Zheng Feiyi, who was sitting across the conference table, raised his hand and smirked. "Congratulations, we're going on vacation. The annual parent-child vacation."

Zheng Feiyu raised her eyebrows happily: "I'll take care of you in the next half of the month. In return, when you and Xunzi go out on vacation, I will also help."

"Then you may have to wait a long time, because your sister-in-law is simply a workaholic."

Zheng Feiyi dropped his shoulders in regret.

Who can think of it?

A few years ago, he and Zheng Feiyu had completely opposite expectations for "ideal partners." He wanted a gentle, laughable, intelligent and low-key Omega, and Zheng Feiyu wanted a bright and magnificent Omega. But under the twists and turns of fate, the Omega they really got happened to be upside down.

"Deep sympathy."

Zheng Feiyu patted his brother's shoulder, comforted by three points, contented by seven points, and then led the assistant out of the conference room.

The schedule for late March had been cleared in advance. He was light-hearted, strode to his office, and explained to the assistant one by one the things to pay attention to in the past two weeks. When he passed the bathroom, he turned around and went into the mirror to carefully arrange his hairstyle and dress. After making sure there were no flaws, he continued to walk to the office.

The little assistant whispered quietly.

In front of his wife, Mr. Zheng and his male peacock were really no different.

When Zheng Feiyao pushed the door in, He An, who was sitting on the sofa, just raised his head and bent his lips. The warm sunlight poured in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, reflecting He An's face.

A flash of light flashed on the third finger of the left hand, and then quietly disappeared.

"From now on, you are my Alpha."

Zheng Fei looked at the ring, and once again rang in his ear the words that drunk him to this day.

There was Lily of the Valley beside He An, their only and most precious daughter. On the carpet in front of Suzuran, there were two little peas, all obedient. At first glance, they just overdo it and were being punished by her sister.

At the sound of the door opening, the two turned back at the same time, showing almost identical faces.


Using their hands and feet together, they got up in excitement and rushed towards Zheng Feiyu.

I was not yet proficient in walking, so I fell behind and accidentally "snapped" and slammed his face. Rushing forward in front of him, folding back, squatting down, struggling to pull up his brother, then holding his hand, staggered and walked to Zheng Feiyu.

"Dad hug!"

Zheng Feiyu gave them a hug full of father's love.

The perfect estrous period will send a perfect gift.

He An's hunch was accurate.

At that time, they thought of a small hydrangea, and then quietly opened two. And because of proper **** during pregnancy, He An did n’t even experience too much hardship, not even a big belly—the two brothers were very close in the womb, and their arms and legs were small to help He An save space as much as possible.

He Anhuai completed the credits, wrote a 70-page graduation thesis, passed the defense of the thesis, and attended the graduation ceremony.

When the two babies landed, it was really healthy and cute.

Father Zheng came to the hospital to visit his grandson, and he couldn't move at first when he saw Baby Alpha. He said that the child's pheromone level was definitely not low, so he had to test it to see if it was suitable for his successor. As a result, Yan Ning was invited out of the ward in person, and she didn't see the second side until the full moon feast, and never dared to mention a word again.

The baby's milk name is He An, which was taken before birth, called 呖 呖 and 啾啾, and the meaning is very simple-

Two fledgling chicks.

Zheng Feiyu's "big bird" has always been serious and arrogant in the company, and he did not smile. After He An became pregnant, he didn't hear much congratulations, but he restrained them as much as possible, so as not to show excessive joy and affect his personal image. However, after He An told him the uncle and the uncle, he often laughed himself somehow and made his subordinates who were accustomed to his seriousness very aggressive for a while.

Little fledgling.

How can it be so cute?

In the first month of the uncle's and his uncle's birth, Zheng Fei's father loved his work and was unwilling to work. He simply extended the parental leave by twenty days, forcing his brother to run at full capacity and almost died. Suzuran likes his younger brothers. Every day when he opens his eyes, he lies on the crib and babbles. Zheng Feiyu had previously missed the infancy of Suzuran. This time, she showed her father's love by caring for Suzu and Suzu, but she raised a lot of favorability in Suzuran.

Zheng Feiyu gave He An the most comfortable recuperating environment. He An did not waste time. With his talent and diligence, he took out a certificate with a very good gold content during the rest period.

After the twins were one year old, he declined Jiu Sheng's invitation. Instead of staying under Zheng Feiyu's wings, he chose a long-awaited securities company. The start-up analysts are not well paid and work is not easy, but after all, they have independent income and circles. When Zheng Feiyong talked about work with He An, he always saw a cheerful face.

This is He An's own life, and Fei Zheng Zheng respects all his choices.

After embracing a pair of young chicks who just learned to flap, Zheng Feiyu picked up Suzuran again: "Just came from Grandpa's house?"

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