Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby

“Husband, someone bullied me.” A few minutes later, a certain company went bankrupt; “Husband, someone likes me.” A few hours later, a certain confessor mysteriously disappeared; “Husband, I want to make friends with you, break off friendship, and di.... Read more

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Chapter 657 Lemon (Introduction) Chapter 656 Marriage Drama Episode � Chapter 655 Marriage Drama Episode �

Chapter 654 Marriage Drama Episode � Chapter 653 Marriage Drama Episode � Chapter 652 Yi Chen and Jin Chu Fan Chapter 651 We got married Chapter 650 Uncle Lei Luo, you are really a killer of first love! Chapter 649 Is my face so abstract Chapter 648 Anyhow, pay attention to the key points! Chapter 647 The young master came to joke with me? Chapter 646 Again, are you eligible?

Chapter 645 She can't come back Chapter 644 I only give you two hours! Chapter 643 Just want to be with you

Chapter 642 I'm not sure I can stand the miss. Chapter 641 Only in this way can i get closer to you Chapter 640 I respect your decision Chapter 639 Don't give up halfway, idiot! Chapter 638 Is this kid saying that he is a fool! ? Chapter 637 Do you dare to do it yourself, and dare not let others say it? Chapter 636 Don't answer my brother's phone tonight! Chapter 635 Think about how to explain to your parents Chapter 634 What a special date

Chapter 633 Thank you for giving me the opportunity! Chapter 632 Trade your life for all my secrets Chapter 631 Han Jinchu, are you angry! Chapter 630 I'm not getting married Chapter 629 What do you always rely on Jinchu for? Chapter 628 Seek the shadow area in Yi Chen's heart Chapter 627 It's just making him trouble! Chapter 626 Don't you want me to sign him? Chapter 625 Are you afraid that the world will not be chaotic? Chapter 624 How cute his Jin Chu Chapter 623 What you want, time will give you Chapter 622 But you can't die without saving

Chapter 621 I told you to stop doing it! Chapter 620 I think i like him too Chapter 619 Han Jinchu, are you stupid or me? Chapter 618 Don't do this in the future! Chapter 617 Why should someone replace you? ! Chapter 615 She won't come Chapter 614 Don't tell me you don't expect Chapter 613 She just didn't dare to like it Chapter 612 Thank you for your kindness, I don't need Chapter 611 A lover is more precious if you chase it yourself Chapter 610 Don't want others to covet her beauty. Chapter 609 Is this little master in love?

Chapter 608 It feels good to be cared Chapter 607 I'm looking for someone Chapter 606 Oh my God, is she dead! ? Chapter 605 You should give up early Chapter 604 Why believe me Chapter 603 What right do you have to say you like him! Chapter 602 I don't like being close to him Chapter 601 It’s actually easy to change someone’s liking Chapter 600 She was only a hundred when she died! Chapter 599 How can i date you Chapter 598 Not just for a woman Chapter 597 Cover him with a cake!

Chapter 596 I don't like this kind of joke Chapter 595 If you chase her, throw her away Chapter 594 Enough is enough for you! Chapter 593 Lian Xue's allegations Chapter 592 Her entry is gone! Chapter 591 You painted me, can't I see it yet? Chapter 590 Would you like to be my exclusive model? ! Chapter 589 Is he a creditor to her? Chapter 588 Don't test my patience Chapter 587 Really want to make friends so much? Chapter 586 Feel like dating Chapter 585 Mo Yichen, you have a black belly

Chapter 584 I've been waiting for ten years, not too short of this time Chapter 583 dream? You are also worthy of dreams! Chapter 582 Do you still know me? Chapter 581 Hit someone Chapter 580 Must pass the test Chapter 579 The boy in the picture Chapter 578 Maybe forgotten Chapter 577 The thoughts owed to him have not yet been paid Chapter 576 Strange look Chapter 575 Is it her? Chapter 574 Xia Yichen, here I am. Chapter 573 (End of text) I love you for life, but still feel too short

Chapter 572 It's too late to hurt you Chapter 571 Where did it provoke you? Chapter 570 Can't you focus on the next point? ! Chapter 569 No way to consider others Chapter 568 Without me, you will be happy Chapter 567 Would you like to try again? Chapter 566 I don’t need to face the wall, I just think about it Chapter 565 You are lucky, there is a man willing to die for you Chapter 564 I knew all day to show affection and it was disgusting Chapter 563 Mo Nianchen, you are so grudges. Chapter 562 It doesn't matter if you don't understand, I teach you Chapter 561 Is it okay to meet an old lover?

Chapter 560 Actually, there is only one thing I like Chapter 559 Married into a frenzy. Chapter 558 The happiest thing is to have you in my life Chapter 557 Take you to a good place. Chapter 556 No boy would like this adjective Chapter 555 Don't let others bully you, you know? Chapter 553 What a pity you failed Chapter 552 The important thing is that you are dead! Chapter 551 Will you marry me Chapter 550 Am I right by your side? Chapter 549 The door was pried open! Chapter 548 You are here to be funny! ?

Chapter 547 Do you want to kill our whole family! Chapter 546 I am afraid, can't I run? Chapter 545 Why did someone send her such a thing! Chapter 544 I hate Mo Nianchen the most! Bastard! Chapter 543 Can't wait for his call Chapter 542 Going so late? Chapter 541 This jealous guy (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 540 His euphemism is really direct (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 539 Deliberately embarrass him (asking monthly ticket) Chapter 538 Why do we have the last name Mo? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 537 Do you want a daddy? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 536 What about gentleness? (Seeking monthly pass)

Chapter 535 Belongs to her alone (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 534 This is called retribution! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 533 Her Mo Nianchen is back! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 532 Not Xia Xia! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 531 Knock the door open for me! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 530 They are all your children (seeking monthly pass) Chapter 529 Get out, don't bother me (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 528 Blaming Li Shengxia (asking monthly ticket) Chapter 527 Miss Wu, do it for yourself (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 526 Why don't you return to me (asking monthly pass) Chapter 525 But I only like you (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 524 Stop messing with us! (Seeking monthly pass)

Chapter 523 But they scold me! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 522 Are you murdering me? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 521 She is his destiny, right (see monthly ticket) Chapter 520 This **** woman! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 519 Why should I learn my name (asking monthly pass) Chapter 518 Thank you for loving me so much (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 517 Do you want me to discount? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 516 I won’t go back without 100 million (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 515 What can I say to you (asking monthly ticket) Chapter 514 Stand up and chase him! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 513 Loved her for the twenty-third year (see monthly ticket) Chapter 512 Xia Xia, I loved you (please ask for monthly pass)

Chapter 511 I only love you (see monthly ticket) Chapter 510 Who will lose to you (seeking monthly pass) Chapter 509 It’s like playing parent-child games (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 508 Daddy doesn’t seem to have amnesia (seeking monthly pass) Chapter 507 Why don't you resist (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 506 I can't do it all at once (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 505 Want me to accept? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 504 Strokes of love (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 503 I remembered! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 502 I regret making you forget me (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 501 As long as Achen (see monthly pass) Chapter 500 is it him? (Seeking monthly pass)

Chapter 499 Wronged (see monthly pass) Chapter 498 Wait for him (see monthly pass) Chapter 497 The world is too small (see monthly pass) Chapter 496 Hate her? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 495 Did you bring me in? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 494 I just want to be closer to you (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 493 Get in the rain (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 492 Dare to be fierce to me? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 491 I only listen to the results (see monthly pass) Chapter 490 Because I am chasing you (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 489 Won't let you have an accident (see monthly ticket) Chapter 488 Why did you let me just now (seeking a monthly pass)

Chapter 487 Do you still think you will win? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 486 Is he hiding from her! ? (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 485 I don't need your help (asking monthly pass) Chapter 484 you again! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 483 You are shy (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 482 Can meet him by chance (ask a monthly pass) Chapter 481 How can I think of other women (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 480 My wish is you (asking monthly ticket) Chapter 479 She was rejected (seeking monthly pass) Chapter 478 The surprise for you is myself Chapter 477 Does Mo Nianchen really care about her life or death? Chapter 476 I didn't buy it specifically for you

Chapter 475 Of course she is my woman Chapter 474 Just want to be with you Chapter 473 Are you unwilling? Chapter 472 Must stay by his side Chapter 471 The answer in memory Chapter 470 Don't plan to think of you again! Chapter 469 The whole world only hates her Chapter 468 Why are you lying to him! Chapter 467 What do you call the doctor? Want to frame me Chapter 466 Why don't you let him go! Chapter 465 How could he be willing to hurt you Chapter 464 Only tender to her

Chapter 463 Now, it really does what she wants Chapter 462 The one who should leave is you! Chapter 461 Shouldn't he be with you? Chapter 460 Congratulations for successfully dumping me Chapter 459 I love you, I love you, I love you! Chapter 458 Everything she didn't know. Chapter 457 His ten years, all the secrets Chapter 456 Text messages spanning ten years Chapter 455 After that, I will get better and better! Chapter 454 We are love at first sight Chapter 453 I take you to a shame Chapter 452 Did that kid Situ look for you too?

Chapter 451 Just an ordinary date Chapter 450 How can I ask that woman? Chapter 449 I didn't come to joke with you Chapter 448 What are you doing with so many snowmen Chapter 447 Do you think I suddenly shine Chapter 446 Now i come to thank Chapter 445 I look so helpful? Chapter 444 Maybe I should think you have other deep meanings Chapter 443 Brother, you are not cute at all! Chapter 442 Dishes you don’t like, I have no time to learn Chapter 441 It seems that it is really destined to be fate! Chapter 440 Have you got the hair of the two little guys?

Chapter 439 You want to call him grandpa. Chapter 438 Why take the handkerchief I gave you with me Chapter 437 Why didn't you tell me earlier Chapter 436 Do you want to accept him! ? Chapter 435 Just want to tell you Chapter 434 It is said that this can increase the relationship Chapter 433 Movie finale. Chapter 432 Because I can no longer be your actor Chapter 431 The prince seems to be serious Chapter 430 Are you accusing me? Chapter 429 I didn't let you hold me at all! Chapter 428 So, is this the decision?

Chapter 427 Mommy, you have dynamite? ! Chapter 426 In fact, your investment is simply unnecessary Chapter 425 Try not to make it a past event (change) Chapter 424 Must be famous in one battle (change) Chapter 423 If you die, you are afraid of love (change) Chapter 422 What are you hiding? Come out! (change) Chapter 421 Is Mo Nianchen watching her? (Change) Chapter 420 This is not to blame deliberately! (change) Chapter 419 This is the time to test their acting skills Chapter 418 how? It won't happen before it starts? Chapter 417 I teach you how to act Chapter 416 Am I the one you like?

Chapter 415 Strange sense of loss Chapter 414 But isn't the tutor uncle sad? Chapter 413 Could it be that Mo Nianchen asked him to give it away? Chapter 412 Whatever you want Chapter 411 What the **** is this stupid question! Chapter 410 What is the IQ of this woman? Chapter 409 Do you have anything else to tell me Chapter 408 That woman is mine! You have no chance! Chapter 407 Duel between men Chapter 406 Who has a tacit understanding with him! Chapter 405 If you like someone, you can bravely admit it Chapter 404 In midsummer, do you still have a grudge against the prince?

Chapter 403 He is a man worth entrusting for life Chapter 402 Don't tell me, you didn't do anything Chapter 401 I walked all the way just to see you again. Chapter 400 Locked in the same room Chapter 399 Pick anyone and slap him Chapter 398 Are all these people crazy! ? Chapter 397 Only I know the past. Chapter 396 You are my ten-mile red makeup. Chapter 395 Why don't you let me see your determination Chapter 394 Am I gay? I believe you know the best Chapter 393 You are still together! Chapter 392 The wine I had yesterday was not for nothing

Chapter 391 Can't it make me hurt a little bit worth? ! Chapter 390 No why, wayward! Chapter 389 She was injured. Chapter 388 Men like obedient women Chapter 387 Why should I let you go, I am afraid of thunder! Chapter 386 Do you like me? Xia Xia. Chapter 385 Li Shengxia, what right do you have to care about me? Chapter 384 Sheng Kai's making things difficult Chapter 383 I will not let you be responsible for this project! Chapter 382 The prince is good to you, right! ? Chapter 381 You are on a business trip, not on holiday! Chapter 380 Prince prince, I haven't gagged, right? !

Chapter 379 Looks like Daddy is going to make a move Chapter 378 Mr. Situ, you are not on the way! Chapter 377 Is this the respect you said Chapter 376 I can protect you even in the dark Chapter 375 You worry too much. Chapter 374 Now that you have chosen, don't give up halfway Chapter 373 Help him wear a birthday crown Chapter 372 Today is my birthday too! Chapter 371 what happened? Do you think my bike has no back seat? Chapter 370 Why are you afraid of me hurting you? Chapter 369 Your bike has no back seat Chapter 368 Side by side with the male god

Chapter 367 Why do it repeatedly appear in my life Chapter 366 He is about to be driven crazy by her, okay! Chapter 365 You think everyone is as idiot as you! Chapter 364 What is this implying! ? Chapter 363 Hey hey, are you an outsider? Chapter 362 Don't you see that others are very upset! Chapter 361 Help me with a line Chapter 360 Why are you in this car every time! Chapter 359 I really need a good childhood Chapter 358 Addicted Chapter 357 What a coincidence, are you here too? Chapter 356 You said, how should I pay?

Chapter 355 Really came to sign Chapter 354 Didn’t you say it’s out of date? Chapter 353 what? I have already paid! ! Chapter 352 Let me just say, you must be just lucky! Chapter 351 I just think you look a lot like me Chapter 350 It was given by the prince, it tastes good Chapter 349 Do you mind if I sit here? Chapter 348 midsummer? Why don't you get a copy? Chapter 347 Today I brought you a surprise Chapter 346 Don't tell her for now Chapter 345 Mommy, are you cheated! Chapter 344 Are you comforting or hurting others

Chapter 343 It’s not you, it’s me that killed her Chapter 342 Do you think anyone would like this kind of love! Chapter 341 Don’t wait any longer, he won’t show up today Chapter 340 marry? Go dreaming! Chapter 339 I didn’t expect Lemon to be your daughter Chapter 338 child? You have a kid? ! Chapter 337 God Situ, why is your face suddenly red? Chapter 336 This kind of person should let her remember Chapter 335 Uncle, you are the superhero in my mind Chapter 334 Uncle, you are so handsome, are you Superman? Chapter 333 Just give her more choices Chapter 332 I feel so happy to be hugged by Daddy

Chapter 331 Love you, never give up halfway Chapter 330 You are so cute, do your fans know Chapter 329 It's so rare that you can bear his temper Chapter 328 It's absolutely impossible for me and you Chapter 327 Add a small role temporarily Chapter 326 Give her travel expenses and let her go Chapter 325 I just...can't help but want to cry Chapter 324 I won't let go unless i die Chapter 323 So, what is the love you said about me? ! Chapter 322 Mommy, don't you like daddy anymore Chapter 321 Ok, how long will i wait for you Chapter 320 What's wrong with this?

Chapter 319 Can't forget such a nightmare Chapter 318 It's not because of this that he is unhappy! Chapter 317 To leave is to leave, what forgive me Chapter 316 Mr. Mo, your tactics are not effective for me Chapter 315 In Miss Xia's mind, what am I? Chapter 314 She is the legal person of this store Chapter 313 Stop, let you go! ? Chapter 312 She didn't even want to order a glass of boiled water! Chapter 311 Woman's intuition. Chapter 310 Is she your child? Chapter 309 Suddenly decided to like daddy Chapter 308 Not a secret love, but a bright love!

Chapter 307 I killed him Chapter 306 I'm not stupid, I'm just simple Chapter 305 Are there any other candidates? Chapter 304 I want to know who is the child's mother Chapter 303 Do you still have him in your heart Chapter 302 You are not as good as you think! Chapter 301 You just need to stand by my side Chapter 300 The question she always wanted to know. Chapter 299 Does anyone suggest you see a psychologist? Chapter 298 As long as you speak, call me Achen Chapter 297 Your explanation is mocking my IQ Chapter 296 Don't say ten spoons, I will feed you 100 spoons!

Chapter 295 This bastard, come to make up again! Chapter 294 If you ask me, I am willing to help you Chapter 293 I also have the right to continue pursuing you Chapter 292 Proposal rejected Chapter 291 You guys are too obvious! Chapter 290 Could it be that she gave it! ? Chapter 289 I made this unnecessary move! Chapter 288 Buy the house next to her Chapter 287 Stop with him, i like you Chapter 286 Even the hateful things are the same Chapter 285 It's the same even when the name is reversed! Chapter 284 Prince, please let her go!

Chapter 283 Uncle, I think I have my first love Chapter 282 How do you know which is our daddy Chapter 281 Who else can she be if she is not Xia Xia! Chapter 280 Xia Yichen, dare you to fool me! Chapter 279 Don't rush to tell me the answer Chapter 278 There are too many things you like best. Chapter 277 You can have me, nothing is needed Chapter 276 She actually loves him! Chapter 275 But she is never his! Chapter 274 Damn it Chapter 273 The appraisal result came out Chapter 272 Achen, five years ago, seems to be back again

Chapter 271 Please respect the dead! Chapter 270 I curse you for not finding her forever Chapter 269 I am not an outsider, I am his woman Chapter 268 I don’t want to know anything about him Chapter 267 I can't let anyone take him away! Chapter 266 Found her! Chapter 265 Must find people back! Chapter 264 She jumped down by herself! Chapter 263 Mo Nianchen, you are so unfeeling! Chapter 262 I will make you roll unforgettable forever. Chapter 261 divorse agreement. Chapter 260 I can't see him anymore

Chapter 259 This is the break-up fee of your heart! Chapter 258 I did not push her! Chapter 257 If he doesn't want this child, I want it! Chapter 256 Tell me, who else can I like? Chapter 255 I can't hold on Chapter 254 Don't touch things that are not you Chapter 253 Do you dare not listen to the order of the prince Chapter 252 The prince doesn't like you anymore! Chapter 251 Where is your confidence? Chapter 250 Get out if nothing else Chapter 249 You are too much this time! Chapter 248 How old was your first love

Chapter 247 If you don't have surgery? Chapter 246 Just stay with you Chapter 245 Just hold me like this forever Chapter 244 Achen, you said you won't be angry Chapter 243 All i want is you gave me Chapter 242 Your luck is too good Chapter 241 special gift. Chapter 240 You, what did you drink for me! Chapter 239 You still use this kind of bad trick. Chapter 238 Why are you so stubborn? Chapter 237 Just stranger Chapter 236 Said a good elegant male god!

Chapter 235 I can only see you what you show me Chapter 234 Is this true love in the legend Chapter 233 No one is more tacit than us Chapter 232 I love you and I will never regret it Chapter 231 You are very important Chapter 230 Why don't you try to call my name Chapter 229 He actually said "like" to her Chapter 228 To my surprise, he still accommodated you. Chapter 227 Xia Xia, are you caring about me? Chapter 226 The person you provoke him will never end well Chapter 225 Why should I pay for your stupidity? Chapter 224 Li Shengxia, don't you dare to listen?

Chapter 223 Are you black or black? Chapter 222 Is it necessary to repeat it on purpose? Chapter 221 Yes, I just came to see you Chapter 220 I live next door to you Chapter 219 Mo Nianchen, have you played enough! Chapter 218 Her nightmare is back! Chapter 217 But please don't leave me Chapter 216 Why do you do this to him! Chapter 215 Mo Nianchen, let's do this Chapter 214 There is no future. Chapter 213 The past things are over Chapter 212 This time, Li Shengxia must be unable to argue

Chapter 211 Li Shengxia, you forced me! Chapter 210 And you are just an outsider. Chapter 209 Why, don't you like this feeling? Chapter 208 Do you still don't want his child Chapter 207 I feel lucky today Chapter 206 My woman dare to provoke! Chapter 205 You dare to give me such a hot potato Chapter 204 What kind of person he is, you can move! Chapter 203 Why, you still have the mind to control her? Chapter 202 Shut your mouth and concentrate on driving your car Chapter 201 Mo Nianchen, did you hear that, I succeeded Chapter 200 If you don’t mind, put on this one first

Chapter 199 It hurts because I care too much Chapter 198 thank you! Mo Nianchen! Chapter 197 Since you don't want to hide from the rain, then I will accompany you in the rain Chapter 196 Where is like you, so down Chapter 195 I don't need this irresponsible newcomer Chapter 194 She is like this, so warm and gentle. Chapter 193 Damn heartache, **** love! Chapter 192 Why am I upset? Chapter 191 Why don't you try to invite him? Chapter 190 Say you like it. Chapter 189 You or I chase you faster Chapter 188 I just want to be nice to you

Chapter 187 Oops, here he is! Chapter 186 The princess may be pregnant Chapter 185 Why don't you consider letting me help you? Chapter 184 Midsummer, have you been like this before? Chapter 183 You can go anywhere, but don't stop. Chapter 182 Do you think that I will feel my heart? ! Chapter 181 At least, you have to let him know. Chapter 180 Take you away now Chapter 179 Is this the first time you cheated me for him? Chapter 178 Why are you accommodating me so much? Chapter 177 First time shopping Chapter 176 But waiting for a midsummer.

Chapter 175 You and Yin Tangyi were good friends before? Chapter 174 You should go now, sister. Chapter 173 I want to wait for you too, but you are too late Chapter 172 So, did she still not catch up after all? Chapter 171 Midsummer, don't go! Chapter 170 why! Don’t you dislike him! ? Chapter 169 Prince prince, I just want to save you Chapter 168 You can see that you are very hard-working and have studied specially? Chapter 167 What is my word for you? ! Chapter 166 I didn't let you offend me! Chapter 165 Why don't you ask what she did to you Chapter 164 Don't be afraid, it's me.

Chapter 163 There is no way to forgive my stupidity Chapter 162 You just want to kill Li Shengxia? Chapter 161 I'll pay her money back for her, you let her go Chapter 160 It's a pity, she doesn't deserve this happiness Chapter 159 Only I can approach you. Chapter 158 Just be responsible for sitting next to me Chapter 157 It's not a world at all. Chapter 156 This must be the ghost of Mo Nianchen! Chapter 155 I don't know which woman is so fate Chapter 154 Why do you want to be nice to me? Chapter 153 You’re right, I’m just jealous Chapter 152 This trick is too terrible!

Chapter 151 You invited me to watch a movie Chapter 150 I am here for you Chapter 149 The crown prince is Li Shengxia! Chapter 148 Does she care about his past? Chapter 147 What does not belong to me does not belong to me after all Chapter 146 You care about the prince. Chapter 145 Tell you a secret. Chapter 144 Why does she have a good time, I will suffer for her Chapter 143 Waiting for you to acknowledge me in front of the world Chapter 142 The princess was injured. Chapter 141 Can you let me leave the entertainment industry? Chapter 140 He shameless, I still want

Chapter 139 Look, you are really angry Chapter 138 what happened to you? The expression is so ugly? Chapter 137 Hit by happiness? Chapter 136 Don't want me to go? Chapter 135 Not happy at all Chapter 134 It turns out that this is the bomb planted by grandpa Chapter 133 This prince is a mistake Chapter 132 You are so stupid, why would I like you? Chapter 131 Did the child's father not come? Chapter 130 I probably went in the wrong place Chapter 129 Do you think Li Shengxia is pretty? Chapter 128 She will also apologize one day! ?

Chapter 127 Just to be able to leave him anytime and anywhere Chapter 126 It turns out that my wait is so short Chapter 125 Not all love will be accepted Chapter 124 She was ashamed in front of him! Chapter 123 Excessive female star, am I wrong? ! Chapter 122 Let me go for a while this girl Chapter 121 Only love one person in a lifetime Chapter 120 There is another girl in his heart Chapter 119 Love makes a difference. Chapter 118 She married the prince? Chapter 117 You just never love me Chapter 116 The leaderboard was contracted.

Chapter 115 Do you think you can hide it? Chapter 114 Make things bigger, the bigger the better Chapter 113 Didn't really prepare a birthday present for me? Chapter 112 Mo Nianchen, you are awake Chapter 111 May never wake up Chapter 110 Tell me quickly, where is he! Chapter 109 I will let you know the fate of offending me. Chapter 108 Who will wade the muddy water for you! Chapter 107 Are you happier when I die? ! Chapter 106 Did he embarrass you Chapter 105 Li Shengxia, answer me you heard! Chapter 104 how? Are you scared too?

Chapter 103 So I made trouble out of nowhere? Chapter 102 Mo Nianchen, why are you here? Chapter 101 Do you have time to show yourself up? ! Chapter 100 Seems very grand Chapter 99 Is it so difficult to dance with me? Chapter 98 This is what you gave me? Chapter 97 Speak for her. Chapter 96 Is there no new wording? Chapter 95 Give back your beautiful childhood. Chapter 94 A takeaway dared to do this! Chapter 93 what! Still live here? ! Chapter 92 Is this his way of reconciliation?

Chapter 91 She is my legal wife Chapter 90 Midsummer, do you like the prince? Chapter 89 She will dismiss all of them before the whole thing! Chapter 88 Did the prince's anger disappear? Chapter 87 Why should I go to see her? Chapter 86 If I disfigured, you raise me? Chapter 85 I'm afraid you are really hurt. Chapter 84 Why did you think of him again! Chapter 83 She can only tell me, why do you say it! Chapter 82 Are you happy after losing? Chapter 81 Feels like it's broken Chapter 80 Li Shengxia, do you hate me? !

Chapter 79 Go out by yourself, or do I help you? Chapter 78 Are you caring about me? midsummer Chapter 77 Losing her is far more difficult for him than forgiving her Chapter 76 Li Shengxia, let's wait and see! Chapter 75 Shame on yourself, how can others make you want Chapter 74 Gorgeous counterattack Chapter 73 Well said, watch the show! ? Chapter 72 Gina's counterattack. Chapter 71 I am a big star, and you are nothing! Chapter 70 This self-righteous stupid woman! Chapter 69 Who is the buyer show? Chapter 68 Li Shengxia is defeated!

Chapter 67 You just lack the opportunity Chapter 66 Cold happiness. Chapter 65 Whoever dares to help Li Shengxia is dead! Chapter 64 Can't tell a lie now? ! Chapter 63 She had better give him a reasonable explanation! Chapter 62 Master Yun? What's the matter for you to inherit the emperor? Chapter 61 What kind of dark drink this time Chapter 60 He wants her to trouble him, why is it so hard! Chapter 59 Her heart is always alone Chapter 58 It’s no use waiting long, I won’t come back Chapter 57 In midsummer, come back to me. Chapter 56 This time you are sure to lose!

Chapter 55 We cannot turn our enemies into friends! Chapter 54 Let Li Shengxia ruin! Chapter 53 I think I am very humble! Chapter 52 Will my work not be sold? joke! Chapter 51 This is like a bolt from the blue Chapter 50 Your design draft is fine Chapter 49 Can't you be gentle with me Chapter 48 Caring is chaotic. Chapter 47 Shut up if you know it hurts Chapter 46 She doesn't seem to be well Chapter 45 Mo Nianchen is here Chapter 44 I'm not a bad person, I just want to save you

Chapter 43 Be her stuntman Chapter 42 So, there is still bad news? Chapter 41 Gina's making things difficult Chapter 40 Why should I see you? Chapter 39 I give it to you, you accept it! Chapter 38 You should let it to others Chapter 37 Like me makes you feel stupid? Chapter 36 I hate you so much too! Chapter 35 You too value yourself too much! Chapter 34 how? I don't look like a good person? Chapter 33 Mo Nianchen, you did it on purpose! Chapter 32 Either she left, or me!

Chapter 31 Do you dare to say that you didn't get in through relationships? Chapter 30 I am worried about my life safety Chapter 29 Why did your hand hurt? ! Chapter 28 He never took anyone home Chapter 27 You think about yourself too much Chapter 26 Don't announce the news of our marriage Chapter 25 Can't leave my sight Chapter 24 Are you afraid of me? Chapter 23 I did not dump her, she dumped me Chapter 22 Close the door and get out. Chapter 21 He thought she rarely stayed with him? ! Chapter 20 Does he like you?

Chapter 19 I don't care about you anymore! Chapter 18 How come you got married without saying a word! Chapter 17 He still uses the number five years ago! Chapter 16 It's so exciting! Chapter 15 Is it impossible to associate if you don't like it? Chapter 14 No, I mind! Chapter 13 Even if I don't like it, I won't let it to you Chapter 12 Ex-girlfriend is very annoying! Chapter 11 Why do you replace it? Chapter 10 It will never end! Chapter 9 Do you think your thank you very valuable? Chapter 8 Don't worry, Miss Wen, it will be your turn later

Chapter 7 One million in a slap Chapter 6 Why didn't I know that I was married? Chapter 5 Do you dare to talk to me like this? ! Chapter 4 Sorry, I am already married! Chapter 3 The prince was beaten by a woman! Chapter 2 Why always target me! ? Chapter 1 Embarrassing reunion.

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