Chapter 929 Sweet Cake Special (25)【End】

  Su Yuner recalled her terrible experiences these days.

   He was even more unwilling to be kicked out like this.

   "Sect Master, let the little girl stay and serve you with her!"

  Yan Qi realized that he still underestimated this woman's shamelessness.

   "Don't compare your disgusting thoughts with her, she is not something you can compare with!"

  Yan Qi's patience was almost used up, and he was about to make a move and throw the woman in front of him out.

  I heard Mo Yunnian's voice coming from the yard outside.

   "Brother Yan Qi, brother Yan Qi, my uncle and grandpa sent me a lot of things again, do you want to go and see with me?"

  Mo Yunnian happily ran in and saw other people in the study.

  The left and right Dharma protectors often meet each other in different sects. As for the other woman, Mo Yunnian was slightly taken aback when he saw her appear in Yan Qi's study.

  Before she had time to speak, Su Yun'er preempted her: "Sect Master, that's her. She stole my identity, she tricked me, and she even said bad things about you in front of me, calling you a monster."

   Mo Yunnian's eyes widened, as if he didn't understand why she said that, and wanted to explain, but Yan Qi pulled her in front of him.

   "Brother Yanqi..."

   Mo Yun thought about it, but he didn't say that.

  Ke Yanqi didn't need her explanation at all, because he knew what kind of person she was.

   "Sweet Cake, let's go play for a while, I'll take care of things here, and I'll go find you, okay?"

   Once Yan Qi changed from his previous cold attitude, when facing her, he would subconsciously soften his attitude.

   Mo Yunnian said hello, and went back to his yard, but sat at the table with his chin resting on his back, feeling a little unhappy.

  The maidservant at the side saw that she was in a bad mood, so she asked her what was wrong? Before, I happily went to find the sect master.

   "It's the sect master who doesn't want to come, so, Miss Mo, are you unhappy?"

   "No, he's busy, it's the lady from the castellan's family who came here..."

  Mo Yunnian never felt that it was an ulterior secret that he married in place of the eldest lady, so he had already told the little maidservants beside him about his identity and his upcoming marriage.

  The little maid also knew the general situation. When she heard that the upright young lady from the city lord's mansion had come to her door, she guessed what she was thinking.

   "Miss Mo, that one came here with absolutely malicious intentions. She wants to compete with you for the favor of our sect master!"

  Mo Yunnian really didn't understand this kind of thing in the backyard. Hearing the story of the little maid talking about a bunch of wives and concubines, and fighting for favor, his delicate brows furrowed deeper and deeper.

  When she thought that brother Yan Qi might be with that young lady every day, and then gradually ignore her, she was unhappy.

   What made her feel depressed was that she was not interested in the little gift from her uncle and grandpa.

   "Then Yanqi brother will like her, dislike me, and then drive me away?"

The little maid glanced at her beautiful face, and replied: "Well, probably not! After all, Miss Mo, you are such a great beauty, and that person's appearance must not be comparable to yours, but sometimes, when you compete for favor You still need to rely on some small tricks, you have to let the head of the door only have you in his heart, it is best not to let that person come in."

  The little maid has been by Mo Yunnian's side for the past few days, and she probably has seen how pure this girl Mo's character is.

   With such a simple personality, if he meets a powerful character, he may suffer.

  Mo Yunnian hummed softly, she suddenly realized that she wanted to be with brother Yan Qi, and didn't want to have other women around him, just like mother and father, always together.

  After Mo Yunnian figured it out, he went to Yan Qi's yard again.

   "Sweet cake? What's wrong?"

  Yan Qi saw her running back with red eyes, not understanding what happened to her, so he anxiously went to ask her about her situation.

   "Brother Yanqi, can you only like me!"

  Mo Yunnian didn't know if it was a bit too much for her to say that, but she just didn't want her brother Yan Qi to talk and sleep with that eldest lady.

   Yan Qi felt that she was fighting for favor as a child, so he raised his hand to gently rub against the top of her hair, and said hello.

   "I only like sweet cakes."

  After hearing his answer, Mo Yunnian immediately showed a happy smile on his small face.

   "Then you will only spoil me from now on!"

   "Well, I only spoil you."


After hearing his promise, the little girl threw herself into his arms happily, wrapped her neck coquettishly, imitating the intimate movements of her father and mother, her pink lips pressed against Yan Qi's, gently rubbed.

   "Brother Yanqi will belong to me alone from now on! No other woman can come to **** it! Otherwise, I will beat them all to the ground!"

   Yan Qi didn't realize it, and it took him a long time to realize what the little girl had just done to him.

   "Sweetie, do you... know what you're doing?"

  Yan Qi had a helpless expression on his face, but he had no choice but to face this little girl whom he had loved since he was a child.

   "I know! It's called a kiss!"

Mo Yunnian thought he didn't know what he was doing just now, so he explained to him enthusiastically, "My mother told me when I was a child, only those who like it can do this. Brother Yanqi likes me, and I like brother Yanqi too. So, you can kiss."

   Yan Qi met her clean and clear eyes, and didn't know what to say for a while.

  This little girl is so innocent, she may not understand that there are many types of liking.

"Sweet cake, you are still young, you may not understand the difference between liking and liking, and you can't tell the difference between liking and liking. Do you like me, your brother, or other likings! So, when you grow up, let's come again Let's talk about it, okay?"

  Yan Qi thought she was a child who didn't understand anything, but in fact, as a mother, Yun Ran naturally taught her what love was when her precious daughter was growing up.

  So, Mo Yunnian is actually clear.

   It's just that Yan Qi felt that she couldn't tell the difference.

The little girl became anxious in an instant, and told him with her small face up: "I have a brother, of course I know the difference between feeling for my brother and liking you! Brother Yan, please don't always treat me like a child who doesn't know anything. !I've grown up! It's not the sweet cake I was when I was a kid!"

   Yan Qi was a little confused at the moment, who knew that the little girl leaned over to kiss him again while talking.

   Yan Qi's inner entanglement gradually collapsed under the temptation of that sweet breath, and there were turbulent emotions in his deep eyes.

  The little girl was so sweet that it drove him crazy. The big hand that was about to push her away suddenly wrapped around her waist and pressed her into his arms.

  Turning from defense to offense, with dark eyes rolling, he eagerly kissed the little girl's soft lips.

  The domineering aura kept attacking Mo Yunnian's sweetness.

   "Sweetheart, if I am like this, you will feel sick and want to push me away?"

   Yan Qi wanted to tell her that she might not really like him, so she would definitely feel uncomfortable if he did this.

  But the little girl shook her head: "No! I like Brother Yanqi, so I also like Brother Yanqi to kiss me. I know that Brother Yanqi likes me, so he kisses me."

  Niangqin once taught her that there is no need to be ashamed of this behavior, because it is an expression of love.

   Yan Qi felt that his heart was surrounded by great joy at this moment, as if he was standing on a cloud, everything was so unreal.

   "Sweet cake..."

   Yan Qi leaned over again and kissed the little girl's lips. This time, the kiss did not contain any test, but it was full of his affection for her.

   "I love you, my little princess!"

  After the two confirmed their relationship with each other.

  Mo Yunnian found that brother Yan Qi seemed to be different.

  He especially likes to kiss her.

  However, just like what mother said, Mo Yunnian feels that two people who like each other are really happy and happy when they are together.

   Cangluan arrived at Yimen two months later with Baozi and Yunran.

  Yun Ran saw the interaction between her precious daughter and Yan Qi, so she could probably guess the relationship between the two.

  But she didn't say much, but first checked the condition of the weird bug on Yan Qi's body.

  Fortunately, this worm is not recorded in the Five Kingdoms, but it is recorded in the cloud.

   This kind of insect is divided into male and female, and the one on Yan Qi's body is only male.

   Just go to the cloud to find the female of this bug, and use the female to lure the male out.

  There is a solution, the next step is to go to the cloud to find the female insect.

  With Yunran and their influence on Yunshang, it is not difficult to find this female.

   It didn't take long at all to solve the problem that had plagued Yan Qi for many years.

  Yun Ran and the others also learned the reason why Yan Qi had disappeared all these years, so it was hard to say anything about him.

   It wasn't until Mo Beiyuan ran into his precious daughter hugging Yan Qi that the two fell in love.

   For the pet girl madman, it must be difficult to accept this matter for a while, after all, he feels that his little girl is still young.

  But Yunran came forward and coaxed someone to calm down: "Then let them talk first. After two years, how old is Tiangui, and then talk about getting married."

   "During this period, if he dares to treat Tian Gao badly, or do anything that is sorry for Tian Gao, we will come forward and let him leave Tian Gao's side."

  Actually, even though she said so, Yun Ran felt that Yan Qi was definitely not that kind of person based on the way she saw people over the years.

  How could a man who could choose to hide silently in order not to hurt Tang Gao do things that would hurt Tian Gao?


  (end of this chapter)