People in the Ninja World: I didn't expect them, they are all my puppets! Author: European Dogs That Can't Be Killed

Traveling through the world of Naruto, Ye Lin obtains the ‘God-level puppet system’ and can obtain strong puppets from other worlds.

Reaper series, guard court thirteen teams, ten-blade puppets.

The pirate series, the seven martial seas under the king, and the four emperor puppets.

Ghost Slayer series, ghost kill team puppets, twelve ghost moon puppets.

As a result, the Naruto World began to gush out one after another ‘behind the scenes black gesture’

Then, the big brothers of Naruto World thought that they finally understood the truth of the world.

Sarutobi Hizen: "Where is Mary Joa? Who is the master of the Navy and King Shichibukai's service?"

Jue: "It turns out that the biggest obstacle to resurrecting a mother is not the Six Dao Immortals, but the Spirit King of Jinglingting!"

Six Dao Immortals: "It turns out that the greatest danger to the destruction of the Ninja World is not from the Datongmu clan, but from the ghost clan?"

Payne: "Behind the Ninja World, are there countless behind-the-scenes manipulating?"


Chapter One God Level Puppet System! (New book seeking collection)    Konoha 47 years.

As the friction between Ninja villages continues to intensify, the entire Ninja world has also become faintly and gradually chaotic.

On the outskirts of a small town on the border between the country of fire and the country of grass, there is a small hut.

"It's today."

But at this time in the room, a teenager in a black long coat was whispering to himself.

He looks like he is only about twenty years old, and his face is full of expectation.

He was called Ye Lin, originally an ordinary person from Blue Star.

A year ago, he came to Naruto World.

As a traverser, he naturally has his own golden fingers.

The only thing that left Ye Lin speechless was that his golden fingers started to activate after crossing, and it took a year to complete the activation.

And as a person who knew the dangers of Hokage World very well, Ye Lin certainly wouldn't walk around without being sure.

We must know that in this world, except for the country where the Five Great Ninja Villages are located, the lives of people in small countries are really dire.

Wars, famines, thieves are almost everywhere, and there are all kinds of perverts thinking about destroying the world and **** of Ninja.

So Ye Lin honestly settled down in this small town, built a shed in the outskirts, and occasionally went to the town to work to earn some money.

And today, it is exactly the time he came to this world for a whole year.

At the same time, it is also the day when the system is officially activated!

【Ding! System activation is complete! 】

[Congratulations to the host for binding the "God Puppet System"! 】

The sudden voice in his mind made Ye Lin stunned, and then immediately overjoyed.

As an observer of the novel for many years, he certainly understands what it is.

The golden finger of the traverser actually exists!


"God-level puppet system? Puppet?"

But after seeing the name of the system, Ye Lin was a little confused.

He knew the puppet art in Naruto, the unique secret art of Sand Ninja Village.

But he is not from Sand Shinobu, how could such a system appear.

"System, introduce your function."

Ask if you don't understand, Ye Lin also said directly.

[This system is a god-level puppet system. The host extracts puppets from the heavens and worlds in the system, and controls the puppets to fight. 】

The system answered, and then an illusory panel appeared in front of Ye Lin.

[Host: Ye Lin]

[Puppet: None]

[Puppet material: none]

【Points: 0】

[Skills: Call of puppets, recovery of puppets (no cd for short-range recovery, 72 hours cd time for long-range recovery)]

[Initial puppet drawing opportunity: once]

"The heavens and the world?"

Ye Lin didn't feel sleepy as soon as he heard this word.

"Speak more carefully, how to extract?"

[The host can draw puppets and props in the system through points]

[The puppets are all characters from the heavens and all realms, and they have the abilities of that character]

[In addition, the host can obtain the corpses and treasures of various powerful people in this world, and extract the corresponding puppet materials from them]

[Puppet material can be added to a suitable puppet to strengthen the puppet, or it can be added during the lottery, which can greatly increase the chance of obtaining a high-level puppet]

The explanation of the system was quite detailed, and Ye Lin quickly understood the meaning.

Through battle, or with precious treasures and various valuable items, he can earn points.

Points can be randomly drawn in the system, and puppets and various props to strengthen puppets can be drawn.

But the number of puppets in the system is really a bit high.

After all, from the heavens and all realms, it can be said that there are any characters.

In this case, he can extract different materials from the corresponding strong body.

For example, a ninja with a fire attribute chakra can extract fire-type puppet materials, and a physique ninja can extract physical materials.

These materials can be used to strengthen some weak puppets, and can also be used for auxiliary extraction during the lottery, which greatly increases the possibility of obtaining high-level puppets.

"With the extraction of the fire-attribute materials, maybe it can extract the Naz from the fairy tail, or the Ace from the One Piece?"

"And if it's somato-type material, maybe you can extract puppets like Hercules?"

Ten years later, many memories of things seen in previous lives have been gradually forgotten.

So Ye Lin was thinking hard at this time.

But after thinking for a while, he did not forget to ask a key question.

"I don't know how to do puppetry, and can I also control puppets?"

Naruto World’s puppet art is a highly difficult ninjutsu that requires the Chakra line to control the puppet.

This belongs to the unspoken secrets of the sand ninjas, and Ye Lin can't.

[The host can control the puppet by will, and will not be blocked by distance or any means]

The response of the system is still simple and clear, and the content of it is undoubtedly a surprise to Ye Lin.

He also understood that the system's puppetry had nothing to do with Sand Shinobu's puppet.

"I have an initial draw, right?"


"I want to draw my initial puppet!"

[The host chooses to use the initial extraction opportunity to extract the puppets, and the extraction is in progress...]

As the system responded, illusory silhouettes began to appear in front of Ye Lin's eyes.

That's countless characters from all heavens and all realms.

The tall man with the Bible in his hand is the big pirate'tyrant' bear from the Pirate World.

The flying dragon with two wings and a scarlet body is the fire dragon king Ignir from the world of monster tail.

The bald man with fisheyes and yellow tights is a bald man with a cloak from the world of punches.

Wearing earthy clothes, a chubby little boy, that is a fat tiger from the world of Doraemon.

"What the **** is Fat Tiger?"

Looking at the flashing silhouette, Ye Lin's heart was frantically complaining, but at the same time, his heart was quite nervous.

For this extraction, he waited for a full ten years!

[Random selection is over...]

It was at this time that the sound of the system sounded again.

Then, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Ye Lin in the next moment.

It was a tall man with a handsome face and long hair.

He was dressed in a pure white Haori and jet black robe, with the word'Six' on the back of Haori.

The long hair is tied into bunches, and each bunch of hair has a delicate white hoop.

At the waist of the man, there was a delicate sword pinned to it.

[Congratulations to the host, get the puppet "Kuchaki Byakuya"! 】*

Chapter 2 Puppet, Kuchiki Byakuya! (New book for collection)    At the moment when the puppet appeared like a real person, information about the puppet also appeared in Ye Lin's mind.

【Kuchiki Byakuya】

[S-level puppet]

[Manipulation proficiency: 0%]

[Reaper Series Puppets-Guardian 13 Team-Captain of Team 6]

[Skills: White Fighting, Slashing Technique, Ghost Dao, Instant Step, Captain-Level Reiki, Beginning to Solve? Qianbon Sakura]

[Special skills: 卍jie? Qianben Sakura Jingyan (30% control proficiency unlocked), final scene? Baidi Sword (50% control proficiency unlocked), Profound Yi·One Bite Thousand Blade Flower (100% control proficiency unlocked) 】

[Puppet charge: 100% (automatically recover after consumption, but it takes time)]

[Puppet Recovery: Available (Ignore the distance to recover the puppet, there is 24 hours cd)]

"It's really that Kuchiki Byakuya..."

Although I already knew from the system that the puppets extracted in the system came from the heavens and all realms.

But at this time, really seeing it, still made Ye Lin feel a strange feeling.

But soon the surprise disappeared again, replaced by excitement and excitement.

Ye Lin was very satisfied with the first puppet he picked.

Kuchiki Byakuya, one of the captain-level gods of death in the 13th team of Gotei in the world of death.

There is no doubt that he is strong, and it can be seen from his rating.

Ye Lin knew that the puppets in the system were divided into nine levels according to their strengths: d, c, b, a, s, ss, sss, and ex.

The combat effectiveness of the d-class puppets is relatively weak, which is probably the ordinary ninja of Naruto World.

The combat power of the c-level puppet is in the middle ninja, the b-level is the upper ninja, and the a-level is the elite upper ninja.

As for the combat ability of the S-level puppet, it has reached the shadow level of the Naruto World.

Going up to the SS level, Ye Lin estimated that it was the level between Madara and Qianshouzhu.

The sss level further up is Liudaoban, the level of the six immortals.

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