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The north wind is rolling, the spring breeze is not strong.


Nearly March, Bianguan Qinghan remained.


You can still see blue for a moment in the sky. In a blink of an eye, when you change your face, you change your face. The wind blows, dark clouds converge, and a dark, seemingly unshakable shadow on top of your head.


Yu Chi Jinwu could feel that the speed of the team was significantly slower, and he could not help but open the curtains and stretched his neck to look out.


The wind roared in, sandwiching the sand, and Ai Yue exclaimed, holding his arm in a hurry.


"Lang, do we have time to enter the city before dark?"


The charming and gentle voice slightly relieved the anxiety in Wei Chijinwu's heart. He symbolically patted Ai's thigh, and the elastic touch under the thin cloth came. You can imagine the slippery touch after removing that layer of obstructing cloth, but I don't care about flirting with Ai.


"It should be okay." Yu Chijinwu frowned, uncertain.


He originally belonged to the King Yu family, this time at the order of the King King, and went to the Central Plains to pay tribute.


At this time, the Central Plains and the Great Sui Dynasty just stood on behalf of the Zhou Dynasty and became a new northern dynasty.


Emperor Yang Jian of the Sui Dynasty was ambitious and determined to make the vitality of this new dynasty as bright as the rising sun. Even the southern Chen dynasty also sent envoys to congratulate him.


Although Yu Yan lived outside the Serbian for a while, and was still a small state, he was often harassed by Turks and was annoyed. King Yu Yu heard that the Sui Dynasty moved to Xindu this year, and the world amnesty quickly took advantage of this opportunity to send out The mission led by Yu Chijinwu brought the ceremony to Daxingcheng and met with Emperor Sui. One repaired the relationship and the other requested the Sui Dynasty to send troops to protect Yu.


Who knows this journey is not smooth.


After leaving Yuji, the team passed by at the end, the team horse suddenly became sick, spit up and diarrhea, it was easy to rest for a few days, and started again. In the face of this bad weather, Yu Chijinwu was irritable, and he could not insert the double-winged horse Fly to Daxingcheng.


He couldn't help but glance at the corner of the carriage again.


There are two cages stacked there, which are filled with Wei Chijinwu's clothes. Because the carriage is spacious and the cage is not large, Wei Chijinwu intentionally asked people to bring their own carriages without having to move to the back.


His frequent and conspicuous actions also made Aiyi discover, and the latter smiled cheerfully: "Langzhu, is there a big beauty hidden in that box?"


Wei Chijinwu's tense mood was slightly amused by this joke: "If you are really a beauty, what about you?"


Mei Yanjiao said, "Then I had to take the initiative to let Xian, and let the Lord Lang give up!"


Wei Chi Jinwu laughed and held her in his arms. The two were blind-skinned. You and me, this trouble will dispel most of the dark clouds in Wei Chi's heart.


"If I tell you, you must not spread the word, at least not to anyone before we arrive in Daxing City."


The more he talked loudly, the more curious the beauty was, pulling Wei Chi Jinwu's sleeves to coquettishly and tortured.


Wei Chijinwu then slowly said: "In the cage, there is a tributary."


Misaki wondered, "Isn't the tributes all in the carriage behind?"


Yu Chijinwu: "Those are just ordinary objects. Even if gold and silver jewelry, Emperor Sui is the emperor of a great country, how can they be considered?"


Mei Yan was more surprised: "Let's have a good time in a small country. What else can make Emperor Sui rare? Could it be a rare jade?"


Wei Chijinwu pinched each other's face: "Smart, it is indeed related to jade, not


Say this is a gorgeous dividing line-


Tips for novel netizens: Please pay attention to the rest of your eyes when reading for a long time.


Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---


It was not ordinary jade, but Tianchi jade. "


Misaki exclaimed, "Is that the jade that can make people immortal in the legend ?!"


The words were unfinished, and his mouth had been covered by Wei Chi. Meizhen reacted in his stern eyes and whispered in a whisper: "I'm out of shape. This treasure is the treasure of Yuzhen's country. The king is willing to send it out?"


Yu Chijinwu reluctantly: "Reluctant what else can I do? This time the king wants to form an alliance with the Sui Dynasty, he must come up with something good to show his sincerity."


Although Tianchi Yudan has the word Tianchi, it has nothing to do with Tianchi. It was unintentionally discovered by a widower in the country while cutting wood in the mountains. The widower strayed into the cave by mistake and found it in the depths of the cave. General jade. Legend has it that the whole body is clear like a morning dew, and a group of ice-blue in the middle of the stone heart is like Tianchi surrounded by snow-capped mountains, hence its name.


The woodman dedicated it to the previous generation of King Yu. It was rumored that King Yu's mother had a strange disease that could not be cured for a long time, and the jade gall was cut into a piece of jade shavings and used as medicine. Not only did he recover completely, but even his skin was new and rejuvenated. . It is said that the queen mother lived to her nineties and did not die until a few years ago.


As a result, Tianchi Yudan's name has spread widely. In the eyes of many people, it can not only restore people's youth, but also treat intractable diseases, and cleanse the muscles for those who practice martial arts. Such a treasure is natural for everyone, but it is a pity that he regards it as a national treasure. No one knows where the king Yu collects it. The Turkic people look at the small country tiger, and there must be jade courage among them.


King Yu Xi is not a fool. He still understands the truth of his sins. Compared with a country that is extinct and a family destroyed, a piece of jade is certainly not so important. It is better to dedicate it to Emperor Sui than to take asylum. .


Mei Yan listened to this intriguing story and couldn't help but babble: "But Langzhu, such a precious treasure, so few people escorted along the way, is it really okay?"


Wei Chijinwu laughed: "Don't underestimate the few people outside, they are all the top masters around Wang Shang. Almost all of them were sent this time. The less visible they are, the better."


After thinking about it, he urged again, "You know what I know about this matter, and never pass it on to the third person."


Mei Yan nodded again and again: "I know what is at stake. If it is leaked out, this trip will inevitably be life-threatening. Naturally, the fewer people know, the better."


Yu Chijinwu touched her with a black hair, and said with satisfaction: "You have followed me for four or five years, and I always know that you are the most savvy. But you don't have to worry too much. When we enter the city, Emperor Sui will send someone to **** us. When you enter Beijing, you will be safe and secure. "


The two whispered, the wind was getting stronger, the sand was covered with snow, and the firm carriage was shaking slightly, making an overwhelming noise.


Wei Chi Jinwu lost his interest in talking, and closed his lips and stopped talking.


Love clasped his clothes, and the whole man was almost in his arms, afraid to move.


In the roaring wind, Yu Chi Jinwu seemed to hear a wave of horseshoes from near to far.


The team that is still running in this weather is not likely to be a caravan who loves his life and loves it. Maybe it was the messenger sent by Emperor Sui to accept them.


Wei Chi Jinwu was refreshed and shouted to Ai: "I'll look outside ..."


The curtain was lifted, the guard pierced half of his head from the outside, and hurriedly said, "Lang Jun, this sand is too great. Let's go ahead and take a break--"


The change happened in an instant.


Wei Chi Jinwu went from unhappy being disturbed by the guard to widening his eyes suddenly.


He watched the light flash, the guard's head flew up, hit the top of the car, and


Say-this is a gorgeous dividing line ---


Tips for novel netizens: Please pay attention to the rest of your eyes when reading for a long time.


Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line-


It fell heavily, rolled a few circles on the white woolen felt, and the residual blood stained the flawless red, and finally rolled to Yu Chijinwu's feet.


The scream of love in his ears came, but at this moment it became so distant, he felt his ears were covered with tulle, hazy and indistinct.


A chill rushed towards him, and he stunned his soul, anxiously roaring to urge him to dodge, but his body, which had been pampered for a long time, could not keep up with the reaction, until the pain in the chest was freezing.


Yu Chi Jinwu's sight was covered by the red blood of the sky.


It turned out that a person is so fast from life to death.


This was his last thought before he fell.




The heavy snow was enough to cover all the filth in the world.


However, it was only temporarily hidden, and once the clouds opened up, the dirt would be exposed again.


Some people are ugly, but they can't even cover the snow.


The dried blood turned black, mixed in snow, at first glance like a stone emerging from the snow.


The dead horse was lying on the ground, the carriage overturned, and several heads were half-buried in the snow.


The sound of horseshoes is near and far.


Dozens of horses rushed from the snow, and the ice mist and snowflakes kicked by the horse's hoof flew into a mist of smoke.


The head of the man was dressed in a sable fur, covering his head densely. Only the robes raised the wind and made a sound.


More than a dozen people were wrapped tighter behind, even with their cuffs tight, and no one wanted to expose their skin to this annoying snow.


They seemed to have foreseen the accident before them. Instead of showing horror, they stepped forward and looked down.


A corpse lies on the snow, and the back is covered with snow for most of it. Only a neck that is almost the same color as ice and snow is exposed. A wound extends from the throat to the back of the neck. It shows the force of the killer.


A hand under the sable fur stretched out.


This fair and slender hand, wrapped in thin flesh, is neither swollen nor bloated. It is just right. For example, the magnificently stretched jade bamboo does not need to do anything fancy, and it has made people involuntarily stop their eyes. Such a pair of hands, the ultimate richness of people without birth, can never be bred.


But the master of the hand did not avoid pollution, grabbed a handful of blood-stained ice and snow, rubbed it for a while, and then released it, and the residual snow fell from his fingers and lingered on the fur of his horns.


The man lowered his head and frowned slightly.


The captive next to him was worried that he had no chance to put an end to this big man who came from Beijing, and when he saw that he was busy pulling out a clean parcel, and came forward with a smile.


"I have a puppet here, you—"


Before I finished speaking, I saw the other person remove the entire mink fur coat and throw it straight back!


Under the gaze of the captive clerks, the man's aunt was caught by the young man behind him.


Pei Jingxi smiled slightly bitterly: "Lang Jun ..."


"Hold it," the man said indifferently.


Without the cover of his grandmother, his robe was directly exposed to the snow, the jade crown was in white, and the sleeves danced wildly.


Everyone looked trembling up and down, but the man did not change his face, bent over and bowed his head, and continued to look at the corpse.

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