Mo Lemon knocked on the door of the study and walked in front of Mo Nianchen and Li Shengxia. She seemed to hesitate for a long time, and finally said to them: "Daddy, Mommy, I want to get married."

"What?" Li Shengxia didn't slow down for a while.

"I want to get married."

"With whom?" Mo Nianchen asked Mo Ningchen, twisting his eyebrows.

Mo Lemon bit his lip and said, "It's Uncle Situ's nephew, Situ Yi..."

Mo Nianchen knew Situ Yi because he was so impressive.

When Lemon was 16 years old, she used to learn taekwondo at the Taekwondo Academy. Her coach was Situ Yi. Lemon also lived at Situ's house for a while.

Situ Yi, who was only 18 years old at the time, had already revealed his amazing talent. His talent was not lost to Yi Chen, and his domineering and aggressive temperament seemed to be two extremes with Yi Chen.

Unexpectedly, Lemon and Situ Yi would come together!

However, since Lemon and Situ Yi had known each other when they were young, and had been together for a while, plus, the Situ family and the Mo family were family acquaintances, and Lemon should not be wronged when they married.

"Are you sure you want to get married?" Li Shengxia pulled Molemon and asked her seriously.

Mole Lemon nodded, remembering what happened last night...

Last night, it was Situ Yi's birthday. She accidentally met him in the hotel and was called in by his friends to celebrate his birthday.

It was embarrassing because they hadn't spoken for six years.

After that, she drank some wine and rested in a room. Who knew Situ Yi broke in and kissed her forcefully, and told her that she would marry her as his wife. Overnight, she became his woman.

She remembered that when she first met Situ Yi, she was only sixteen years old. They looked at each other uncomfortably, and said that even if they liked anyone in the world, it was impossible to like each other...

But in the end, she didn't know when she was moved by him. She thought it was just her own business...

Who knows, it turns out that he... likes her too.

Seeing Mo Ningxia, Li Shengxia rarely showed a shy expression. It seemed that she really liked Situ Yi.

In this case, she has no reason to object.

So Mo Nianchen and Li Shengxia communicated with the Situ family, and the Situ family immediately prepared for the Prosperity Wedding.

Soon after, Mo Lemon wore a white wedding dress. Under the attention of the world, he and Situ Yi completed this grand wedding.

When she looked at him, even her eyes were smiling.

She remembered a lot of their previous things. She was sixteen years old and he was eighteen years old. Walking through the long street holding hands, I have many good memories, from the first time seeing each other is not pleasing to the eyes, to finally holding each other’s palms, the warmth and sweetness of this road, as if a beautiful flower bloomed on the tip of her heart child.

Although, in the middle of almost six years, he and her broke contact for a while, but she never stopped thinking of him.

When I went to his birthday party that day, it was just a coincidence. Who knows, they cut off the connection between him and her again.

She could not forget that he was in her ear and said to her, "Lemon, marry me, eh?"

Over the years, he has said how many words he hates her, and this sudden marriage proposal is a surprise to her.

Six years ago, she didn't know why he suddenly cut off the contact with her, just like six years later, she didn't know why he broke into her world so capriciously.

But she knew that she could resist the whole world, but she could not resist him.

Since you can't resist it, then give each other another chance. This time, I hope everything can bloom in a beautiful posture...

She expects everything to be a good start...

During the wedding, Situ Yi's performance was perfect, and Mo Nianchen and Li Shengxia were also very satisfied with him. Similarly, the Situ family was quite satisfied with the daughter-in-law of Molemon.

But just when everything was going to be a good start for Moleman, Situ Yi didn't even enter her room on the wedding night!

One night, two nights, and three months of marriage, Mo Lemon did not even see his shadow.

Mo Lemon didn't understand that he asked her to marry her, why he treated her like this again.

One day three months later, Bai Liuli opened a new bar called Liuli. Mo Ninggo went to celebrate her. Bai Liuli asked her when she saw her haggard face.

"Lemon, you and Yi, is this still the case?"

"If it weren't for me to still see the VCR when I got married, I really think this wedding is my own dream."

"Lemon, don't think too much, maybe he really delayed something."

"Can it be delayed for a day or two, or three months?" Mo Lemon drank a cocktail, inexplicably annoyed and confused, "If you don't like it, you don't like it, why marry me again! Situ Ye, the invincible **** of the universe Cursed him to be hit by a car when he went out!"

"Lemon, don't do that." Bai Liuli didn't let her continue drinking, but said: "I don't know what he thinks. Six years ago, your relationship was so good..."

"Don't say that time, it has already passed. The original Situ Yi is probably dead too! It is my own fantasy that he is still alive."

"By the way, what happened six years ago? You two have stayed together for so many years?"

"Six years ago? I also want to know what happened!"

"He is really weird. He was like this inexplicably six years ago. Now he ran back to marry you. After getting married, he has somehow disappeared. Don't let me see him again, or I will teach him severely for you!"

"Forget it, he was still my taekwondo coach at the beginning, and I can't give him a shoulder fall." Mole Lemon said, "I can only blame myself for being stupid. I planted on the same hand so many times. I actually hoped that it would happen. miracle."

"Does your daddy and mommy know about you?"

Mo Lemon shook his head, "I don't even dare to tell Jinchu, for fear that I will embarrass the family at that time. This is just a matter between me and Situ Yi. I don't want to involve too many people. But to be honest, if not with him Getting married, I really don’t know who else to marry in this life."

"...Lemon, he has treated you this way, what are you thinking about. If you want me to say, it is better to get a divorce from him! There are so many good men in the world, based on your conditions, I still worry about not being better than him. !?"

"Actually I don't know what's wrong with me. But if you like someone in the future, you might understand. I feel that the most favorite and most annoying person in the world is him, but I would rather suffer this torture than that Cut off relations with him completely, at least legally, I am Mrs. Situ."

She has a position beside him that no one can replace, maybe, for her, it is enough.

"That's it for me and him. Don't be in love, it's good." Mo Ningman added, raising his eyes, only to find that Situ Yi was just walking towards this side. At this moment, he was standing in front of her...

"Situ Yi... why are you here?" Mo Ningming stood up suddenly.

Situ Yi looked at Mo Ning with a cold face. He heard the last words she said just now. Those words, like a sharp dagger, pierced his heart.

She said: He and I are just like this, not in love, it's good.

Yeah, she can give him all. She plays the role of an enviable wife, and the whole world is very satisfied with her.

But only he knows, she will not give him love! !

She can give him a body, can give him a marriage, can give him hallucinations, can give him the image of the most perfect wife, only love, she will never give him.

Just like what she said when he and her first met six years ago, she said that even if she liked any passerby in the world, she would not like him.

Six years, six years have passed.

Her stubbornness and persistence have never changed!

Since she doesn't want love, then, very good, he fulfills her! !


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