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Petite Mother of Four Big Shots

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Gu Yuanyaun had transmigrated inside a currently popular novel. She transmigrated into the body of a woman that carried the same name as her. Coincidentally, the woman already had four sons but was forcibly separated from them by an accident and ended up with a miserable ending.

As time gradually passed by, it was always accompanied by change. The four sons grew up and became successful individuals. They became the bosses on their own chosen fields while on the contrary, their mother, Gu Yuanyuan, instead turned into a teenager which was even younger than her sons.

Seeing that the hurdle was too high, Gu Yuanyuan, who became a pea princess on the story, decided to find her four sons.

The eldest son was a billionaire.

The second son was a legendary medical doctor.

The third son was a martial arts prodigy.

And lastly, the fourth son was a genius professor.

Gu Yuanyuan smiled with a kind face and said: “Dabao, Erbao, Sanbao, and Xiaobao. I’m your mother”

Looking at their mother’s appearance that could be mistaken as their own daughter’s, the four big sons was: “…???…”

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Short Title:PMFBS
Alternate Title:穿成四个大佬的娇气妈-
Weekly Rank:#2959
Monthly Rank:#2801
All Time Rank:#2156
Tags:Appearance Different from Actual Age, Businessmen, Calm Protagonist, Celebrities, College/University, Doctors, Mature Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Misunderstandings, Possessive Characters,
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  1. I've finished the whole chapter of this story, i would suggest you to read this story too. Oke, I'll tell you how my feelings right now, It's be like full of the fragrance of flower, sweetness of honey, soft of rabbit, and singing of bird xD 😂 I really satisfied with the ending and it's really rare for me (cause i rarely read until finish) This story look simple at the first sight, but it's actually complicated especially for the background of MC and ML and the plot of time that used in this story. But it doesn't lost the funny and sweetness so don't be worried

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