After Lian Hao left, Lu Lu condescendingly looked at Han Jinchu, and she saw the water blue bracelet on Han Jinchu's hand at a glance.

This bracelet didn't match her clothes at all, it looked cheap.

As expected, Han Jinchu is a poor woman, and the details of her body cannot deceive anyone.

Lu Lu's eyes flashed with contempt, "Han Jinchu, you said this dress on you looks pretty good, how much is it to rent?"

"What?" Han Jinchu gave Lu Lu a strange look.

The corner of Lu Lu’s lips made a smile, "Don’t pretend, when you were a kid, who didn’t know the situation in your family? After your mother died, your father wouldn’t run a company and married another woman. Gambling quickly ruined your family wealth. You must have been living very hard these years..."

"...Thank you for your concern, I am doing well."

"You, you still like to behave like this, you see, I asked you to bring your boyfriend over before, alas, you don't have a boyfriend?"

"No...but I..." There is a husband.

When Lu Lu saw Han Jinchu say this, she continued without waiting for her to finish speaking again, "I knew, how could you have a boyfriend! I invited a lot of rich kids for my birthday today, so you dressed up and said Maybe someone really likes you, although it's impossible to marry them, but if you spend some time with them, you may be able to make your situation a little better."

"...It's not necessary." Han Jinchu's mouth twitched.

What did she do to her! ?

Just as Han Jinchu was about to say something, Lu Lu continued: "Don't be brave! I knew you were in such a situation. I would never invite you to make you so expensive. Or else, you. I’ll pay you how much the dress is rented overnight."

"...Thank you, no need." Han Jinchu said silently.

Lu Lu hurriedly continued, "Don't, I am also kind." Lu Lu touched the fabric of her dress, and it turned out to be true. She sighed and said, "Look at you, I have worked hard for this dress, but this The bracelet...or you just picked it off, it doesn’t matter if I see it, it’s not good to be seen by other rich kids."

Seemingly well-intentioned, it was a deep mockery.

As if she had already seen through her dilemma.

"My bracelet is..."

"Okay, okay, I know! You don't need to explain anymore. I tell you, did you see that boy brother over there? He usually plays better. Although he is a little shorter, he looks pretty decent. And that That rich kid on the side...Although he is a bit ugly, he is very rich. As long as you cooperate with him, he will buy you whatever he wants, and the one over there..."


"How is it? Did you like it? I'll introduce you to anyone you want."

"No need." Han Jinchu said.

"..." Lu Lu suddenly changed her face and said with a sneer: "Han Jinchu, don't push your nose on your face, my Lian Hao, it's not like a woman like you can get involved with casually."

"..." What does it have to do with Lian Hao?

"Don't think I don't know you want to lead him, but you have to look at your own identity."

"...What happened to my identity?"

"You? Why are you still not sure? Han Jinchu, you may not know what kind of character Lian Hao is in my family. He knows the young master of the Emperor Chuan Group! Do you know who the young master of the Emperor Chuan Group is?"

"His name is Mo Yichen, and he scares you to death. The entire industrial chain of City Y is inseparable from the emperor's inheritance, and he is still a genius. I heard that he started his own company when he was very young and made money. A lot of money, but he had no intention of operating at all. After making a few savagely, he sold the company, one of which was sold to my family Lian Hao."

"If you think about it, the relationship between my family Lian Hao and the emperor's inheritance young master, you should know what kind of person our family Lian Hao is. He is not an ordinary rich young master. Don't think about Gao Pan."

Lu Lu said a lot, Han Jinchu understood.

Lu Lu didn't come to tell her the past, but to warn herself.

But... where is this?

Not to mention that she couldn't fight Lian Haoba, even if she did. There was also Mo Yichen in between.

"I think you might have misunderstood..." Han Jinchu said, "I and Lian Hao..."

"You want to say that you have nothing to do with him? I know that all foxes and spirits talk to their original partners like this. If you dare to pester Lian Hao, I can let the Emperor inherit the young master to clean up you. He pinched you to death. It's easy to pinch an ant to death."

"You said your status, your status, your match... people can't even wash their eyes when they see you."

"..." Han Jinchu shrugged helplessly, "Lu Lu, this is my birthday present for you. Happy birthday, if there is nothing wrong, I will leave first."

Lu Lu sneered, "Who rarely cares about your gift! You don't need to look at it to know that it is as cheap as you, I have spoken to you so well, and you don't know how to praise it.

While she was talking, she threw the gift bag away.

Immediately after the present flew out of the bag, the smashed crystal was particularly bright under the lights of the hall.

A sharp-eyed person recognizes it at a glance. This crystal is a valuable item that he spent a lot of time at the charity auction last time and failed to bid successfully. It is so valuable that it was thrown to pieces like this!

Before that person could say anything, Mo Yichen walked over here...

"It's the young master of the Mo family!"

"Gosh, he's so handsome..."

"He came over here, did he come to me!?"

"Fuck you, he obviously walked towards me!"

"Lu Lu has such a big face, an ordinary birthday party, unexpectedly invited Master Yi Chen!!"

"Yes, I heard that a person who was a little hypocritical with Master Yi Chen asked Master Yi Chen to attend his wedding last time, but was rejected!"

The crowd retreated, and Mo Yichen walked towards Lu Lu and Han Jinchu...

Lu Lu was immediately surprised, and said triumphantly to Han Jinchu: "Have you seen it? Did you see it? That is the young master Mo Yichen of the emperor's heritage! He is the big man who was invited to my birthday party! He and I are friends, not only I have only seen it a few times and said a few words, if he can come to my birthday party, you should know that I have a great relationship with him! Whether it is me or Lian Hao, I have been exposed to Master Yi Chen’s light It's not a small character, so don't even think about flying on a branch to become a phoenix!"

Seeing Mo Yichen coming, Lu Lu hurriedly drove away from Han Jinchu, and said to Mo Yichen, "Hello, Master Yi Chen, I really didn't expect you to come to my birthday party. I was so touched..."

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