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Chapter 1960: The Beast of the Beasts [195]

Hearing that he mentioned Wei Ziyao, Xiao Jin’s face was a little stiff, and he also knew that he was emotional now. He did not think through his brain. He felt sorry, but only heard Xiao Jin laugh.

"I have long thought about it. Even if it doesn't become like this, I really love him, I am afraid I can't be together."

"Why?" I don't understand.

"You think, the longer I spend with him, the more I can't be separated. After a hundred years, he is old, then he dies, and I am still fine. I must be heartbroken and want to die with him."

Look at her slyly.

Xiao Jin smiled and said: "And he, when he is old in the years, I am ten years old, and he will not be happy when he will live away from the fear that one day will leave me."

"They are not together, but you think so much."

"Actually, I know, I can't be with him at all." Xiao Jin smiled, although the smile was stubborn, but still very beautiful, "because we are not a world person at all."

Seeing her smile is more ugly than crying, and my heart is not very tasteful. She has had enough hard work with her children, and now she has to worry about him.

I don't want him to continue to be upset, so I will open the topic and talk about the easy topic of the child and make her happy.

With her words, he has a lot of heart, he knows that she still loves Wei Ziyao, but no matter what, she will not abandon him but with Wei Ziyao.

This time, Song Yunshuang also lived with them for ten days. He was very disgusted with him. He often had no good face, but this person really took it to a realm. No matter how cold and cold, he always kept a smile. Expression.

Since then, he has never been harassed without borders. He gradually realized that as long as he believes in his heart and does not waver, there is no chance to run out to harass him.

If you think about it, you don't have any fears. It's good to have a happy day.

After a few days, Song Yunshuang invited them to go to Guangyao Temple. Naturally, they were disdainful, but Xiao Jin knew the inside story and knew that he was slowly changing his soul. One day he could not control it.

As she said, even if the knife and the sea are hot, go up and go!

She is going to go, and he naturally goes with him. He is not afraid of what Song Yunshuang can bring out in his hands!

After breakfast that day, Xiao Jin and Sui Yu and Song Yunshuang came to Guangyao Temple, and through his enchantment, they arrived almost without any effort.

The mysterious Guangyao Temple finally appeared in the eyes of the two people. As you can see, it is a golden light. Above the high steps of the white jade pavilion, there is a golden temple of light.

The left and right sides below the Temple of Light are two magnificent palaces, one red and one black.

"This is the Honglian Temple and the Moline Hall, respectively." Song Yunshuang said with a smile.

As everyone knows, Honglian and Molian under the seat of the Glory Hall are also masters, but they have never seen it.

These two people have never appeared. I don’t know how strong the strength is. I have to be careful in the future. I am not afraid that they are really strong, but the Guangyao Temple has always been known for its strange skills. Many bans are unheard of, but powerful. Infinity, suddenly I am afraid I have to eat a lot of losses.

Silently, it made a look. This guy is smart and naturally understands what she means.