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(The God’s Haowen mainly uses daily casual, relaxed and humorous)

The Shenhao system from Heaven originally thought it was the richest man in the world at the beginning, but who knew the system told Gao Xiang: “Shenhao is not a nouveau riche, it depends mainly on temperament!”

“Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for gaining low-key connotation and self-cultivation and noble temperament!”

“Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for his perfect life deportment!”

“Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for gaining profound knowledge!”

A perfect temperament Shenhao was born.

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Short Title:PL
Alternate Title:生活系完美神豪
Author:Low-key luxury has connotation
Weekly Rank:#205
Monthly Rank:#224
All Time Rank:#418
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Clever Protagonist, Easy Going Life, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Jack of All Trades, Late Romance, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Management, Modern World, Poor to Rich, Sudden Wealth, System,
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79 Comments on “Perfect Life
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  1. No idea why it was set as "Complete". Maybe because they couldn't find other chapters for free. This one is up to chapter 2681, last updated 10/19/2021 as of the time I am posting.

  2. Even more ridiculous is when MC goes to a party in a delivery boy's uniform and meets his ex-girlfriend who insults him, then the biggest boss in the party(whose net worth is equal to combined net worth of all other party goers) comes to them and introduces the MC as his boss.......I have read several novels of this type and this plot is present in each one of them.

  3. you know. One brain is used to think of such a plot, so they can't think of any other plot, and they don't have their own brain to think about it. so it must be understood that there is always the same plot in other novels.

  4. I really respect the author, because they can think of very good plots! but for authors who only rely on copy and paste from other novels, hmmm.. sometimes good novels also have similar plots from other novels but they can excite readers, that's good

  5. A recommendation for a very good novel and a fairly decent low-key MC is 'Peerless genius system'. It's one of the two novels that made me start reading novels every day, so hey you may give it a try.

  6. yea right, low key doesnt mean those mcs need to wore smelly ragged clothes, drive broken cars, live in old house etc.... for the one that got scolded by their own guard company, it means that, the boss are not qualified to be a boss, cuz, where the managements? every company guard need to know people well, who their employers. but well, its true, those mc are d*ck in the first place then suddenly got a system, then their life got sublimate. for another, even if you're rich but want to be the so called low-key, it doesnt mean that you need to be cheap enough to go to a rich party wearing dirty clothes right?. it means that those mcs dont have enough respect for the people or occassion, if they wore a brand clothing that hide their brand name, its okay, but no, they just wear casually, slippers, 1$ clothes, then eat like they never eat for years. no wonder people cant help but scolded them, then got face slap, come on, whose at fault. it clearly those mcs that give hint "Im very poor here, I just come to eat,". for those businessman mc that have a company, even if they go to their company, wear nicely then change to casual when enter the office, its not wrong at all, but, those mcs come to company wearing like they come to make trouble. tsk.

  7. I will write my own novel with a fresh and inclusive plot it will be called a nigga in another world: latrell is a virgin loser otaku nigga who in his old world wanted to stop being a virgin and met a woman through a social network called queenspace but when they were about to do so he was killed by the husband and his soul transmigrated to the body of the abandoned son of the yang clan, yang dintian a but latrell has a cheat not only his soul transmigrated to the body of yang dintian but also his big dck, second generations and local tyrants fear with 28 cm in wuxia world I am the king. aakbhakgvkaegbvkev

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