Lily Lan said neatly, "Yes."

Another little adult said, "Grandpa told me to be careful when you go out and play. You can't run around."

"That's telling two young people." He An answered the smile with a smile. "The two are so noisy, they have been running around in the house in the morning, and they haven't stopped for five or six times. They By comparison, Suzuran was a little angel when she was two. "

"My dad just complained. He was sweet."

Zheng Feiyu stooped, let Suzuran land on the ground steadily, and then held He An's hand in the past: "are you ready?"

He An nodded: "Well, everything is ready. Zhou Zheng helped pack up two large boxes of luggage, all left in the trunk. The accommodation on the other side of Luojing Town also vacated, or the room we originally lived in. Cheng Xiu said that Dai Xiao had set up a two-seater swing cradle two days before, so that He and He also enjoyed the treatment of Lily of the Year. "

I heard my own name, but seemed to understand it. Zheng Fei turned around at the legs.

Zheng Feiyu knelt down and asked him, "Baby, do you want to go to Luopu Town?"

啾啾: "I think."

"Why do you think? What's in Lorong?"

My uncle made trouble, and thought about it for a long time, and answered milkily, "There is a big cat."

In the past, he often heard his sister say that there is a fluffy, warm, lazy, and fat orange cat in Luoying Town. He doesn't like to deal with people, but he likes to lie secretly while he is sleeping.

He wanted to see it for himself.

"Are there any big cats?" Zheng Feiyu and He An laughed at the same time.

Zheng Feiyu then hugged him, carried it on his shoulder, and smiled, "Okay, let's go, Dad will take you to see the big cat."

In early spring in March, the court is sunny.

As far away as Luoqi Town, Qingguo Inn is the same as three years ago. A white apricot was transplanted in the garden, and the flowering branches were a little swayed. Dai Xiao took the garden shears and decorated the leaves little by little.

Cheng Xiu was sitting leisurely on a rattan chair while drinking the signature milk coffee of Redberry West Point House while holding a tablet to watch variety shows.

Next to him is the cool bougainvillea flower shade. Six hundred and sixty lying in the middle of the swing cradle, turning his belly comfortably and pulling his bones. The swing is not shaking, and it lazily "meows", signalling Cheng Xiu to take the handle.

"Lazy, forget it ... when the two little birds come, there will be no place for you."

Cheng Xiu grunted, but pushed his hands very cooperatively.

Dai Xiao chuckled in the back.

"What's laughing ?!" Cheng Xiu was a little embarrassed, turning his head and rolling his eyes.

Dai Xiao didn't answer. She gathered the scissors, cleaned the broken branches and fallen flowers on the ground, poured them into the trash bin, and walked to the gate of Qingguo Inn.

A small bridge outside the door resembles a bow, and a tuft of ducks floats under the bridge.

It was a wonderful spring.

The families who settled far away are coming back.

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