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People In Konoha: Public Execution at the Start

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The 60 years of Konoha hidden village was the beginning of Hokage, and a major event changed the history of Konoha’s chronicle.

Tai Tu: What’s the matter, the whole world knows that I like Lin? And why do you talk about fighting four wars, getting ten tails, and how could I be tricked into doing MLM by Madara? ! I did it voluntarily.

Madara: I also want to know who made Ninja World see me and said, “Shall I say something to you?!”

Between the pillars: How could I be Uchiha Madara trap? And listen to me explain that I have nothing to do with Madara? !

Jue: What’s the matter? All Ninja world knows that I am a filial son of a thousand years?

Sasuke: Shame! I actually showed my childhood to the whole world of Ninja, and how could I babble with the bastard Naruto. Is this impossible? !

Jiraiya: How could I like Dashewan? I just starved to death and jumped from the Hukage Rock…

Suddenly Jilai saw Aunt Snake too.

Jiraiya: “…”

I also saw the female bodies and artificial beauties that Aunt Snake could change at any time.

“Hey, you are so accurate!” (Jilai also has a nosebleed)

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Short Title:PIKPES
Alternate Title:人在木叶:开局公开处刑
Author:Devil Tool Man
Weekly Rank:#2320
Monthly Rank:#1908
All Time Rank:#3202
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Fan-fiction, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Overpowered Protagonist,
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  1. I have a question who is the bartender in the first chapter? Is he yanagi ? Cus it's so confusing the story say main body so yanagi is just a clone right?

  2. Bro I didn't know that even Minecraft has its own fiction novels 😂😂 this guy is transmigrated in the Minecraft world I'm just sharing it here . I still don't know if it's good or bad https://m.soxscc.org/book/WoDiShiJieZhiChengJiuChuangShiShen.html

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