The words fell off.

All the guards' faces changed.

All were shocked.

"Overlord, we are born as Yanhuang people, and we die by Yanhuang ghosts. It is absolutely impossible to betray the ethnic group."

"Yes, we will definitely not be a backer."

"Please be aware of the overlord..."

One by one the guards spoke, very flustered.

Some of them may be really worried about being implicated, and some may be really panicked.

Just imagine.

Even those with this kind of authority have an affair with foreign nations, leaving a way for themselves, let alone the guards below.

"Who is from the back clan, and who is not from the back clan."

"The deity knows it all."

"Although the three of the deity don't care about everything, don't treat the three of the deity as useless people."

Shengxuan's eyes scanned, with a profound depth.

"Those who are behind the clan are inevitable to die, but the deity will give them ten days to consider, admitting the back clan, so as to avoid the clan being implicated. After ten days, the clan will be annihilated, and will be humiliated for all generations."

Shengxuan stared at everyone and shouted coldly.


Hearing Shengxuan's indifferent words, no one dared to disobey, and all of them were in awe.

"Win the overlord, is it okay to deal with it like this?"

After speaking, Shengxuan set his sights on winning together.


"That's it for now, but after Gu really takes control of Yanhuang, the means will be more cruel than this."

Win Qi faintly said.

Now that Yanhuang and Huang are about to merge into Daqin, the laws of Daqin will also be substituted into Yanhuang in the future. Those who betray the clan and treason will end up not just as simple as death.

Da Qin law, the most stringent law.

If there is no Qin Fa, talk about the foundation of the Great Qin.

"From today onwards, I am headed by Yanhuang to win the Qi Overlord. I guess you have no objections?"

At this time, Shengxuan looked at all the guards once again, and asked with majesty.

"I am waiting for my allegiance to win the overlord."

"See to win the overlord."

All the guards stood up, face to win, and bowed with one knee.


"Gu, accepting your allegiance on behalf of Daqin, and also accepting the allegiance of all Yanhuang people."

"I assure you, and I also assure my Yanhuang people that there is loneliness in one day, Yan and Huang are immortal, and loneliness in one day, Yan and Huang will be supremely prosperous, and lonely in one day, our Yan and Huang people will become the world's The master is above the barbarians of foreign countries."

"This world, sooner or later, will be controlled by Yan Huang."

Win Qi stood up and solemnly accepted the allegiance of all the guards of Yanhuang.

And the words from his mouth also reached the ears of every guardian.

Like thunder, shocked in their hearts.

Since the revival of spiritual energy, Yanhuang has been pursuing a policy of stability and preservation, not conflicting with other countries, dormant and become stronger, even if other countries occupy the territory of Yanhuang, Yanhuang can fight if it can fight, and if it cannot fight, it will not fight. Even if other countries target, Yanhuang does not. Bear the burden of humiliation.

But today.

The new Yanhuang ruled the overlord to win, and a few words showed Yanhuang's national policy in the future.

That is Yanhuang first.

Maybe after today.

Yanhuang will no longer be so patient in this world, a different Yanhuang will rise.

"Swear allegiance to Yan Huang."

All the guards shouted in unison, extremely moved.

"Well, you shoulder the responsibility of guarding my space passages in Yanhuang. This is the end of today's discussion, but I can tell you that when I will call you again in the future, it will be the time when my Yanhuang changes world-shaking."


Ying Qi said to everyone.

"Respect the overlord's order."

The guards said respectfully, and then retired in an orderly manner.

Until everyone leaves.

"I will take two of you to my Great Qin Master Realm, leaving one to guard Yanhuang."

Ying Qi looked at the three of Shengxuan and said.

This world is perilous, and there may be fierce beasts coming to commit crimes at any time, and there are also foreign countries who are eager to watch. It is impossible not to leave one person to guard. Of course, even if two people follow and leave, the news cannot be leaked.

··········Ask for flowers···

"I will stay at Yanhuang, and Shengxuan and Luo Yang will go to the Great Qin Realm."

"Just taking advantage of this opportunity, I also cleaned up the dirt in my Yanhuang." Xiao Tian smiled and said.

Today, the two superintendents took out the magic forbidden curse of the alien race, which is not available to the alien overlord. It is not obtainable by ordinary relationships. It is enough to prove that the internal decay of Yanhuang, so Xiao Tian must solve it.

"Old Xiao, do you want to give up this opportunity?"

Shengxuan couldn't bear it.

All three of them know.

It is a great opportunity to follow Yingqi to the main realm, and it will definitely be of great help to the cultivation base. Xiao Tian gave up so simply, they were naturally a little ashamed.


"Don't be embarrassed."

"All for Yanhuang."

"If we all go to Daqin, if something happens, I will be in danger."

"Don't worry, Yanhuang has me in charge, and it won't be messy. Besides, it's not that the seniors will not come back." Xiao Tian said with a smile, and was not disappointed.

"So, just make it."

"Tonight, you will leave alone to Litian City and return to the main realm."

"As for Yanhuang, you still need Xiao Tian to bother."

Anyway, I was going to take the two away, and I didn't hesitate to win Qi, so I decided directly.

And after the discussion broke up.

The changes in the discussion shocked the entire Yanhuang and even the world.

Yan and Huang's two superintendents, second only to the hegemonic authority, were actually imprisoned, and the entire clan was captured. The reason announced by the Guard Mansion was the crime of treason and treason.


Regarding this matter, Yanhuang has a special person to deal with it.


It's night time.


Below the space channel.

Unlike the channel connecting the Great Qin main realm to the world of fierce beasts, which was deliberately left by Win Qi, this channel of spiritual energy resuscitating the world was formed naturally and has not disappeared.

Taking advantage of the night.

Win Qi, Guiguzi, and the two overlords of Yanhuang stepped into the space channel, preparing to pass through the world of fierce beasts and return to Daqin.


Chapter 237:

Daqin main realm.

It has been two years since Ying Qi crossed the border and left.

Xianyang City.

The Great Qin Kingdom, the power center of the Great Qin Empire.

It was at the moment of the Great Qin Dynasty meeting.

"Enlighten Your Majesty the Emperor."

"In the past two years, all the classics of various countries have been destroyed, and they have been copied and preserved with movable type printing. All of them use my Qin characters. As today, they have all used my Qin characters, the cars are on the same track, and the books are the same.

Lu Buwei stood up and started with a solemn expression on his face.

The car is on the same track, and the book is the same.

This is the vision given by Ying Zheng to win Qi and Da Qin civil and military when the world was not unified at the beginning. Now success is Da Qin's work forever.


"The foundation of my great Qin ages has now been established."

"The officials are indispensable."

"All the rewards, I will never forget."

Ying Zheng said with a smile on his face.

"For Da Qin, for your majesty, the ministers wait for ten thousand deaths."

Da Qin Wenwu said in unison.

"Enlighten Your Majesty the Emperor."

"In the past two years, my Da Qin dominion has been promoted, and the spiritual energy between heaven and earth has skyrocketed dozens of times. My Da Qin practice has also entered a real prosperous age. Today, my Da Qin has five masters of martial arts golden pill. They are the minister, Sima Cuo, Wei Ran, and Ying. Hua, Guiguzi."

"There are nearly fifty great masters."

"Grandmaster warriors, there are so many."

"And in my Great Qin Army, the threshold for entry is no longer at the Body Refining Realm, but at the Qi Condensation Realm. Now my Great Qin Ruishi's entire army is in the Qi Condensing Realm."

Bai Qi strode out and said excitedly.


"Now my life in the Great Qin Dynasty is an unprecedented prosperous age."

"Throughout the past and present, only I, Daqin, is the strongest."

Ying Zheng laughed and said majesticly.

What Bai Qi reported was Da Qin's strength on the surface. In the dark, Da Qin's strength was far more than that.

Under the Black Ice Platform, the three ancestors second only to winning Qi, Yingtian, Yingdi, and Yingxuan, they all have stepped into the martial arts golden core level, and their cultivation base is only stronger than that of Bai.

And many of the grandmaster's descendants of the Ying clan have also broken through the great master.

These are top secret strengths under the control of Yingzheng, and will not serve other humanitarians.