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Every night, a dark car with dim headlights slowly drives to the door of the house at a speed of ten kilometers per hour. Omega, who has been waiting a long time, will pass through the courtyard, sneaking open the door, and the two will lightly Pass through the living room, go up the stairs, and take a long breath until you reach the bedroom.




Suzuran sat on the bed with her chicks and looked at them ignorantly.


Because of the lily of the valley, they did not dare to do anything extraordinary. They often just kissed for a while and hugged and shared their body temperature. Even if Suzuran stayed in Yanning, considering that He An may have a small hydrangea in his belly, Zheng Feiyu tried to avoid doing too much, always resisting his temper and slowly thrusting He An. The bones were soft and sweaty, and he was willing to give him a refreshing **** at the last moment.


At dawn, Zheng Feiyu had to sneak away before Zhou Yi got up.


Such a month, Xiang'an was fine.


However, He An always felt that Yan Ning was more or less informed, just opening and closing one eye.


Once, Yan Ning was Zheng Fei's biological father, who is more familiar with his son's smell than anyone else. Secondly, Lily of the Valley talked diligently recently, and ran away at both ends in three days. Twice, He An personally sent Zheng Feiyu to go out. When he returned to the house, he accidentally bumped into Yan Ning who had just got up. However, Yan Ning didn't ask him what to do in the courtyard early in the morning. He just smiled and said, Room, it's cold outside. "


He An was so guilty that she blushed and fled back to the bedroom.


In December of this year, with pine cones, bells, gold ribbons and red socks hanging on the Christmas tree, Lily of the Valley celebrated her two-year-old birthday, and the small hydrangea planted during estrus also sprouted on time soon ——


In the form of morning sickness.


When He An was pregnant for the first time, Zheng Feiyu was absent throughout the long ten months, and he had never seen morning sickness, so this time he rushed to Yanning in the early morning and patted the door for a while. What should I do? "


Yanning: "..."


Zheng Feiyu turned a pale face: "Dad, what should I do? Will it be okay?"


Yan Ning patted his shoulder and said with grave words: "He An has been pregnant once, and there should be nothing, but you-pregnancy is not a matter of Omega alone, Alpha's assistance is also very important. I suggest that you and The doctor talks, adds some common knowledge about fertility, and strengthens self-cultivation as an "antiemetic". Don't even handle the basic operation of morning sickness ... "


"Forget it, come to the study, I will teach you."


The morning vomiting didn't stop as soon as possible. In contrast, let's put aside the matter of training your son for a while.


After half an hour, Zheng Feiyu accompanied He An downstairs, and Zhou Yi had put milk, muffins, scrambled eggs, white porridge, and appetizing refreshments on the table. Lily of the valley squatted beside, holding a plate of beef meatballs and feeding it to Barton one by one.


Zheng Fei was so worried, he was afraid that He An would start to vomit after eating half, so he often stopped to observe.


He An sighed softly, "This is just the beginning. There are nine months to come. You can relax."


Zheng Feiyu had no choice but to hold back his joy and panic. He bowed his head and ate a small piece of muffin. Suddenly he realized that this was a good opportunity. My pheromone. "


Strong expectations flashed in his eyes.


Yan Ning smiled: "come in the middle of the night, leave in the early morning, and find a way to conceal me. Isn't this time easy?"


Zheng Feiyu coughed awkwardly: "... It's okay, just fine, you're fine."


"Then for He's sake, let you move in for a few months." Yan Ning said kindly.


Zheng Fei was instantly grateful.


Yan Ning said: "Speaking seriously, you are a family and you should live with Lily of the Valley alone. I am here mainly because I am close to the school. Zhou Ye is also caring and convenient for He An to study next year. He An graduated, you move to live together, young people are always used to small families, that is your real life. "


"Uncle Yan ..." He An stopped his chopsticks and hesitated.


"What's wrong?" Yan Ning asked.


"I took Lily of the Valley, wouldn't you be alone?"


Yan Ning smiled. He looked at Lily of the Valley who was having fun with Button, and said, "I also have my own life. I write articles, teach books, scour ancient books and tea, travel as soon as I have a holiday ... It's so cozy, how can you be lonely? It is Feiyu who dangles under my eyelids every day, but it will take a long life. "


"Dad, it's almost there." Zheng Feiyu coughed again.


Yan Ning and He An smiled at each other, leaving Zheng Feiyan a little thin noodles, and continued to eat breakfast happily.


After the meal, Zheng Feiyu made an appointment with the doctor, personally took He An to have a pregnancy check, and took a three-hour Alpha companion course in accordance with Yan Ning's request. , The symptoms that will appear, how to use pheromone to soothe all learned.


He An looked particularly interesting when he was sitting side by side, for fear of missing a little content.


When the two dads went out, Suzuran stayed at home and naturally stuck to Grandpa.


Studying in the warm air, Yan Ning leaned on the sofa bed to read, next to Lily of the Valley, sleeping loudly, next to Barton, who was lying on her back with her front paws, her two long brown ears almost fell to the carpet . Through a floor-to-ceiling window, fine snow fell and quietly covered the open-air courtyard.


The deer is waterless, the green bamboo is stained with ash, and there is only the purity of winter.

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