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Chapter 1962: Outside the World: No Beasts [197]

When she was thinking this way, she suddenly laughed and laughed. When she laughed into the sound of the zither, it was like a pair of soldiers and horses on both sides. The sound of banging and killing was even more intense!

This is the battlefield! Although there are only two people fighting, but it is like a thousand horses rushing past, weapons hit, people and horses, not so strong!

Hearing the laughter, Song Yunshuang suddenly looked at him, his eyebrows glimpsed a little, obviously the laughter also shook his heart!

Do not want to do more entanglement, can he fight with ordinary mortals?

When I reached the tip of my foot, I turned over and suddenly slammed two times. The wide sleeves were slightly open, and two vines came out. Several red flowers followed!

In the left and right sides of the Merlin, there were two snoring sounds, and then the vines were recovered, and a young woman was tied on each side.

Xiao Jin raised his lips slightly and said quietly: "Hey, how come you are so rude, let people go."

The two young women looked up and looked very proud. They looked beautiful and beautiful. They did have the same appearance and they looked exactly the same. Unfortunately, both of them were scratched with a safflower.

He smiled and held his chin, and turned his back to Song Yunshuang, but he asked: "The two red robes, one black robes, is the red lotus and the ink lotus of the Guangyao Temple?"

The woman in red wanted to speak, but saw Song Yunshuang’s gaze swept over, and then he pressed his anger and bowed his head, not dare to make more words.

"Hey, you are really a glance. These two gimmicks make you laugh." Song Yunshuang said faintly, "Hong Lian, Mo Lian, I have seen you and your sister Xiao Jin."

The two sisters really look exactly the same, they are all seventeen or eight years old, but the strength is already quite good. Looking at the snoring and the singer, these two people are probably already the yellow master.

If you use the ban on Guangyao Temple, the strength may be stronger.

Xiao Jin’s heart is not the same in the Guangyao Temple. It’s not like this. If you don’t eat, drink, sleep, or practice every day, you can’t have such an achievement.

Of course, her peerless genius is another matter.

When the two girls heard Song Yunshuang’s instructions, they all struggled to salute Xiao Jin and Qi, but they were forced to be bound by the vines, so they could only stand awkwardly.

"Let me let you go, I will let it go." He smiled and said that he didn't see him, and the vine was very obediently drilled back into his sleeve, like his eyes.

"I have seen you, I have seen you, Xiao Jin!" The two men humiliated and acted, and they stood silently and did not dare to speak.

Skipping them, but also skewing Song Yunshuang, said: "Use this kind of carving skills to design us, surnamed Song, are you as stupid as you are?"

"Don't dare, you have misunderstood, Honglian and Molian, just to help." Song Yunshuang said with a smile.

"Oh? That was just a song of the town, another song of the soul, why come?" asked lazily.

The two girls were shocked. I didn’t expect the secret technique that had been practiced for many years. It was actually seen by the enchanting man.

Song Yunshuang is also a tight heart, but he has always been insidious and cunning, and his anger is not indifferent. Others simply do not know what he wants.

Xiao Jin’s hands were playing with wine glasses, listening to them and asking them, but they didn’t say a word, as if they didn’t care, just watching.

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