Shengxuan said with a majestic expression, with no doubt in his tone.

Call today.

This is the opportunity that belongs to Yanhuang.

It is also an opportunity for Shengxuan and the others.

"I wonder what decision the overlord made? Why didn't you tell us in advance?"

An old man sitting in the first place to the left of the dominant position seemed to speak with a bit of dissatisfaction.

"Yes, overlord Shengxuan, you are responsible for guarding my Yanhuang and keeping my Yanhuang stable, but everything in my Yanhuang territory is supervised by me and Lao Li. We can set the overlord’s celebration day. We can cooperate fully, but Regarding the future trend of my Yanhuang, the overlord still has to inform us in advance."

An old man in the first place on the right also spoke.

This person is now the supervisor in charge of many things in Yanhuang, the one on the left is named Li Tao, and the one on the right is named Liu Hongyang.

Although their cultivation base is not high, only the strength of a great master, but the authority in charge of Yanhuang is not small.

"." Yeah, overlord, we still need to discuss with the two supervisors about the future trend of my Yanhuang. Moreover, if the winning overlord has just arrived, if the future trend is set by the winning overlord, it still needs to be discussed."

"Yes, after all, winning the overlord has just arrived. Regarding the management of Yanhuang, we can still leave it to us."

As soon as Li Tao and Liu Hongyang spoke, in the hall here, some more people immediately agreed. It seems that these two people have a lot of contacts in Yanhuang (good money), and they have a deep background.


They didn't see it.

After they spoke for a moment.

The face of Shengxuan Three Overlord had quietly cooled down.

"When will the deity make a decision and still need your consent?"

Shengxuan furrowed his brows, and a very depressing aura was revealed on his body. The entire hall was crushed and pulled out by this aura.

"In these years, the three of my deities have been in Yanhuang, and have never paid attention to everything in my Yanhuang territory. Everything is left to you, but from now on, you seem to have forgotten who gave your identities. You Who gave the authority in his hands?" Luo Yang also frowned and swept across coldly.

"As the overlord, the decision we have to make has to inform you two in advance, do you think we can be deceived?" Xiao Tian said coldly.


Chapter 235:


The three overlords were all angry, and a terrifying depression swept across the hall.

The two Li Tao who provoked them were surprised and fell into a kind of fear.

Although they have been fascinated by power, they still dare not confront the Yanhuang Overlord head-on. Their so-called authority is like a plaything in front of the overlord and can be easily dismissed.

"The overlord calms down his anger."

"We were wrong, we talked too much."

"Everything about Yanhuang can be decided by the three overlords."

Li Tao and the two left and changed the conversation, with a panic expression on the face.

"Remember, this is the last time. We used to indulge you too much, and this will make you so presumptuous."

"If you dare to disobey the overlord, you will die."

Shengxuan swept through these people coldly, full of warnings.

In the hall.

No one dared to speak anymore.


As two early birds who were fascinated by power, they were even more alarmed at this moment.

It can also prove that today's discussion is definitely not simple.

"The three of the deity have decided that I will hand over the ownership of Yanhuang to the overlord of Qi. From today onwards, I will respect the overlord of Qi."

Shengxuan's voice was beyond doubt, and announced to all guards.

The words fell off.

The faces of the people in the entire hall changed.

Although winning Qi is the overlord.

But for them, it is also an emerging overlord, but now the old overlord has to give all the power to Win Qi.

This, this is too important.

"Shengxuan Overlord, this matter is too important, isn't it... is there no room for maneuver?" Li Tao asked hesitantly with anxious expression on his face.


This time, we win the control of Yanhuang.

For the guards of all parties, it does not have much influence, but for the superintendents who control the power of Yan and Huang, it is very important. Maybe after winning the power, the first thing is to exempt them from power.

"Do you think the three of the deity would make jokes on this occasion?" Shengxuan gave Li Tao a cold look.


Li Tao's expression became hesitant, struggling: "Win the overlord to control Yanhuang, I wonder if there will be changes to my original system of Yanhuang?"

"This matter is controlled by the overlord."

"But the deity can tell you one thing. After winning the overlord of Qi Yanhuang, my Yanhuang will undergo earth-shaking changes, and my Yanhuang will not be the current Yanhuang in the future."

"Specifically, the deity also said too much." Shengxuan said in a deep voice.

The matter of Yan and Huang entering the Great Qin Dynasty cannot be said directly now, after all, it is of great importance.

But it is okay to give them a vaccination.

"Overlord, over the past few years, Lao Liu and I have supervised Yanhuang and worked hard. If we win overlord Qi to take over control of Yanhuang, I wonder if the position of supervision of me and Lao Liu can be preserved?"

Li Tao struggled for a moment and asked bitterly.


This is the authority that Yanhuang is second only to the overlord, and has the authority to supervise Yanhuang and guard the guards. It is exactly the same. Relying on this huge authority, they can make their family grow and have the current strength.

If they lose their authority, they can't even imagine.

"The deity's words will not be repeated a second time."

"What you two have done in recent years, don’t take it as your deity and no one knows it. You have invaded my Yanhuang resources, gave your family descendants without authorization, suppressed the clansmen with outstanding bloodline talents, and even sent the family members overseas and transferred them. My Yanhuang Resources, do you really think that you don’t know these things?"

Luo Yang swept across coldly, staring at Li Tao and shouted.


"This.... We have never done these things before."

Li Tao subconsciously retorted with cold sweat on his forehead.

"If you haven't done it before, then go to jail and tell it."

"Come here, take Li Tao down for the deity, and all the people who have contact with them will be sent to jail for strict interrogation."

Xiao Tian swept across it coldly and ordered directly.



Several guards of martial arts gold cores stood up and walked towards Li Tao.

The martial arts golden pill powerhouse is directly ordered by the overlord.

"Overlord...wait, we are willing to obey the order of the overlord and win the overlord."

"Please give us a chance."

Li Tao and Liu Hongyang panicked, stood up, and fled towards the corner.

But the three of Shengxuan didn't show any mercy.

If you want to overpower, you can only take these two people down, because they are hindrances.

Letting them leave will definitely cause hidden dangers to excessive authority.


Li Tao and Liu Hongyang looked at each other, and suddenly took out a scroll from his arms and threw it at the hall.

Pause time.

A terrible force vented on the scroll.

"Magic forbidden curse, overlord's handwriting."

"It seems that the deity underestimated you, and even connected with foreign overlords, so you dare to betray your clan."

Seeing the power erupting from this scroll, the guard mansion could be easily destroyed, which made Shengxuan and the others full of anger.

"All right."

"Let's accept this farce from now on."

Slowly raise his hand to win.

A flame appeared, igniting toward the source of the forbidden curse that was about to erupt, and the flame burned.

For an instant.

The power of that forbidden curse was swallowed instantly.

"This is impossible."

"This is the forbidden curse of the number one overlord of the Eagle Nation."

Li Tao and Liu Hongyang's eyes widened, horrified and desperate. They originally wanted to take advantage of the Forbidden Curse to break out and escape from the chaos, but they didn't expect to be easily suppressed by Win Qi.

And the next moment.

Several martial arts golden pill warriors walked directly and took Li Tao and the two.

This farce has also come to an end.

"As the most powerful superintendent of Yan and Huang, you have colluded with foreign races. You really have been too negligent these years."

Ying Qi said to the three of Shengxuan with a little disappointment.

Even the person with the highest authority has an affair with a foreign race. Under careful consideration, how many people will have an affair with a foreign race?

"It's true that we missed it, and we will definitely not do it again in the future."

Shengxuan said ashamed.

"After this time, I have increased my loyalty monitoring. Once I find an affair with a foreign race, we will not tolerate it."

"As for the family of these two people, kill it."

Winning swept across coldly, with a cruel command.


Chapter 236:

"Have you all heard the words of winning the overlord?"

Shengxuan swept through all the guards on the scene: "The families of the two of them will be wiped out, and the people who have an affair with them will never tolerate them."

"in addition..."

Sheng Xuan's voice paused for a moment, and there was coldness in his eyes.

"Among you, there are traitors who have thrown themselves into foreign nations and other races."

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