Han Jinchu saw a precious soldier dog on the street and thought it was very cute. She just took a second look and Mo Yichen bought it without thinking...

"Xia Yichen, can you keep a pet?"

"No, isn't there you still?"

"I do not know either."

"It doesn't matter that I am a genius." Mo Yichen said calmly.

Han Jinchu smiled lightly. It is so happy to have a genius husband.

She hugged the poodle and thought, "Well, what name should I give it?"

"As you please."

"Guo'er must have a great name, let me ask her." Han Jinchu happily called Tan Guoer, "Hey, Guo'er? It's me, Yi Chen and I just bought an expensive soldier on the street. I don't know what it is called, can you help me choose a name?"

"That's not easy, just call it a dog."

"……that's it?"

"You feel?"

"It's pretty good...Thank you!" Han Jinchu hung up the phone calmly, and said to Mo Yichen: "It has a name!"

"what is it call?"


"...It's really good enough to pick a name." Mo Yichen concluded speechlessly.

"Actually, I think it sounds pretty good." Han Jinchu said, and said to the poodle in his arms: "Dog, Dog...Do you have a name? Dog..."

Mo Yichen's mouth twitched. What kind of ghost name is the dog? Is he afraid that people in the world don't know that it is a dog? However, he still accepted the name silently. Who made Han Jinchu like it?

At that time, Mo Yichen had absolutely no idea, all this was just the beginning.

That day, he bought the dogs on an impulse, but after that impulse, Xia Yichen embarked on the sad ‘Road to Dad’.

For a long time, the topic between him and Han Jinchu was like this...

"Xia Yichen, the dog seems hungry."


"Xia Yichen, the dog seems to be sick."

"I have a vet."

"Xia Yichen, should the dog go for a walk?"

"I will take it."

"Xia Yichen——"


All her attention was taken away by this poodle! !

Mo Yichen couldn't bear it, so he threw this poodle out and stuffed Qiqi!

"Sister Qiqi, starting today, you will take care of the dog's diet!"

Qiqi liked this precious soldier very much, and walked away holding the dog.

Han Jinchu immediately jumped up from the bed, "Ah, dog...Xia Yichen, didn't you say you should take good care of it?"

Mo Yichen locked the door with a slam, and then walked towards Han Jinchu, "Sister Qiqi will take care of you better than me!"

"...But where does it sleep at night?"

Mo Yichen pressed Han Jinchu to the bed, "Anyway, I can't sleep in my bed."

He really had enough.

Since the little guy entered the Mo family, his life has been completely disrupted. It doesn’t matter if everything comes first. Even when Han Jinchu goes home, the first thing he thinks of is wanting to hug the dog, which is worse at night , It sleeps with Han Jinchu, he sleeps alone! !

Hehehe, did he buy a rival back! ?

Han Jinchu smelled the scent on his body and held his breath for a while, "Xia Yichen, aren't you eating the jealousy of dogs?"

"Han Jinchu, since you like little guys so much, let's make one ourselves."

"..." Han Jinchu blushed inexplicably, "Wh...what?"

He has leaned down and kissed her lips, replacing all words with actions.

One day a few months later--

Han Jinchu accidentally fell off the bed, tears in pain, remembering Mo Yichen said that his mobile phone was turned on for 24 hours, so he sent a message to him excitedly, "Xia Yichen, I fell and it hurts. "

Mo Yichen was in a meeting and took a long time to send a message, "Well, I will come back to see you at night."

A small smile appeared on the corner of his lips, and he could still vaguely think of her smirk.


What time is it at night? She looked at her watch, and it was just past four o'clock. Is it night? When he came, she would have no pain anymore and be angry!

After leaving get off work on time at six o'clock, Mo Yichen bought a large bouquet of flowers from a flower shop.

Many people looked at him along the way, inexplicably embarrassed. He remembered the flowers that he had sent to her at school when he was fifteen.

Why is everyone watching him? Doesn't he look so much like a person who can buy flowers?

When Mo Yichen returned to the Mo Family, the servants didn't look at him deeply. He cleared his throat, pretending not to see their eyes, and walked towards the room between himself and Han Jinchu.

Han Jinchu heard the sound of opening the door and immediately ran over to complain, "It's so painful, why are you here now..." It took a long time before she saw the flowers in his hand and asked confusedly, "I fell and you bought it. What do flowers do? Does the latest research prove that flowers can treat pain?"

"..." He looked at her with an awkward look, and then asked confusedly, "Today is Valentine's Day, don't you know?"

"...Huh?" She made a super exaggerated expression.

"What's the matter? Are you really hurt? Show me where it hurts?" Mo Yichen immediately threw the flowers aside, and suddenly got nervous and found a wound on her body.

For a long time, he always thought that she had sent him a message before to remind him that it was Valentine's Day today. No wonder he could still wander around so leisurely until he came back, depressed.

"Baby kicked me, it hurts..." She covered her lower abdomen, looking aggrieved.

"You must be jealous that I only give you flowers."

"……"narcissism! After hearing what he said, she couldn't help laughing and calling him: "Xia Yichen."

"Huh?" He leaned over gently and listened to her so that she wouldn't be too strenuous.

"Choose a name for the baby." She whispered in his ear.

"Isn't that your specialty?"

"If the baby is taken away, I will be blamed later," she said.

So should he bear the consequences?

Mo Yichen said, "Then what do you like the baby's name?"

"..." Not asking her to take it, she curled her lips, "Then I will call Guoer to take it."

Guo'er is now also a superstar in the film and television industry, and she also works as a screenwriter. These little things can't trouble her!

Mo Yichen raised his eyebrows immediately, "Why do our children want her to take it."

The last time he and Jin Chu bought a poodle, Jin Chu happily asked Tan Guoer to name it, but she said casually, let’s call it "Dog Dog"...

For this reason, Mo Yichen was speechless for a long time, and he was really afraid that Tan Guoer would name his child ‘Renren’! ! !

Han Jinchu could see that Mo Yichen didn't want Tan Guo'er to name their children, so he said, "That's lemon picking?"

"She should save her name for her own baby."

"Otherwise, call Liuli take?"

"No!" Mo Yichen sternly refused.

Han Jinchu stepped back and said, "Then...or let each of them say a word, and then put it together."

"If it's hard to hear, isn't it a big loss?" Mo Yichen looked at her reluctantly, and obediently took out his mobile phone to dial the number, "Hey, Tan Guoer, say a word."


"...!" Mo Yichen hung up the phone with a cold expression.

"..." Seeing Mo Yichen's expression, Han Jinchu suddenly felt a bit chilly.

Mo Yichen said with a cold face, and called Mo Ningmin again, "Lemon, say a word."


"Let you say one word, who makes you say two!"


"...You guys, I'm so angry!"

Mo Yichen choked off the phone coldly again.

"How? Isn't it bad?" Han Jinchu asked weakly from the side.

Why did she think his expression was so horrible, that the birds and beasts from the past thirty miles away were frozen in the sky.

Mo Yichen didn't say a word: He can't call his child "Mo!" !

"You come to call." He handed the phone to Han Jinchu.

Han Jinchu dialed Yang Ying's cell phone. She said, "Yang Ying, are you dating now?"

The other party said, "Yes."

"then I will not bother you."

Toot--toot toot--

Mo Yichen looked at Han Jinchu, "What did she say?"

Han Jinchu shrugged and said, "She said she was dating."

"Isn't that what you asked?"

"I asked, and she replied, ‘um’. So, how am I embarrassed to disturb her."

"..." After a long time, Mo Yichen gritted his teeth, and said as if he was willing to go, "Then call it Enen."


"Mo Jinen." Mo Yichen said.

My last name, your first name.

She understood almost instantly, and said with a smile: "It sounds pretty good, Xia Yichen, I didn't expect you to be named a genius!"

"..." Forced.

Soon, Han Jinchu thought of another question, "What if it is a boy?"

"... Then it's called Mo Jingen."

He just changed the ‘Jing’ in the middle to ‘Jing’, which was a boy’s name, but this is too...

Han Jinchu was speechless, "...Xia Yichen, you are so lazy, what if you are twins or twins?"

Mo Yichen collapsed and helped his forehead: "Jin Chu, please let me go. Today is Valentine's Day, not the name day, right?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-" The dog who had been lying at the door of the room was finally awakened by some two people and couldn't help protesting.

The two couldn't help but smile at each other.

Spring has begun-

[The second theater end]