City Y, September.

Over the luxury yacht, fireworks bloom, and the stars are shining at night.

Li Shengxia slammed the door of the 8888 suite and walked away. After going out, she discovered that she had just smashed Mo Nianchen with a high-heeled shoe, and now she had to carry the remaining shoe.

This bastard! She is crazy to believe him! The result was so embarrassing!

Li Shengxia suddenly remembered that when he was a child, he tore the doll, her most cherished toy, he always ruined it without mercy.

He wanted to destroy everything she liked.

He snatched her favorite toy and smashed it in front of her.

He bought the clothes she liked and burned in front of her eyes.

The man she liked, he grabbed it and destroyed it in front of her.

Meeting him is her life's nightmare, since childhood, he seems to live only to humiliate her.

"I hate you!" He said on his lips.

"Me too!" was her duplicity.

When she was seventeen years old, she wrote a love letter and handed it to him, clearly seeing the disdain in his eyes, but she still waited for him all night in the rainy night with expectation! Of course, he never appeared.

The next day, she resolutely embarked on the flight to study abroad, and he actually rushed to tell her that he had forgotten about the letter and he allowed her to stay by his side!

Ha ha! How humble was she that required him to show mercy like this! ?

So she left without turning back, and isolated him from the world forever!

She thought that they didn't owe each other, and they would go aside from now on! Who knows that after so many years, she actually fell into his hands again!

Forget it! Just treat her as a pig!

When Li Shengxia left the room, he did not expect that there were so many people on the luxury cruise ship. She wanted to leave this ghost place as soon as possible, who knew that someone stopped her from behind--

"Li Shengxia? Isn't this midsummer?"

"Midsummer? Are you coming to the engagement banquet of Master Yin?" The speaker was a former high school classmate of Li Shengxia.

Master Yoon’s engagement banquet? Who? Li Shengxia's expression instantly solidified--

Soon after, more people looked at her!

The others present were all dressed up beautifully, except for Li Shengxia. The dress she prepared before was torn to pieces by Mo Nianchen, so the clothes she was wearing were a bit embarrassed.

"It's really Li Shengxia!"

"Who is Li Shengxia?"

"It's Master Yin's ex-girlfriend."

"That **** who took the breakup fee for Master Yin? What is she doing here!"

"Besides, the clothes are messy. I probably knew that Master Yin was about to marry another woman, so I couldn't stand it anymore."

"I heard that Master Yin once gave up all elopement for her, but this shameless woman chose money... She threw Master Yin's true heart to her feet and stomped her feet!"

"Is there such a thing? The money has been collected, and she still dares to appear here now. This is too shameless!"

"It's not just shameless, it refreshes the shameless lower limit."

"Look at her desolate look, how did Master Yin look at this kind of person in the first place--"

Li Shengxia really didn't expect that today would be Yin Tangyi's engagement day, let alone that his engagement banquet would be held on this luxury yacht, and it happened that she appeared here so embarrassed!

She only thinks that today is the biggest nightmare in her life, and she just wants to run away quickly!

But in the crowd, there happened to be a voice that came over at this moment——

"In midsummer, I didn't expect you to come, but I'm glad you came to bless me."

The speaker is Li Shengxia's former friend, Yin Tangyi's upcoming engagement partner, Wen Ting'er.

Li Shengxia had never said before Wen Ting'er that Yin Tangyi was good, but she never dreamed that Wen Ting'er would have thoughts about Yin Tangyi... and successfully made Yin Tangyi agree to marry her!

The four words of hypocrisy and hypocrisy were clearly written on Wen Ting'er's face.

"I just happened to pass by." Li Shengxia said coldly.

"In midsummer, I know you used to like Tang Yi very much, but that's a thing of the past. Now, I am his woman. Don't forget that you charged the breakup fee."

She bit the words ‘breakup fee’ very clearly!

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