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The most imposing scene in my memory is the cavalry line that suddenly jumped out of the sky in the distance. The scene of heavy riding and rushing into the formation is like a flash flood that is unstoppable.

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Short Title:PEIOW
Alternate Title:异界之潘德帝国
Author:Li Sparrow Flame Seal
Weekly Rank:#6825
Monthly Rank:#6131
All Time Rank:#4983
Tags:Adventurers, Apathetic Protagonist, Army Building, Elves, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, System, Time Skip, Transmigration, Transported into a Game World, Weak to Strong,
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  1. It was good at first but the author dropped it and the website sent another author to keep wrinting, you can imagine the quality drop.. it's literaly another story...

  2. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyE7G_SkVSWzesd2mHgHlHGmdeZYAq6f_ Prophesy of Pendor soundtrack on YouTube. Regrettably, while this journey was short-lived, but sharing this warm fire and having this pleasant conversation with you who has a nice head on your shoulders is worth the downside of not having to drink from your skull. "A Pirate I have come to be, to find me freedom on the ocean sea. So we set sail into the Golden sun, singing shanties on Jamaican Rum. Raise the Crossbones for the final run, sailing freely to an iron drum."

  3. Sadly we won't be able to read Lothar's story anymore. Title is misleading tho, What Pendor empire, Fierdsvain culture is not even close to original Pendor culture.

  4. I realy cant understand how a low tax officer is the teacher of the kids of the earl and how easly the mc befriend them its seem absurd to me that the earl ask a nobody to resque his wife . Mind you this is a city with 4 million inhabitant so i dont how he risen to interact with the noble class .

  5. The tax officer was an academic who was saved by the Earl. In return, his knowledge was indispensable for the improvement of the Earl's fief. That's why he was so admired by the Earl. As for MC, he has a recommendation letter from a village elder. That's why he was able to meet the tax officer easily. Next was he is a player character, His starting stats we're pretty high and his growth rate during his travel in the forest was also fast making him stand out from the common people. He also isn't a nobody anymore, completing missions during his stay in the city gave him renown.

  6. If it was a city of 100.000 peaple i can undersatand to became little well know but not enouph to undertake a job like saving the earl wife .this is a city with 4million peaple its like opening a detective agency in los angeles for 3 months and start doing jobs for the governor

  7. The point is that the one who opened the agency isn't ordinary anymore. He has help from system that allows him to be better than most of the 4 million people. First, character creation guarantees he has more total stats than others of his level. Second, having awareness of his ability and control of his growth through the character screen means he can assess whether the job is practical or not. Third, having access to the game's mechanics gives him streamlined, efficient actions, giving rise to his sterling record and shows that he has the aura of an extemely capable person. Fourth, he is a freaking warehouse of goods, only locked through trading by denars, but with denars, he is capable of almost anything (problem that can be solved by money is not a problem -random young master MC).

  8. I can understand that but in the 3 month he oppened he say he only had petty jobs and only resently he had some fairly normal ones like catching that raper . Im just saying people dont know how op he is to start trusting him with important one. im just saying in such a big city it take time to have that type of reputation not 3 month . Its just seem to me a poor attempt to make the mc interact and own a favor to the earl.

  9. The "low tax officer" is the one who made the count(earl?) into what he is today. without the tax officer, the count would be one of the idiotic nobles, so he is really grateful to the tax officer. And the count hired the mc is because the tax officer is really respected in the Principality for his merituous deeds and his wisdom. the tax officer is the one who recommended the mc to the count. You could say the "low tax officer" is the count's right hand man.

  10. And also, with the Mc's previous reputation that he has already accumulated for 3 months(?) plus the tax officer's reccomendation, the count is more willing to use the mc.

  11. He said he was a counsultant for the mansion nit the earl right hand man i stopet at chapter 30 because it bugged me too much . Its just weird to me that a nobody can rise to the ranks that fast its just the scale of the city if 4 million with the village and other town its almost a country to meet the head of a state that fast and start doing jobs for him its weird for me and the mc himself said he had the skills of veteran knight its not like the earld doesnt have a skilled personnel to do entrust with the job . I dont know if the autor explain later but i couldnt continue the story.

  12. It's not really unbelieveable when the mc literally lowered the crime rate in the city. He has a record 100% when it come to taking dowm criminals in the city.

  13. I mean, i don't think the crime of raping a noble can be considered "petty crime". Plus since he lived in the rich are, most of his missions are probably from the higher ups.

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