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Chapter 1: Crossing [1]

If even the sky is blocking me from approaching him,

Then I have to... go against the sky!

Where you are, it is my heart.


2012, Shanghai, China

Under the night, the Huangpu River rushes and rushes, and the brilliance of the lights on both sides of the straits is dazzling, and the city that never sleeps, the song and dance are flat.

The 1,535-foot Oriental Pearl TV Tower is spectacular and magnificent under the stars.

No one could see the top place. A girl in a black long trench coat stood on her arms, her hands wrapped around her chest, and her eyes fixed on a slow-moving cruise ship on the Huangpu River.


On this world-class luxury cruise ship, an auction held by the Kitano Kita of Japan is underway, and countless valuable treasures are being auctioned.

Japanese things, she likes to grab the most

The cruise ship was able to drive to the position under her feet. The beautiful lips were slightly hooked, the toes were a little bit, the slim figure jumped up, and a pair of huge black wings opened on her back!

The eclipse from the gray cloud reveals a half-faced crescent moon, reflecting the figure of a girl, red hair like a fire, like a paint, a strange but chilling atmosphere!

Her figure stayed in midair for a moment, and suddenly rushed toward the cruise ship on the river, lightning fast!

In the blink of an eye, the petite figure landed silently on the cruise ship, without any guards finding it, and the wings on the back turned into a fierce goshawk into the night.

Several guards walked over, and Huang Beiyue was slightly moving, passing behind them like a cat and entering the auction hall.

The elegant and luxurious hall, even the small vases, are the blue and white porcelain of the Song Dynasty.

The last treasure was shot at a high price, and the astounding astronomical number bought a crown. For Phoenix North, it was crazy!

She won't spend so much money. If she wants it, just grab it.

“Here, distinguished guests, today’s finale is a mysterious ancient jade from the ancient East, called ‘the beast is boundless’.’

The glamorous chief auctioneer holds a beautiful emerald disc. The single plate is worth hundreds of millions. What kind of treasure needs to be set off with such a precious jade disk?

"This piece of black jade has been carved into the form of tens of thousands of beasts, lifelike, and skillful. And it is said that this black jade has mysterious power, which can surpass life and death and reverse time and space."


The following laughter turned out to be a piece of black jade that was passed on to God, and thought it was a great treasure?

This era is technologically advanced. Who would believe in this nonsense of strange power?

Instead of looking at the black jade, it is better to look at this glamorous auctioneer. It’s a natural beauty. The body, the face, the face, the man looked down | half | the body is impulsive, the woman can't help but feel itchy.

The soft tulle is wrapped around the body of the beautiful woman, and the richness of the chest is ready to come out. The beautiful woman holds the jade plate and bends down. The charm is infinitely letting people watch the mysterious black jade one by one.

But at this time, whose eyes will still be placed on the black jade? I have been staring at the drooling of the beauty and the sleekness of the beauty. I can’t wait to smash it!

It’s a bunch of straw bags, so precious, no one knows the goods.

Huang Beiyue sneered, from the moment she came in, she could feel the powerful appeal from the black jade.

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