I are friends, why do you have to say this little thing?" Song Yunshuang smiled.

Xiao Jin slightly tilted his head and smiled: "Friends? It's the best."