Yan Ning shakes off the blanket and carefully covers Lily's belly, revealing only a pair of restless hands. Then he picked up the freshly brewed hot tea and took a sip.

This should be a warm winter.

he thinks.

Chapter Eighty-two

Three years later.

Yuan Jiang, early spring.

This year's spring came half a month earlier than in previous years. Winter was pulled too quickly, and the long streets were still covered with unmelted snow, melting in the dazzling sunlight. There is a winding river in the center of the city, with dozens of skyscrapers standing on the bank of the river, cutting the city into a staggered skyline.

The most conspicuous among them is a pair of Jiusheng twin towers, as bright as a silver urn and as sharp as a blade, inserted straight south of the square.

A white commercial vehicle drove from a distance, rounded the square, and stopped smoothly under the east tower porch.

The two doors opened almost simultaneously.

He An got out of the car first, and then a pair of small leather boots landed lightly, and Lily of the Valley also jumped down.

She is already a five-year-old girl, with an apple face, short ears and short hair, wearing a bright yellow dress and a woolen beret. She looks lively and charming, like a little English lady.

It was slightly cold in early spring, and He An put on her woolen coat, bent over and pierced into the car, and hugged a young Alpha baby.

"Well, hold your sister."


The baby was very obedient, took a half-step closer to Suzuran, and held his little hand tightly.

He was born with thick eyebrows and stubborn cuteness. He was born with a little young master's noble temperament, but he was too young, only two and a half years old, and he wore toddler overalls, so he looked short-handed.

Zheng Feiyu ’s assistant waited for more than ten minutes at the door. When they saw them arriving, he quickly walked down the steps and said to He An, "General Zheng is still in a meeting. Let me come out and pick you up. You and the children should go to the office first."

"How long will it take?" He An asked.

"Twenty minutes to half an hour, it won't take too long," the assistant replied.

"Okay, thank you."

He An smiled and nodded.

At this time, a thin voice came out in the car: "Dad ..."

Because it was forgotten in the seat, it sounded very wronged. He An hurried to the other side, opened the car door, and carried the little guy who placed the order.

This is a little Omega boy, wearing the same toddler bib as his twin brother, looks like a child's facial features, and has a brighter look. At this moment she was frowning, her tears were hanging, her mouth was so narrow that she could barely see her lips.

"Don't cry, dad is here."

He An softly comforted him and kissed him on the cheek.

The baby got his father's attention and immediately smiled.

He An embraced him while holding Suzuran's hand and led them slowly to the hall. He was daring and sloppy, and when he met the foreman or waiter to say hello to them on the road, he flashed his black eyes and answered generously, "Hello!"

He was timid, although his brother opened his mouth, but no one except He An had heard him say "hello."

Half an hour later, the meeting room on the 55th floor of the East Tower opened.

The executives of Jiusheng rushed out and left the conference room one after another and returned to their respective floors. The little assistant stood by the door, and after seeing that there were no more people coming in for a long time, he probed in and knocked on the door: "Mr. Zheng, my wife is here."

The Zheng brothers were talking about something at the conference table, and they turned back at the same time.

"At the office?" Zheng Feiyu asked.

"Well." The little assistant nodded. "It's been a while. Madam seems to be in a good mood today. She's playing games with young masters."

Zheng Feiyan was shocked and got up and said, "I'll be right there."

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