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Chapter 1959: The Beast of the Beasts [194]

He bit his lip gently, as if he didn’t hear him at all, just laughing at himself. “It’s because of the fear in your heart that it will make me appear. Are you afraid that Xiao Jin will leave you? Worried about it?"

He didn't pay attention to him, but when he appeared, his body could not move. Otherwise, how could there be such a dirty thing to get close to himself?

"What is she good about? Do you want to be with her?" Without a mouthful, "The most important thing is that her heart is still vacillating, not so determined to accompany you."

"Stop!" He was cold and cold.

He smiled and angered him, he was very happy!

"You are so beautiful. When God created you, it must be very eccentric." He touched his face without borders. "I can't bear to hurt you. What if there is a little scar on this face? It would be a pity!"

"What's the matter for you!" He was angered by his frivolous behavior, almost wanting to bite!

Wuyou smiled happily: "Even when you are angry, you are like this, hehe... I said, you are not lonely, I want to find someone to accompany you, then Xiao Jin is not swaying and will not put you in the heart, you might as well abandon her. How about with me? Um?"

Suddenly, I sneered out, and my mean mouth was always polite: "I hate black, dirty, and I feel sick!"

Without a glimpse of the situation, he immediately understood that he was swearing at himself. He was a black man with a bubbling bubble, evil and dirty, and he was naturally dirty and dirty in his eyes.

However, there was no such thing as no anger, and he was ironic and laughed.

"I am dirty? Very good! I want to see when you can be clean!" Without a bow, he squatted in his ear. "Hey, Xiao Jin, he doesn't want you at all, why are you so persistent?" In the end, it will only force me to hurt you."

"Roll!" He was completely angry, and a roar almost overturned the roof.

Nothing climbed up from him, laughing and disappearing.

He was panting, and after he disappeared, his body was able to move slightly. He squatted on the bed | and punched it. Then, Xiao Jin and Song Yunshuang pushed the door in.

I saw that I was sweating all over my head, but there was no one around me. I heard him yelling just now. What happened?

Thinking of the evil soul that Song Yunshuang had said, Xiao Jin couldn't help but burst into sadness. He went to sit next to him and didn't speak. He had already looked up and screamed at Song Yunshuang.

"Get out!"

His nature is arrogant, and when he is embarrassed, he is absolutely unwilling to see it for those who look down on him.

Knowing his personality, Xiao Jin looked up and nodded apologetically to Song Yunshuang, let him go outside and wait.

Song Yunshuang smiled and went out and closed the door.

Xiao Jin said: "He has promised to take us to the Guangyao Temple in a few days. You can show us the books in the library, maybe you can find clues from above."

"His false help, just want to be close to you, can't you see it?" asked.

"How is that?" Xiao Jin smiled slightly. "In order to protect the cockroaches, even if he puts a knife in the Guangyao Temple, I will go."

When I looked at her, I turned to the head and said, "Why, don't save me, you can go to Wei Ziyao."

Hearing that he mentioned Wei Ziyao, Xiao Jin’s face was a stiff smile.

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