"Yes, why not!" Cheng Xiu held up the tea cup and opened his mouth. "But their level is too wasteful. Fighting but not Dai Xiao, scolding and scolding me, a group of people rubbing their hands secretly. The malicious report on the OTA platform triggered the reputation protection mechanism, and no one can give us a bad review these months. "

Zheng Feiyu sat on the round stool and was conscientiously adding fragrant wood to the fireplace with a clip. He whispered, "In fact, it is the protection I let the platform open."


Cheng Xiu scratched his scalp: "I feel grateful to Mr. Zheng for his selfishness."

Zheng Feiyi deliberately asked for rewards. After saying this, he subconsciously turned to He An. He nodded his applause when he saw it. Then he set down the firewood clamp and closed the fireplace door, saying happily.

Hot tea was added three or four times, and the freshly baked pastry was placed on a coffee table. Lily of the valley was also carried downstairs, and met her beloved Beta father and Alpha father, and gave each of them a "cheap" crisp cheek kiss.

A few people were as enthusiastic as they were in Luojing Town, and they talked to each other all the way to Xiboxishan.

"By the way, where are you staying tonight? Would you like to find a hotel nearby?" When Dai Xiao was about to leave, He An suddenly remembered this.

"Live me there." Cheng Xiu answered smoothly. "My wedding room on West Miyang Road hasn't been sold yet. I can live with it, but it has been empty for two years, and the quilt is estimated to be tide. I have to go to the supermarket. Buy a new one ... wait! "

He gave a sudden meal, and then patted his thigh hard: "Do n’t live for two years, do n’t cut off all my water and electricity heating. In the winter, the heating is the light of my life. Anything can be done, but it ca n’t be turned off! I'll call to ask the property! "

Talking about picking up the phone, Fei ran out of the door.

"How do you whimper every day ..." Dai Xiao looked at his back and sighed helplessly.

He An laughed: "It's been two years. Are you not used to it?"

Dai Xiao held his forehead: "Maybe I won't get used to it all my life ..."

He An fluttered and laughed, holding a soft wool pillow, and whispered softly: "Dai Xiao, you don't know, Cheng Xiuke's wedding room is hiss, and he's thinking about it all the time, decoration, furniture, corner flowers and plants Everything he chooses and cares for himself. He never lets Alpha in. You are the first. "

"You want to ask me to take good care of him in the future, right?"

Dai Xiao's heart was clear, and he understood a few words.

He An was a little embarrassed: "Eh ... it's not all about it. Cheng Xiu is a lively person, full of energy, and he is more energetic than anyone else. He doesn't need to take care of it, just ... Maybe he needs a little tolerance. , I know, you two are just playing with each other and have never moved the real thing, otherwise it wo n’t be all right for so long. But just in case, I mean in case you quarrel in the future and make a noise Unhappy, you let him a little bit. He has a hard mouth and snorers, but his heart is soft. "

Dai Xiao smiled and nodded: "I understand, rest assured."

After a while, Cheng Xiu returned from the phone call, with a smile of elation: "Guess what, the property is so reliable, not only did the water and electricity heater not break me, but even the Wi-Fi did not break me! I said, There is nothing wrong with buying a higher-end neighborhood! "

"Then we will go back first." Dai Xiao got up and said, "In the future, I often come to Luoyang Town to play. We will prepare your room with Suzuran in advance."


He An put on his coat and took them outside the gate with Zheng Feiyan, and watched the taxi drive off Long Street. He stood on the snowy street, and a look of solitude appeared between his looks.

Only a few days after he left, he already missed Qingguo Inn.

That was the first place that made him feel like home.

The "home" in the inland when he was a child and adolescent is more like a nurturing nursery. As a weak and humble Omega, he was raised by his family, waiting for a day in the future to be given to a vague but embarrassing Alpha . He was too young at the time and had nowhere to go except this "home".

Later, he went to Yuanjiang to study. He lived in a dormitory and changed his rental house twice. They were all rude old houses, barely able to accommodate themselves, and even less "home".

Later, he lived in Qingguo Inn with Cheng Xiu.

There are hydrangeas, bougainvillea, swing cradles, Bibo River, and a big six hundred. Suzuran grew from a little baby who was just a full moon to two years old. He also raised his own body and spent a peaceful and worry-free time.

Compared to Yuan Jiang, his affection for Luoyang Town is undoubtedly deeper.

"If you can't bear it, we can go back to live often." Zheng Feiyu took his hand and said warmly, "As long as you want, I will help you stay at the Qingguo Inn forever."

"it is good."

He An nodded and clenched Zheng Feiyan's hand.

The two walked on each other and returned home on a footpath covered with snow.

Just a few days after the estrus period, Alpha and Omega were immersed in deep affection and had a deep attachment to each other.

This "long-term" is usually calculated in hours.

During the day, He An had to make up for the seven-day absence, while Zheng Feiyu had a lot of work. His schedule was so scarce that he could only get together at night. But unfortunately, Zheng Feiyu ’s right to stay overnight at No. 12 Xunzihua West Street has ended with the end of the estrus.

Of course, it's just nominal.

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