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Chapter 1961: The Beast of the Beasts [196]

"There is a library in the other side." After Song Yunshuang pointed to the Temple of Light, he was covered by thick shades of trees, revealing some lofts that were flying against the sky.

"I am rude, but I can't wait to see it." Xiao Jin said with a smile.

"Don't worry, since it's coming, naturally there is time to go to the bookstore. Now it's time to eat. The two grievances taste the rough tea of ​​Guangyao Temple." Song Yunru said politely.

Indeed, what does it mean to not eat?

Xiao Jin nodded with a smile and went to the elegant courtyard behind the Temple of Light.

I saw the red plums in the yard. Although it was not the season of plum blossoms, the branches were densely covered. The clouds were filled with plum blossoms, and the breeze glimpsed. The elegant fragrance scented, and the elegant and colorful, unspeakable elegance. Chic.

I have always liked the gorgeous and flamboyant colors. Although the plum blossoms are elegant, the red plum is in full swing, which is very suitable for his heart. I like it very much at first glance.

He walked in first, and the red dress was stunned, and it was a gorgeous scene.

Song Yunshuang couldn’t help but admire: "It’s really ‘Mei Yingxuan’s dripping the world, the first person to pour the country’s city.’”

"If this compliment is for him to hear, I don't know what to expect, but don't say it in front of him." Xiao Jin finished, the two laughed and walked in together.

The shadows are stunned, the plum blossoms are overflowing, and the dragonfly walks in front. It is indeed a slap in the face of red eyes and people face each other.

After a few steps, it was a stone table. At this time, the table was full of good food and wine. A few dishes were made to be chic and exquisite. At first glance, it was a big move.

He was in a good mood. When he sat down, he took care of the chopsticks. No matter how rude he was watching his actions, he put a white shackle into his mouth and immediately smiled and bent.

"It's delicious!" It's rare that his arrogant and awkward temper will admire others. Song Yunshuang is really honored.

The three people sat down to eat, and Xiao Jin tasted a variety of foods. It was indeed full of color and flavor, and it was delicious than any delicious food she had ever eaten.

Being eaten, some people in Merlin boasted, and the soft snoring sounded soft and soft, like a woman's soft words, such as crying, very soft.

"What kind of voice?" He has always been a patient who can't be patient. When he heard this half-dead, he fell off his chopsticks and asked, "I don't like it or not! Change it!"

Song Yunshuang smiled slightly and asked with a good temper: "I really don't know what kind of songs you like, so arrange it indiscriminately, please forgive me."

"I like to be passionate. Who is going to listen to this dead person?"

Xiao Jin thinks that you are really welcome, but he has always been so direct, it is up to him.

Song Yunshen comprehend, patted his hands gently, and then an agile chorus sounded!

It’s really like the Jin Ge Iron Horse. It’s like a long river, and it’s like a long river.

Qin Zheng was so arrogant that the people who played the zither were even more eager to integrate the fierce emotions into the zither, and they were getting more and more high, and they actually stabbed the eardrums!

Xiao Jin is awkward, and she feels tinnitus with her strength. This kind of person who plays the kite must have some strange technique!

She glanced at Song Yunshuang and saw him with a smile. As the kite nodded slightly, it seemed to be integrated into the huge momentum of Changhong.

It’s weird!

When she was thinking this way, she suddenly laughed and laughed into the sound of the kite.

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