Mo Yichen walked around Lu Lu coldly, and took Han Jinchu's shoulder, "I haven't seen you in a few minutes, why do you wear so little?"

"I don't think the room is cold anyway, so..."

"So?" Mo Yichen took off his coat and put it on her shoulders, whispering softly in her ear, "Isn't I just admiring your beauty?"


"Go back and see how I can clean you up."

"..." Han Jinchu blushed slightly.

Lu Lu was stunned.

"Master Yi Chen, this...this...this woman is random in, she..."

Mo Yichen didn't even look at Lu Lu, but said to Han Jinchu: "This banquet has been here, and gifts have been given. Tired? Go home?"

"it is good."

"Will you come to a stranger's banquet in the future?"

"Not coming." Han Jinchu said.

Mo Yichen embraced Han Jinchu and walked outside, and Lian Hao walked over here...

"Yi Chen, since I'm here, let's sit a little longer."

"No need." Mo Yichen said: "I don't like occasions with too many people. There is nothing wrong, my wife and I will leave first."

Then, holding Han Jinchu, he calmly left under the envious eyes of everyone...

Lian Hao's body stiffened for a moment.

Lu Lu was completely messed up in the wind...

"Old...wife? Is Han Jinchu the wife of Master Yi Chen?"

"Don't you know? Their love sensationalized the entire city of Y."

"I... just came from abroad." Lu Lu said.

"Then you should watch TV anyway, did you see the big screen on the opposite side? Now there is still a picture of Han Jinchu winning the prize... It's great, I won the prize again! And this time it is an international award! People are more popular than others!"

"Yeah, he looks beautiful, he has a good body, he is so capable, and he has such a perfect husband who is so handsome that he can't tolerate him, my God! Han Jinchu's life is simply wonderful. Allow me to copy a small part. what!"

"..." Lu Lu was shocked.

It turns out that Han Jinchu is so famous! ?

But that bracelet looks so cheap...

What if she lived a glamorous life? Master Yi Chen, she must be bad for her! ? She must only be given her status, acting in front of outsiders, but not giving her a she doesn't even have matching accessories! !


"The gift that Miss Jinchu gave you just now is invaluable!"

"Speaking of this... I also feel heartache. I saw this crystal at the auction, but after bidding for a long time, it was bid away by Master Yi Chen. He can be scared by a number he just said. Dead man, I thought he liked this crystal very much. I didn't expect Miss Jinchu to give this crystal away so casually..."

"It's okay to give it to me, it's broken like this, it's too violent!!"

Lu Lu felt messy in the wind, " mean? Is this crystal...valuable?"

"It's more than precious, it's invaluable..."

"How did you know Miss Jinchu? Since you know her, why didn't you try to stammer and let go of this piece of fat, what a pity!"

"Yes, I don't even have the qualifications to speak to Miss Jinchu..."

Lu Lu collapsed to the ground feebly.

Who can tell her what happened in the world...

Why did the worst person in her eyes suddenly become the envy of everyone...

So bright, so dazzling, with all the best in this world. And she actually thought she was as low as dust.

Why would Baiyun think of marshmallows...

She is so pure.

She thinks her world is supreme, and she thinks she is proud of something no one can match, but it turns out that all the glitz in her eyes is just a dust in the eyes of others...

Lian Hao looked at Lu Lu and sighed slightly.

He looked from a distance at his back, who had almost disappeared in the middle of the crowd.

That back figure, he might not be able to catch up for his entire life.

Once, he thought she was as low as dust, but later, the brilliance she bloomed made his world eclipse.

After all, he is not a person of the world.

He once said that.

Now, it really becomes a reality.

However, the order of their status is reversed.

He became an unknown secret in her heart, because he knew that he was not good enough, and he did not even have the qualifications to like her...

Mo Yichen came out with his arms around Han Jinchu.

He saw her face a little pale, and said to her: "You, always treat others as friends, and see what others think of you."

"It doesn't matter what other people think of me, the important thing is, what do you think of me."

He stretched out his hand and squeezed her nose, "What else can you be a fool to raise." He saw the bracelet on her wrist, and she no longer knew how many people had misunderstood it because of this bracelet, "Why not? Change one?"

"It's not necessary. I like this." She said with a smile.

"I'm also studying fine art anyhow, and I don't have any artistic cells." He said with a smile.

"Huh, it's not what you put on my hand."

Because you wear it, so I can't bear to pick it anyway.

"I knew I had given you a better one." Mo Yichen rubbed her head gently.

"It's a great gift, I didn't dare to accept it..." She smiled and said to him, not wanting him to blame herself.

There was a touch of warmth in his heart.

Yes, because he was afraid that she would not dare to accept too expensive gifts, he carefully considered it for a long time before finally choosing this bracelet.

She also knew his thoughtful heart, so she didn't want to take off this warmth.

In fact, there are some words, needless to say, each other is clear.

He and her were walking on the long street, and the movements of the two of them changed from when he hugged her to the two clasping their fingers and walking along the long street holding hands...

"By the way, am I looking beautiful again?" She turned her cheek to look at him.

"Where does the confidence come from? I was dismissed just now."

"That's because her eyes were bad, but fortunately the crystal was broken by her, otherwise I would be aggrieved." Han Jinchu said with a smile.

Some things, despite their pricelessness, are not worth mentioning in her mind.

But those things, even though they are not worth mentioning in her opinion, still don't want them to belong to people who shouldn't have them.

Probably, this is the emotion.

Han Jinchu said, "However, most people have great eyesight."

"such as?"

"On the way I went to the hotel, countless people sent me flyers along the way..."


"It seems that I'm already... so beautiful to be'paper'," she said with a smile.

He couldn't help but smile and held her tighter. "Why didn't you know you were joking like this before?"

"I'm obviously serious."

He stopped, both hands pressed her shoulders, and looked at her face seriously.

She blushed slightly. "It's annoying to keep watching me like this."

"I like to just look at you like this, until I see you like me."

"...Well, I surrender."

"and then?"

"I don't hate it..."

"And then..."

"Hi... I like it... Please stop watching, many people will look at us again."

"Then let them see enough." He leaned forward and kissed her lips...

Star bright.

Many people have forgotten to walk after seeing this beautiful and picturesque scene.

She stared blankly, then drowned in his tenderness.

After a long time, a kiss ended.

"Xia Yichen, why are you always in front of so many people..."


"That one……"


"Just like that!"

"You said to kiss you?"

"Don't ask knowingly." She flushed.

He did not speak, and kissed her lips again...


Probably because I want to let the world know that you are mine...

Just mine.

I am alone...

First theater end