One day, Han Jinchu received a call.

"Hey, are you Han Jinchu? I am Lu Lu. Tomorrow is my birthday. Can you come to participate?"

Han Jinchu was inexplicable, she didn't seem to have seen this Lu Lu.

"Lu Lu?"

who is it……

"Did you forget? We used to be classmates." Lu Lu said. "Country R, ​​City L, Shengying International Kindergarten. Any impressions?"

"Ah...I remember it, it was you! You are in Y city now?" Han Jinchu actually still didn't think of Lu Lu, but had a vague impression. Probably, maybe, maybe, it seems... it seems that she was in kindergarten. There used to be a girl named Lu Lu...

However, their relationship seems to be irrelevant...

But since the other party called to call herself, she couldn't refuse people thousands of miles away, after all, this is a good thing from a stranger's experience.

"Are you really the Han Jinchu I know?" Lu Lu seemed a little unbelievable. The reason she remembered Han Jinchu was really because Han Jinchu was so famous at school...because of the changes in her family, she became a rich girl. Poor and sour girls are incompatible with that school and are often the target of bullying.

"Yeah, otherwise why would you call me?"

"I found your number on my new boyfriend's cell phone, so I try to see if it will be you. I didn't expect it to be you..." Lu Lu said, "Will you come tomorrow?"

New boyfriend? Who...

Han Jinchu was confused, but since the world is so small, she has no reason to refuse, so she nodded, "Okay."

"Do you have a boyfriend? Bring it together!"


I don’t have a boyfriend, but my husband does have one...but he probably wouldn’t like it.

"Don't tell me you don't have a boyfriend yet! Han Jinchu remembers that tomorrow afternoon, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, on the top floor of the Emperor Heritage Hotel, bring your boyfriend, see you or leave!"

"You are hosting a banquet at the Emperor Heritage Hotel?"

Han Jinchu didn't expect that she would be held in the hotel of Emperor Bao's inheritance. However, the top floor lobby of Emperor Bao's inheritance would cost a lot of money.

She had to prepare a gift for Lu Lu.

"Yes." Lu Lu's tone was a little tingling, "If you don't know the road, I will send you an address."

"That's not necessary," Han Jinchu said.

"That said, the Emperor Heritage Hotel is also the No. 1 in Y City anyway. Even if you haven't eaten pork, you should have seen a pig run."

"What?" Han Jin didn't understand it in the first year of junior high.

"It's nothing!" Lu Lu smiled lightly, "Then we'll see you tomorrow."

Hanging up the phone, Han Jinchu was a little inexplicable, why she felt that Lu Lu's last words were strange.

"Whose phone number?"

When Mo Yichen came out of the bathroom, he casually wrapped a bath towel with his hair still wet, just like a lens in a cartoon.

"A girl named Lu Lu, I don't know if you still have any impression. We used to be in the same kindergarten."

"..." What year was the kindergarten? Mo Yichen's mouth twitched. About the kindergarten, he only remembered Han Jinchu.

"It seems that you don't remember anymore." Han Jinchu said, "But it's okay. Birthdays are not too crowded. She will hold a birthday party at the Emperor's Heritage Hotel tomorrow. It's not as good as you too. She also had a classmate. ."

She remembered that Lu Lu asked her to bring her boyfriend...

However, she only has a husband and no boyfriend, and only Mo Yichen can take with her, but she doesn't know if he will come.

"Tomorrow is the day when the demons dance around, why are so many people celebrating their birthdays?" Mo Yichen said.

"Um...Is anyone else celebrating their birthday?"

"It's not important, I didn't plan to go anyway." Mo Yichen said, "I have other things tomorrow, maybe I will be late, OK?"

"You promised!?" Han Jinchu didn't expect that he would agree to it casually.

"Then, of course, my wife invites you. It would not be too bad for you not to go."

Han Jinchu smiled lightly.

In the afternoon of the next day, Han Jinchu prepared a valuable gift. This crystal is very precious but extremely fragile, so she carefully packed the gift in a bag.

She picked out a dress from the closet that she felt satisfied with herself.

Although the aqua blue bracelet on the wrist is not valuable, it is a gift that Mo Yichen gave to her when she was fifteen years old. She has been wearing it until now and has not taken it off, but it seems to match this valuable dress It seems a little out of place.

Later, Mo Yichen also gave her many bracelets, each of which was more expensive than this one, but she only loved this one, because she would never forget the moment he put the bracelet on her in the snow mountain at that time, that was shocking. The feeling of heartbeat.

The value of something is not measured by its price.

If you don't fit in, you won't fit in. She won't change the bracelet anyway.

Han Jinchu ran into Lian Hao as soon as he walked to the entrance of the top floor of the Emperor Chuancheng Hotel.

"Jinchu? Are you here? I didn't expect Yi Chen to promise to bring you here. It's really rare, how about others?"

Lian Hao? !

Han Jinchu was stunned, "Uh... my classmates when I was young invited me to her birthday party."

"Could you mean Lu Lu?"

"Do you know her too?"

At this moment, a girl with curly hair in a red dress walked over on high heels. She took Lian Hao's arm and greeted Han Jinchu with a smile, "Han Jinchu? Is it you here? Tell you about it. My boyfriend, Lian Hao..."

It turned out that Lu Lu's new boyfriend was Lian Hao.

She also said before that she saw her number on Lian Hao's cell phone. Could it be that after so many years, Lian Hao still kept her cell phone number?

However, when she first met Lian Hao, she didn't have a mobile phone... How did he know her number? And he didn't seem to have called her.

"Hao, this is my kindergarten classmate. I really didn't expect to meet her again in Y city. Anyway, it's fate. I have friends here again. Would you please go and greet them for me?"

Lian Hao stiffened and nodded, "Okay." Then he nodded slightly to Han Jinchu and left.

Lian Hao and Mo Yichen still retain the friendship, but the relationship is basically to maintain superficial harmony. No one will forget that the person who made the two people's lives in completely different directions was Han Jinchu...

Because Lian Hao didn't expect Mo Yichen to really like Han Jinchu...

Because, Lian Hao didn't expect that he actually... fell in love with Han Jinchu.

He has her number in his cell phone, and even a picture of her, and more than one...

These photos were taken in the audience when Han Jinchu went to participate in various competitions to win prizes. He also encrypted various photos, but he did not expect to be discovered by Lu Lu...

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