Peerless Twin Treasures: The Ghost Doctor’s Mother is Beautiful and Sassy

[All books are free] Yunran, the queen of mercenaries in the last days, unexpectedly transmigrated into the ugly and stupid second lady of the prime minister’s mansion of Dongzhou Kingdom, with two three-and-a-half-year-old Xiaotuanzi. Mengbao No. 1 has a photographic memor.... Read more

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Chapter 929 Sweet cake episode (25) [End] Chapter 928 Sweet cake extra (24) Chapter 927 Sweet cake extra (23)

Chapter 926 Sweet cake extra (22) Chapter 925 Sweet cake extra (21) Chapter 924 Sweet cake extra (20) Chapter 923 Sweet cake extra (19) Chapter 922 Sweet cake extra (18) Chapter 921 Sweet cake extra (17) Chapter 920 Sweet cake extra (16) Chapter 919 Sweet cake extra (15) Chapter 918 Sweet cake extra (14)

Chapter 917 Sweet cake extra (13) Chapter 916 Sweet cake extra (12) Chapter 915 Sweet cake extra (11)

Chapter 914 Sweet cake extra (10) Chapter 913 Sweet cake extra (9) Chapter 912 Sweet cake extra (8) Chapter 911 Sweet cake extra (7) Chapter 910 Sweet cake extra (6) Chapter 909 Sweet cake extra (5) Chapter 908 Sweet cake extra (4) Chapter 907 Sweet cake extra (3) Chapter 906 Sweet cake extra (2)

Chapter 905 Sweet cake extra (1) Chapter 904 So far, everything has really come to a perfect conclusion. Chapter 903 no you really don't need to forget her Chapter 902 The last one must be the little sister Chapter 901 If you were here, I wouldn't be born Chapter 900 Little brothers and little sisters might want to come out Chapter 899 Use a beauty trick on Mo Beiyuan, the new devil Chapter 898 Is it simply talking about a touching relationship? Chapter 897 cloud dyeing is cloud falling Chapter 896 The Magical Treasure of Immortal Yunluo Chapter 895 Is Xiaoran the reincarnation of that person? Chapter 894 Next, let's go to the next sect

Chapter 893 What Mo Beiyuan is looking for is not some fun and beautiful treasure Chapter 892 Wait for the sweet cake to grow up, then hug it! Chapter 891 She was born with prescience Chapter 890 It's clear that this little dumpling is too talented! Chapter 889 Sweet cake try it! Chapter 888 Bai Xiao, has the same name as her grandfather! Chapter 887 Unexpectedly, there are still people locked in this forbidden area Chapter 886 What about the storage ring for the sweet cake? Hand it over! Chapter 885 I want to avenge my sister with my own hands Chapter 884 He is the bad guy, the bad guy who stole the sweet cake ring Chapter 883 In terms of cuteness, death does not pay for life, it still depends on the sweet cake! Chapter 882 Looking for the identity of Xianmen?

Chapter 881 This little ancestor's bloodline cow is casual wherever he goes. Chapter 880 everyone is here Chapter 879 As long as you're by my side, I'll fall in love with you again Chapter 878 Someone who restored the memory of the Demon Lord Chapter 877 Little did they know, he was the demon lord Cangyan himself Chapter 876 There is a queue! Who will come first? Chapter 875 So, you have now recovered the power of Demon Lord Cangyan. Chapter 874 I should call you Mo Beiyuan now, or Demon Lord Cang Chapter 873 The robbery between the two is actually this one Chapter 872 From its point of view, the master is the Demon Lord Cangyan! Chapter 871 Mo Beiyuan, you have restored the memory of Demon Lord Cangyan! Chapter 870 She wants to tell these kids they deserve better

Chapter 869 Those innocent little faces reveal longing Chapter 868 Did her Xiaotuanzi come to the Demon Race to take in younger brothers? Chapter 867 Are they worthy? Chapter 866 What happened to the blood of the demons? how dirty Chapter 865 How much does this little dumpling protect his father? Chapter 864 This is completely because Xiaotuanzi's simple little head can't Chapter 863 Mo Beiyuan, what do you think? Chapter 862 Is there something wrong with the courage of my own father? Chapter 861 Mo Beiyuan, don't be polite to them Chapter 860 We made a mistake, this little one is the devil! Chapter 859 This visitor's bad posture Chapter 858 For a while, I couldn't tell what was coming back

Chapter 857 It's that fairy girl again! Chapter 856 Enter the forbidden area of ​​the demons, find those monsters and have a good time Chapter 855 He has nothing to do with the identity of your demon king. Chapter 854 Sweet cakes are so, so... Chapter 853 Master, are you going to use your ultimate move? Chapter 852 Is this how he talks about things? Chapter 851 How did she find out that her Xiaotuanzi was playing with magic energy? Chapter 850 Go and have a good chat with that Demon Lord Ao Chapter 849 Okay, then let's call it Xiao Hei from now on! Chapter 848 Could this sword be the legendary Heisha Demon? Chapter 847 Oh, I just want to have a good chat with him Chapter 846 She can't tell the difference between the demon clan and the fairy gate, but she can tell the difference well

Chapter 845 That's why it's so embarrassing Chapter 844 Daddy, are you Sweet Cake Daddy? Chapter 843 what tracker tracked Chapter 842 Tracker bugs have never seen such arrogance Chapter 841 Then Yunran told them what slapping is! Chapter 840 fight is rich Chapter 839 Who is okay to use the fruit of the fairy product to raise a worm Chapter 838 Could it be that the fairy girl looks a lot like me? Chapter 837 Do you want to hear what Heisha said about the Demon Lord Cangyan? Chapter 836 If it affects my good mood, then I should express it Chapter 835 You should be crying miserably later! Chapter 834 I can't make trouble with a sword

Chapter 833 The level of your monster spar is too low Chapter 832 He doesn't know his own sword, why would he do this? Chapter 831 Heisha mobile encyclopedia on the cloud Chapter 830 The master is going to grab it Chapter 829 It is determined that she is the reincarnation of a very powerful boss on the cloud Chapter 828 the only one who prevented disaster Chapter 827 Who is the one who took Xiaotuanzi away? Chapter 826 The little master is missing Chapter 825 Different! They are different from you! Chapter 824 The host was really funny Chapter 823 Master, Heisha will protect you from the wind and rain! Chapter 822 Have I awakened the power of the Demon Lord now?

Chapter 821 For her sake, he must not let anything happen to him! Chapter 820 He held the sword and found something wrong Chapter 819 what artifact are you looking for Chapter 818 Well, we are also here to seek the law of longevity Chapter 817 Another hundred, I can cut them all Chapter 816 It seems that there is a feeling of death Chapter 815 Is this Cangluan too tiger? Chapter 814 This is what Mo Beiyuan has been praying from the bottom of his heart Chapter 813 Mo Beiyuan, I want to go with you, you understand Chapter 812 It is the tactic of her buns Chapter 811 I, Bai Xuan, are not dead yet. Chapter 810 I thought family members would protect each other with their lives

Chapter 809 Mystery of life experience Chapter 808 Who is your father? Chapter 807 What about your family members? What about your loved ones? Chapter 806 Mo Beiyuan lowered his eyes Chapter 805 Does this Bai family really have the rumored immortal? Chapter 804 I didn't expect it to be a step too late Chapter 803 Then don't regret it later Chapter 802 Because he is an older brother! Chapter 801 This is what my mother told her! Chapter 800 It should be her, you can call now Chapter 799 Brother Baozi, do you give sugar to the sweet cake? Chapter 798 Yeah? but i don't think

Chapter 797 There is no way to live forever in this world Chapter 796 But she cowardly, she dare not Chapter 795 Sweet Cake is the princess of Dongzhou Kingdom! Chapter 794 The third uncle and grandpa turned out to be a naked stick! Chapter 793 The third uncle looks better like this Chapter 792 Because you are as smart as I am! Chapter 791 Is she really from the Five Kingdoms? you didn't pick it up Chapter 790 Third Uncle, Grandpa, take a look for yourself Chapter 789 Is her third uncle and grandpa in our National Teacher's Mansion? Chapter 788 I'm not here to fight, Sweetie only fights bad guys Chapter 787 When you say that, I think of someone Chapter 786 Learn from the sweet cake, you can draw circles

Chapter 785 They want to make the third uncle's into sticks! Chapter 784 Mother, do you think he is stupid? Chapter 783 Everything is wrong Chapter 782 They feel that people from the Five Kingdoms are not worthy of associating with their clan Chapter 781 There is a kind of cold called—— Chapter 780 Don't ask, asking is love! Chapter 779 Give Sugar Cookie a very important task Chapter 778 Be obedient and learn to fight! Chapter 777 A thunderbolt killed the monkey! Chapter 776 I feel like my whole body is sealed Chapter 775 More experienced than you, you should listen to me! Chapter 774 I have no intention of going out to play at all.

Chapter 773 Don't be so nervous, it makes me nervous Chapter 772 Another kid, or three? Chapter 771 The younger brothers and sisters in the mother's womb also need protection Chapter 770 Damn, get out, don't touch him! Chapter 769 have a very warm heart Chapter 768 leave us? Won't it hurt us? Chapter 767 Great niece, take your big uncle with you! Chapter 766 Can be regarded as half a person on the cloud! Chapter 765 It seems that this is the only way Chapter 764 I can't see the cause and effect in you Chapter 763 Formation cracks, monsters attack! Chapter 762 roll! Stay away from her!

Chapter 761 Nobody thought this day would come so soon Chapter 760 She still underestimated the degree of perversion of the old emperor Chapter 759 Almost blown Yunran Chapter 758 Are you afraid? Are you afraid of me, the evil spirit? Chapter 757 For a while, I didn't know whether to be angry or feel sorry for him. Chapter 756 You said he would kill me and the two little dumplings? Chapter 755 What else do you have to ask this beast? Chapter 754 Why did you send so many hidden guards to stare at me and two Chapter 753 If I'm angry, I'll kick you out of bed Chapter 752 Is there anything going on between the old emperor and Mo Beiyuan? Chapter 751 Did you quarrel with him? Chapter 750 Ranran, this reward is not enough

Chapter 749 Such a peaceful day Chapter 748 little princess, don't cry Chapter 747 Sweet Cake and Daddy are coming to court! Chapter 746 Ranran, Sweetie said she wants a dick Chapter 745 Just come back, just come back! Chapter 744 What on earth is her father doing? Why is it so wide Chapter 743 The Sea Dragon King is not the real Sea Bodhisattva after all! Chapter 742 give him lessons Chapter 741 I only know that sharks who kill their own kind don't deserve to live long Chapter 740 Sweet cake will spank your asses! Chapter 739 Daddy, what is making the noise? Chapter 738 These sharks must have been planning something

Chapter 737 In the next picture, Yun Ran and Bai Wan can't watch it either. Chapter 736 Xiao Yue chose him! I can only choose him! Chapter 735 The mermaid clan is equivalent to getting married Chapter 734 Is she a fairy! Chapter 733 Human beings are the most treacherous, I don't believe you Chapter 732 It is our king who has returned Chapter 731 Don't hide and seek! Sweet cake see it! Chapter 730 What kind of fairy baby is her dumpling! Chapter 729 Sugar cake also wants a small tail Chapter 728 Are you catching big fish? Chapter 727 big monster eats little doll Chapter 726 i owe you two lives

Chapter 725 They are nothing! Chapter 724 One step too late! Chapter 723 Xiao Yue is that shark? Chapter 722 She is not a human, but a shark! Chapter 721 Are you a shark in this sea? Chapter 720 Wow, Xiangxiang's aunt is so beautiful! Chapter 719 original benefactor Chapter 718 how? Have you ever seen such an ugly person? Chapter 717 Sweet Cake likes Xiangxiang's aunt Chapter 716 sisters Chapter 715 Is even Baichuan going to give this little doll Chapter 714 If you mess with him, I can't protect you

Chapter 713 daddy, come Chapter 712 Called brother, the small expression was extremely aggrieved Chapter 711 He can't afford such a "little gift" Chapter 710 Believe what is prophesied Chapter 709 I was forced into a routine by a little milk doll Chapter 708 "Little Gift" never disappoints Chapter 707 Her Xiaotuanzi's social nb syndrome Chapter 706 Her two uncles are really good-looking Chapter 705 Sweetie knows Chapter 704 not that uncle Chapter 703 Get them out! Chapter 702 There are some problems that will have to be faced sooner or later

Chapter 701 How did you go so long? Chapter 700 You went in, wanted to come out but couldn't? Chapter 699 That was not what I meant! Chapter 698 I have a little secret, do you want to know? Chapter 697 It's a disaster to stay Chapter 696 You still want to be a queen just like you, you want to eat farts Chapter 695 Someone unexpected appeared Chapter 694 Something happened to the General's Mansion Chapter 693 To die is to die! Chapter 692 what does it mean for a small group Chapter 691 Take the medicine, the disease will be cured Chapter 690 Be obedient in front of her

Chapter 689 Messed up seniority Chapter 688 Let me be the next bad guy, okay? Chapter 687 It was a taste he had never experienced before. Chapter 686 That is the fragrant bun in the eyes of thieves Chapter 685 I'm here for a small gift from a cookie Chapter 684 Thank you uncle and grandpa, great uncle and grandpa have worked hard! Chapter 683 Look like you don't know your own heart Chapter 682 Do you still have any sense of shame? Chapter 681 you! Not eligible to live here! Chapter 680 No, who is this woman? Chapter 679 But Uncle might really be crazy! Chapter 678 This crying little look

Chapter 677 What's the matter with her father's tongue? Chapter 676 came back Chapter 675 Things that will get your hands dirty, just do it for him Chapter 674 It doesn't matter if you don't understand, you will understand soon Chapter 673 Just fell down? Chapter 672 Why does it look like it hasn't detoxified? Chapter 671 I'm bound to fall into the handsome man's bath Chapter 670 I remembered it all! Chapter 669 If something happens to her, no one will die! Chapter 668 She was poisoned by someone Chapter 667 Why don't you go to her? Chapter 666 Are you afraid that others will not know that you have a mouth?

Chapter 665 I miss buns and sweet cakes Chapter 664 You are jealous that his face has a fart! Chapter 663 You seem to be getting smarter too Chapter 662 Isn't he farting! Chapter 661 you have to pay the price Chapter 660 You are a dog picked up by Bengong! Chapter 659 The whole thing is a nest of poisonous bugs Chapter 658 Don't you talk a lot of bullshit? Chapter 657 Are you going to sell deworming kits? Chapter 656 I don't know as much as a fool Chapter 655 Oh... just a toy Chapter 654 Be good, I only spoil you

Chapter 653 turned around and dumped me, snubbed me Chapter 652 Why should I let you see him? Chapter 651 This poison is really useful Chapter 650 Who let him pet me? Chapter 649 How beautiful is she? Chapter 648 This is too much... Chapter 647 No, she just wore it! Chapter 646 Of course I am your wife! Chapter 645 This is the rhythm of giving him a cuckold! Chapter 644 someone sent me to you Chapter 643 Hit the head again and you'll be back Chapter 642 bit me

Chapter 641 Is it just me? Chapter 640 Is he his only choice Chapter 639 where the two of us first met Chapter 638 With a wave of my fist, no one is afraid Chapter 637 The trouble should end it! Chapter 636 Yun Ran suspected her Chapter 635 Crazy boy Chapter 634 The boss with a bad mind Chapter 633 The little fish that slipped through the net Chapter 632 What kind of peerless baby is it! Chapter 631 No father or mother, what a miserable little baby! Chapter 630 This girl turned out to be a pervert!

Chapter 629 Mom, Sweet Cake will be good! Chapter 628 How many precious medicine cauldrons were left behind? Chapter 627 Is this girl still human? Chapter 626 I came to play with her steamed stuffed bun Chapter 625 clearly bad and stupid Chapter 624 What a **** reason! Chapter 623 Such a big bet! Chapter 622 Take the words to Heimo Beiyuan? Chapter 621 What bad thoughts can Baozi have? Chapter 620 Baozi kept frowning Chapter 619 This alchemy conference is not fun at all Chapter 618 Excuse me!

Chapter 617 That's just poor Chapter 616 The young master of the Ghost Doctor Sect, Mo Yunting! Chapter 615 If you want to be jealous, I should be jealous Chapter 614 just coaxing her to play Chapter 613 Who is poisoning whom? Chapter 612 Your heart is really big Chapter 611 Nemesis? Chapter 610 Do very "serious" experiments Chapter 609 first of all hold hands Chapter 608 She was careless and sloppy Chapter 607 Don't come here, don't look! Chapter 606 Ranran, does he look good?

Chapter 605 Only said one word: "Get out!" Chapter 604 The vows I made were like farting Chapter 603 What kind of medicine refining conference are you participating in! Chapter 602 Could it be that her eyes are open? Chapter 601 Sister Yunran, can we stop making trouble? Chapter 600 Something is wrong with this alchemy furnace! Chapter 599 But she learned Chapter 598 I will teach you the most effective method Chapter 597 Do rabbits bite people when they are in a hurry? How about you? Chapter 596 He asked her to use poison to dumb people? Chapter 595 Everyone has a home, only she doesn't Chapter 594 This little girl belongs to the rabbit!

Chapter 593 Don't give me a marriage offer Chapter 592 Has thousands of disciples Chapter 591 What a waste of his face Chapter 590 Just leave now? Chapter 589 This Mu Qingli still doesn't give up! Chapter 588 still miss him Chapter 587 Nothing to do with love between men and women Chapter 586 Doesn't this lack great virtue? Chapter 585 You don't talk about Wude! Chapter 584 Then you'll starve to death here Chapter 583 You're welcome, it's just a greeting Chapter 582 Sweet Cake also disagrees!

Chapter 581 Master, do you know this girl? Chapter 580 Don't run so fast! Chapter 579 My temper is actually not that good Chapter 578 Humans are not as weak as you think Chapter 577 Is the food bad? Or the sun is not good? Chapter 576 In the future, no one is allowed to turn over old accounts again. Chapter 575 Run away from home with two small groups Chapter 574 Give him what he can! Chapter 573 Where else is it hurt? Chapter 572 Ranran, why are you so stupid Chapter 571 You can't become a ghost! Chapter 570 Whoever it is, who will not collapse!

Chapter 569 Mo Beiyuan! What are you doing? Chapter 568 he left by himself Chapter 567 Yun Ran believes him Chapter 566 What is the king of ghosts doing? practice? Chapter 565 Is it a problem to look good? Chapter 564 how much fun Chapter 563 this whimsy Chapter 562 What are you going to sleep on? wake them up Chapter 561 Daddy is great too! also want to kiss Chapter 560 Ranran, you can play whatever you want Chapter 559 It's human! Humans of the Five Kingdoms! Chapter 558 It's really useless right now

Chapter 557 Give me this dead face Chapter 556 live like a human being Chapter 555 These are some god-defying bloodlines! Chapter 554 this bewildering act Chapter 553 Cut you! if not? Chapter 552 what is this hobby Chapter 551 He is not reconciled! Chapter 550 They're both dogs, what's the difference? Chapter 549 Small glutinous rice dumplings are filled with black sesame seeds Chapter 548 Why don't you die! Chapter 547 don't be afraid, brothers Chapter 546 Upgraded from group favorite to boss

Chapter 545 What the **** is this? Chapter 544 Asking is too disheveled Chapter 543 look at the moon in the sky Chapter 542 These two little groups really know how to play Chapter 541 Do you also like beautiful stones? Chapter 540 If the bad stuff comes, Sweet Cake will beat it! Chapter 539 You don't have to worry about not having food Chapter 538 I'm here to take you home Chapter 537 Fishing a large scorpion lizard is about the same Chapter 536 This is the darkness of human nature Chapter 535 Mo Beiyuan, this is called teasing! Chapter 534 followed him to the woods

Chapter 533 there is indeed a secret Chapter 532 I don't spoil her, spoil you? Chapter 531 Sweet cake is going to play with the big yellow croaker! Chapter 530 When it wakes up, it can't leave you Chapter 529 The one who threw mud into the cookie bowl Chapter 528 Where's the face? Don't you want your face? Chapter 527 just wait for me Chapter 526 Sweetie knows Chapter 525 Prophecy solved Chapter 524 That's unnecessary Chapter 523 you will become a fool Chapter 522 Do you still want such a piece of rubbish?

Chapter 521 I love you or not, he knows what the hell! Chapter 520 such a nasty dad Chapter 519 I'm still His Majesty's own daughter! Chapter 518 What's wrong with this scroll? Chapter 517 Poison him to avenge my sister Chapter 516 never follow the rules Chapter 515 Sister, the sweet cake is also poisoned Chapter 514 You are trying to kill my heart Chapter 513 Sister, do you want my life? Chapter 512 I can't die yet, I want to live Chapter 511 don't play! I don't play anymore! Chapter 510 Candy isn't a bad baby

Chapter 509 Lose your temper for no reason Chapter 508 You are my father, can I not worry? Chapter 507 Very destructive Chapter 506 I'll worry about you, can't sleep Chapter 505 I have been insane all these years! Chapter 504 I remembered the prophecy of the spirit monkey Chapter 503 Who knows, I made another mistake now Chapter 502 she's nobody's property Chapter 501 He is tired of living Chapter 500 Are you serious? Chapter 499 Is this person trying to settle an old score with her? Chapter 498 What is this little group thinking?

Chapter 497 Unexpectedly, her mother and Concubine Shen also knew each other Chapter 496 really no enemies Chapter 495 What happened to the emperor? Chapter 494 Where does it hurt? Chapter 493 I just want her! Chapter 492 What kind of poison did this woman put on you? Chapter 491 Did you come to play with me? Chapter 490 It's about your life and death Chapter 489 For a lifetime, never separate! Chapter 488 Turned into a sweet bun? Chapter 487 you let me kiss again Chapter 486 It's snowing! Grandfather is dying!

Chapter 485 Is it so capricious to be an emperor now? Chapter 484 Grandfather is going to die! Chapter 483 They will all regard me as a god! Chapter 482 Yes, they are indeed ignorant Chapter 481 about my life Chapter 480 My father loves my mother the most Chapter 479 You just rely on my father to love you Chapter 478 There is no more war between us! Chapter 477 Make the Bai family clean Chapter 476 Is that holding an ordinary little princess? Chapter 475 Do you really want to go? Chapter 474 The reward I want is you

Chapter 473 The tricks to tease people are so powerful Chapter 472 I'm scared alone Chapter 471 Your master's eyes are fine Chapter 470 A man who can be pried away by others, don't mind! Chapter 469 Is the little princess very powerful? Chapter 468 My dad is not fierce! Chapter 467 It seems that a lot of effort has been put into it Chapter 466 The emperor does not mean the younger brother Chapter 465 Tiansha Lone Star to Zijin Emperor Chapter 464 That bastard Chapter 463 I beg Heavenly Father, please spare my disciple's life Chapter 462 You are a real dragon emperor with a hammer!

Chapter 461 palace change Chapter 460 Still underestimated the extent of his scum Chapter 459 She knows, she knows how much he loves her! Chapter 458 Poison Needle Needle must be fun! Chapter 457 i want to throw poison needle Chapter 456 It's really you! Chapter 455 You will find a reason for your father! Chapter 454 You are not smart, you are against the sky! Chapter 453 seems to be seriously ill Chapter 452 He wants to do more! Chapter 451 The vampire who is greedy for your body Chapter 450 They also wrote that I like men!

Chapter 449 Jinglei's heart is bitter, Jinglei's heart is tired! Chapter 448 She's here to detoxify you Chapter 447 Mother is not angry, it's all right. Chapter 446 your man? Are you sure? Chapter 445 The man I chose myself, I trust him! Chapter 444 That "gentle and refined" temperament Chapter 443 Our kids are also playful Chapter 442 Red bean soup soup was thrown mud Chapter 441 Not one can stay! Chapter 440 It's a great life Chapter 439 even ghosts can't do it Chapter 438 Do you want to die?

Chapter 437 I'm quite worried. Chapter 436 You are a great hero! He is a good man! Chapter 435 What else can I do? Chapter 434 You are not ghosts! Chapter 433 Didn't you say that little girls are afraid of ghosts? Chapter 432 Simply a peerless man Chapter 431 Looks like he ate a big melon Chapter 430 Who is the poisoner? Chapter 429 restore memory Chapter 428 Mom, sweet cake is taking a bath too! Chapter 427 What kind of magic is that spirit demon! Chapter 426 not enough to bear these

Chapter 425 maybe some kind of parasite Chapter 424 Cough cough it so explosive? Chapter 423 want to know? get closer Chapter 422 Do you want to be a little princess? Chapter 421 to kill the emperor Chapter 420 The king also favors Chapter 419 Xiaotuanzi also protects his shortcomings Chapter 418 He is also her reverse scale Chapter 417 What is the right way? Chapter 416 Then it will be destroyed directly! Chapter 415 live to a hundred Chapter 414 Then you have a conscience!

Chapter 413 I have always been enraged by the dog emperor Chapter 412 Protector of Dongzhou Chapter 411 If you want to marry me, just wait a little longer Chapter 410 Not a dead baby! Chapter 409 Yes, my dad is rich! Chapter 408 My mother said, she is a little fairy! Chapter 407 That kid is so capable Chapter 406 I give my life to you, okay! Chapter 405 Dye, look at me Chapter 404 Sweet Cake Master is really good at picking gifts Chapter 403 small gift? Chapter 402 Little Tuanzi's Adventures on the Island

Chapter 401 Monkey essence? Who are you calling a monkey spirit? Chapter 400 A look of "see you soon" Chapter 399 Cookies are back! Chapter 398 Do you think she is stupid! Chapter 397 that stupid thing is dead Chapter 396 She is so rude! Chapter 395 Why is it so vulnerable! Chapter 394 Are you sure she's really different? Chapter 393 Then let us call you big and strong! Chapter 392 I bald your head Chapter 391 the best little monkey Chapter 390 if only there was a big bird

Chapter 389 Your dad is a piece of trash! Chapter 388 Is this little one crying and playing? Chapter 387 Get him out! Chapter 386 that's not right Chapter 385 If you want her, trade yourself for yourself! Chapter 384 save you? a useless piece of trash Chapter 383 Smelly go away! Chapter 382 He has fairy little flames Chapter 381 stay away from my mother and my sister Chapter 380 Sweet cakes are afraid of smelly! Chapter 379 Became the second most difficult person in the five countries Chapter 378 don't run around, don't make trouble

Chapter 377 Disgusting disgusting dog emperor is also good Chapter 376 The dog emperor is not afraid of that Chapter 375 Daddy loves her so much Chapter 374 Daddy bullies mother Chapter 373 What does Ranran want to ask me? Chapter 372 Why did you bite your mother's neck? Chapter 371 won't coax little girls Chapter 370 Would you like to try it? Chapter 369 The young master of the ghost doctor Chapter 368 Yes, he doesn't want to lose face! Chapter 367 Who is that kid? Chapter 366 I can't live without my father!

Chapter 365 she didn't mean that Chapter 364 clingy Chapter 363 You can't be spared! Chapter 362 trouble with my woman Chapter 361 This round, he lost Chapter 360 The ghost king is really in a good mood! Chapter 359 Mo Beiyuan, he is my uncle Chapter 358 first confession Chapter 357 I just fell in love with you Chapter 356 When the time comes, get bitten together! Chapter 355 who bullied you? Chapter 354 looking for her little lover

Chapter 353 Which uncle is it? Chapter 352 twenty years ago Chapter 351 Not even a strand of his hair deserves to be touched Chapter 350 Is it a picture of you not taking a shower, or is it a picture of your body smelling bad? Chapter 349 I want him unscathed Chapter 348 Because it's not perverted and bad enough Chapter 347 He was worried that this little Lingxiu would be killed by the white ghost Chapter 346 We demon cultivators kill people like this! Chapter 345 Incompatible with other magicians Chapter 344 Do you have no points in your heart? Chapter 343 Big caterpillar, right? Chapter 342 never seen her like this

Chapter 341 Turn the Fallen Forest upside down Chapter 340 i'm not making it up Chapter 339 Don't die! play like this! Chapter 338 more and more crooked Chapter 337 Don't underestimate this dog... Gu Du Chapter 336 that false feeling of being in love Chapter 335 Mo Beiyuan, do you want to kiss me? Chapter 334 She really can't sleep! Chapter 333 eight gods Chapter 332 just went out to catch a fish Chapter 331 That's all right... Chapter 330 Look at your little **** is itchy

Chapter 329 It's her little milk baby, that's right. Chapter 328 Xiaotuanzi was provoked to fight Chapter 327 You are not fishing, you are smashing fish! smash fish! Chapter 326 With the milkiest voice, said the most domineering words Chapter 325 With the most proud expression, said the most embarrassing words Chapter 324 but read more books Chapter 323 something is wrong Chapter 322 But he is a "little uncle"! Chapter 321 thought Chapter 320 Said she would be eaten? Chapter 319 When I heard him say it was poisonous? Chapter 318 Mo Beiyuan, I'm fine

Chapter 317 Mo Beiyuan didn't even dare to imagine Chapter 316 Can you stop being so cowardly? Chapter 315 Be good, don't move Chapter 314 I didn't dislike you Chapter 313 Grandpa has money, hey, it's just for fun Chapter 312 Two or three things that Emperor Wu'an and King Yuan had to say Chapter 311 you are meat Chapter 310 I was pierced to the heart! Chapter 309 This decision is too hasty Chapter 308 no that's not my life Chapter 307 Xiaotuanzi's words are really poisonous! Chapter 306 horoscope

Chapter 305 don't come out scary Chapter 304 did something shameful Chapter 303 The most outrageous thing is... Chapter 302 On-site teaching Chapter 301 Who are you talking about? Chapter 300 The rhythm controlled by Gu poison again! Chapter 299 is it really poisonous Chapter 298 His crow mouth! Chapter 297 whispered Chapter 296 see through Chapter 295 Caring is also extremely forbearing Chapter 294 Don't go near him, okay?

Chapter 293 Be a dog for the emperor of Dongzhou Chapter 292 Is there still such an operation? Chapter 291 Can you live like a man! Chapter 290 Take back the spirit root Chapter 289 Mom and Dad are sleeping together Chapter 288 This **** poison! Chapter 287 Come to my yard with your baby tonight Chapter 286 Not me, I didn't! Chapter 285 The little group that got it flew away Chapter 284 you are three steps away from her Chapter 283 Xiaotuanzi's small shape Chapter 282 auspicious person

Chapter 281 she's not wrong Chapter 280 Isn't this intentional? Chapter 279 Your words will hurt her Chapter 278 murderous little devil Chapter 277 Let's wear one on each finger Chapter 276 How much she wrote, how much he tore up. Chapter 275 Are you worried about me? Chapter 274 I need to be jealous of you? Chapter 273 Climb on the head of the great tyrant and have fun Chapter 272 When did I make friends with him? Chapter 271 He is not far from "father"! Chapter 270 You catch Mo Beiyuan and bite him later!

Chapter 269 Isn't Xiaotuanzi delicious? Chapter 268 you are much better than her Chapter 267 I can't say no to hug you Chapter 266 Little tricks Chapter 265 watch well, study hard Chapter 264 The little boys have come to the house, so don't beat them! Chapter 263 A good-looking little white face Chapter 262 I'm still afraid that Dongzhou's dog emperor will fail Chapter 261 sweet and warm Chapter 260 What are you talking about, hypocritical! Chapter 259 Can't hug her? Chapter 258 Alas, just play!

Chapter 257 The king is sick Chapter 256 It's the king who owes her Chapter 255 no need to play so real Chapter 254 smartest little doll Chapter 253 What is a great tyrant? Chapter 252 Wang Fa! I am Wang Fa! Chapter 251 old fish? OK, old fish! Chapter 250 I'm not that delicate and weak little white flower Chapter 249 I did something wrong, I admit it! Chapter 248 This man doesn't love you at all! Chapter 247 stay Chapter 246 They were framed!

Chapter 245 not! Really not! Chapter 244 Little cutie, I'm so worried Chapter 243 What is that **** Yunran? Chapter 242 how could it be alive Chapter 241 His secret! Chapter 240 I'm not your woman either Chapter 239 It's not a puppy Chapter 238 Take good care of the bracelet Chapter 237 What's the matter with this smelly uncle? Chapter 236 Xiaotuanzi is so healing Chapter 235 this is our child Chapter 234 I suggest you save him first

Chapter 233 Is there any news about Bai Wan? Chapter 232 become more concerned about her Chapter 231 Do you know what's down here? Chapter 230 embarrassing breath Chapter 229 I'm afraid I'm courting death! Chapter 228 life and death with him Chapter 227 the strangest Chapter 226 my little girl Chapter 225 She is my daughter! I am her father! Chapter 224 Why is he getting more and more crooked! Chapter 223 I think I might just be... Chapter 222 Is the sweet cake similar to Bai Wan when I was a child?

Chapter 221 Are you really not Yun Zhiyuan's biological child? Chapter 220 It's my sister, that's right Chapter 219 This is heredity! Chapter 218 I want to meet Mo Beiyuan Chapter 217 The content is all about her father Chapter 216 where is she! Chapter 215 i want you to swear Chapter 214 I am Emperor Wu'an! Chapter 213 No one doing anything, life is boring Chapter 212 "White Night" Chapter 211 The friendship of children is really simple Chapter 210 As long as you grow up, you will become a human being

Chapter 209 Those things about love and hatred Chapter 208 It smells like a cult leader Chapter 207 people don't have time to see you Chapter 206 Children like it, very direct Chapter 205 poisoned Chapter 204 why is that? Chapter 203 sixteen princess she passed away Chapter 202 But the king doesn't like him Chapter 201 Let that brat do the killing Chapter 200 Can't afford Chapter 199 You can't even pick it out, believe it or not! Chapter 198 Does he not know how to play?

Chapter 197 so cute Chapter 196 It looks like a person Chapter 195 She is a miserable doll! Chapter 194 Three and a half year old alchemist Chapter 193 Have you never played it? Chapter 192 The true strength of the two small groups Chapter 191 met true love Chapter 190 Yes, I am not convinced! Chapter 189 I don't even eat zombies Chapter 188 Maybe it's because of my poor health Chapter 187 I have never seen such a mild disease in my life! Chapter 186 It's "I", not "My King"

Chapter 185 I believe you ghost! Chapter 184 Do you know who her father is? Chapter 183 Do a good deed and save that beauty's life? Chapter 182 The banquet in the palace is so lively Chapter 181 Little cat, ouch... Chapter 180 Hey, money is just for fun Chapter 179 don't bother, don't bother... Chapter 178 This is his blood! Chapter 177 It's a ghost! It's a brat! Chapter 176 Let Xiaotuanzi feel wronged Chapter 175 The legendary ghost prince who can eat people! Chapter 174 How big is your father's bird?

Chapter 173 Two words: local tyrants! Chapter 172 It's really hide and seek! Chapter 171 This little dumpling has some potential for salted fish Chapter 170 Two small Buddhas are sent out Chapter 169 Beautiful sister, come home with me! Chapter 168 The personality of the high-cold scholar Chapter 167 He didn't mean to be a father Chapter 166 What does a small shiitake mushroom look like Chapter 165 I only ate a billion Chapter 164 heartbroken father Chapter 163 Daddy is rich Chapter 162 Never know the dangers of the world

Chapter 161 She is the blood of Yuan Wang Chapter 160 Can't afford to lose? Chapter 159 If it were you, what would you do? Chapter 158 You really did it! Chapter 157 he did have a grudge against me Chapter 156 Fascinating Bone Dementor Fragrance? Chapter 155 Huo Chanyi, this little girl, is not simple Chapter 154 I don't know how to bite, so what am I afraid of? Chapter 153 can't say exactly the same Chapter 152 Don't ask, it means Xiaotuanzi misses her father Chapter 151 Little brother, you've gone too far Chapter 150 the clown is himself

Chapter 149 Do you think you deserve to be called dad? Chapter 148 He said he would protect her Chapter 147 Wicked woman, don't kneel down yet! Chapter 146 Rotten eggs! Chapter 145 Regarding the identity of Miss Yun's family Chapter 144 Are they as beautiful as me? Chapter 143 Teach him to be a person first! Chapter 142 Believe it or not, he slapped her with a whisk and made her cry Chapter 141 Yes, I promise you Chapter 140 The capital of beauty and misfortune Chapter 139 How does it look like a little demon cultivator! Chapter 138 What happened in the imperial city?

Chapter 137 Is that fast? That is a photographic memory! Chapter 136 he is the king of ghosts Chapter 135 These demons are really not human Chapter 134 Mo Beiyuan, why are you here? Chapter 133 Yunran, I have no home Chapter 132 Wanpoison Valley was wiped out Chapter 131 convincing force Chapter 130 I'm not saying that's wrong Chapter 129 happily decided Chapter 128 Why are some weird books mixed in? Chapter 127 What about brotherhood? Chapter 126 Good brother, forever

Chapter 125 Not safe Chapter 124 but he has no evidence Chapter 123 dog emperor Chapter 122 Embroidered fists and legs are not a thing Chapter 121 only one's own and not one's own Chapter 120 I don't have the guts of a dog yet Chapter 119 Don't you value your son more? Chapter 118 I've seen real ghosts Chapter 117 it was him Chapter 116 want to hug you Chapter 115 all dead, bitten to death Chapter 114 sure it's the little girl

Chapter 113 It is the way of heaven for the strong to defeat the weak! Chapter 112 He can't afford to call out girl! Chapter 111 You are quite girly Chapter 110 Get started, get spiritual fruit Chapter 109 I'm happy to let them play Chapter 108 This wild fruit, I will give you two catties a month Chapter 107 Are you willing to join the Ghost Doctor Sect? Chapter 106 Ghost doctor? WTF? Chapter 105 Does this king's blood need other identities? Chapter 104 Because you are only three and a half years old! Chapter 103 Are they all so poor? Chapter 102 i can't learn from you

Chapter 101 Although your father is rich Chapter 100 cute what? Small teeth? Chapter 99 She is not the only one who is touched Chapter 98 He's a half dark ghost Chapter 97 The king is not so poor Chapter 96 This is the pomp of the boss doting on his daughter Chapter 95 This personality is still there Chapter 94 Who can stand it! Chapter 93 I'll meet them with a knife Chapter 92 What skills are you practicing! Use consciousness? Chapter 91 Because she is Mo Beiyuan's woman Chapter 90 Both food and like to find others to fight!

Chapter 89 Wouldn't it be nice for him to research some poison? Chapter 88 The mediocre little doctor Chapter 87 People say no! Chapter 86 talk nonsense seriously Chapter 85 If you want to see and see, tell me earlier! Chapter 84 What kind of family is this! Chapter 83 Yunran is not happy Chapter 82 I didn't intend to get used to her Chapter 81 "waste waste" Chapter 80 Then she is even more unworthy! Chapter 79 Little disaster Chapter 78 A man with two holy beasts

Chapter 77 Daddy is the fastest Chapter 76 what is **** or not Chapter 75 I got the money, happy Chapter 74 don't think too much Chapter 73 Isn't this murderous? Chapter 72 I beat you, not too much! Chapter 71 It's you who didn't talk about martial arts first Chapter 70 The matter between her and A Yuan Chapter 69 Who does this spirit root belong to? Chapter 68 What are you? Chapter 67 you won't fall in love with any woman Chapter 66 Fairy Snow Cloud

Chapter 65 Who is that? Chapter 64 Dirty your hands by killing you? Chapter 63 This king wants a hand from him! Chapter 62 Mo Jinyu, you shouldn't touch her! Chapter 61 My dad is the best! Chapter 60 Could it be that he really fell in love with this woman? Chapter 59 Can such a big melon not be fried? Chapter 58 Why did you pretend to be the second young lady of the Yun family? Chapter 57 Kitty, it listens to me Chapter 56 Straight steel man against green tea dregs man Chapter 55 Uncle, who is this girl? Chapter 54 Is that idiot here too?

Chapter 53 Just got a holy beast? Chapter 52 Can really talk to monsters Chapter 51 Daddy, buy a kitten for Sweet Cake! Chapter 50 Your task, the king took over Chapter 49 I'm about to die Chapter 48 He actually said that he was afraid! Chapter 47 His old face... Chapter 46 Where did you abduct this little doll from? Chapter 45 I'm afraid something will happen Chapter 44 What's the situation? Chapter 43 You may not believe it Chapter 42 What did the ghost king do?

Chapter 41 happy cooperation Chapter 40 She's so cute Chapter 39 I dig spar thieves Chapter 38 up to you…… Chapter 37 double the happiness Chapter 36 Tease six-star monsters as rabbits Chapter 35 My mind is better and I am awake Chapter 34 She, don't you want to lose face? Chapter 33 The roots of troubles Chapter 32 Prince's territory? Chapter 31 A scumbag man! Chapter 30 Show everyone how to butcher a pig

Chapter 29 Why is this woman's waist so thin? Chapter 28 Looks very energetic Chapter 27 Brain Ax Big West Jigsaw Chapter 26 extremely insulting Chapter 25 The number one in Xuanxia Continent is not easy to mess with Chapter 24 Master is in a hurry Chapter 23 garbage in garbage Chapter 22 I control my own life Chapter 21 I'm that unlucky woman Chapter 20 Bewitched by your beauty Chapter 19 stroll with children Chapter 18 not a deal

Chapter 17 Yunran has a good attitude Chapter 16 you, stay away from me Chapter 15 The hottest gossip Chapter 14 This reaction is not right! Chapter 13 Is this man so miserable? Chapter 12 dribbling after amnesia Chapter 11 go out without money Chapter 10 he is your father Chapter 9 They are the blood of the king Chapter 8 From now on, she is my king's guardian Chapter 7 I'm here to settle accounts with her Chapter 6 a whole fairy mountain

Chapter 5 Make room to beat you! Chapter 4 The big villain is coming! Mother, run away! Chapter 3 two small dumplings Chapter 2 Beautiful boy out of the bath Chapter 1 Are you tired of living?

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