Chapter 927 Sweet cake episode (23)

  But Su Yuner got one thing wrong, that is, Mo Yunnian didn't grow up in the backyard of that kind of intrigue.

  So, her methods are placed on Mo Yunnian's side, and the two of them are not on the same channel at all.

  Mo Yunnian couldn't understand her tea-like words.

   "Oh, so, are you going to see brother Yanqi? I can take you there! But I can't leave, because I have to wait for my brother to come and help him treat his illness."

   "Cure? What's wrong with him?"

  Su Yun'er knew that Brother Yan Qi that this woman was talking about was the head of another sect. When she heard that the head of the sect was sick, of course she had to be concerned.

   Otherwise, if something goes wrong with that person, wouldn't it be difficult for me, the wife of the head of the sect, to have a hard time in the different sect, with no one to support her.

  Mo Yunnian can't tell her everything, after all, what happened to Yan Qi is still a secret.

   "His illness, you can ask him when you see him later! It's not convenient for me to say."

Su Yun'er heard the words, immediately covered the corners of her mouth, and burst out laughing: "Miss Mo deliberately made up such a lie to trick me into leaving, but your calculation is really wrong, since I am looking for you When I came to the door, I just wanted to live a good life with the head of the door, even if he was sick, I would not despise him."

  Su Yun'er has seen the woman in front of her clearly, she seems innocent, but in fact, she has a lot of thoughts.

   Mo Yun read aloud: "Then you go and talk to brother Yan Qi! If there is nothing else, then I will go back first."

"Go back? Wait!" Su Yun'er called the person to stop, "I have been talking to you for a long time, but you can't understand people's words! I said, you are a fake, since I am back, you You can’t stay with the sect master any longer!”

   "You know that the sect master likes me, and you go back, aren't you just asking for trouble? And give me back everything you're wearing! I like the bracelet on your wrist very much, take it off and give it to me!"

  Su Yuner has long taken a fancy to the bracelet on her wrist, it is very beautiful, she has never seen it before when she is so old.

  Mo Yunnian glanced at the bracelet on her wrist, it was a gift from her father, and it was an extremely rare warm jade on the cloud.

   "Brother Yanqi didn't give this to me. I can't give it to you. Besides, brother Yanqi gave me something. Unless he asks me for it himself, you don't have the right to ask me for it."

  Mo Yunnian is not the kind of soft bun who allows others to bully her. When she was three or four years old, she was already able to kick people away.

  Being able to be here now, listening to Su Yuner's nonsense for so long, is already her limit.

  Su Yuner still wanted to attack her, but Mo Yunnian gently raised her hand and pushed her away.

   "Your cultivation base is too bad, you are not qualified to fight with me!"

  Mo Yunnian told the truth, I hope this woman will stop being overconfident.

   After finishing speaking, he turned and left.

  Su Yun'er was naturally unwilling. Her original plan was to persuade people away secretly first, and then go to a different family to reveal her identity and tell them that the woman surnamed Mo stole her identity.

   But now, she can only go directly to another school.

   A few hours later.

   The doorway of a different door.

  Guards stop a woman.

   This woman claimed that she was the wife of the sect master and wanted to see their sect master.

   also said that the current wife of the door owner is a fake, she is the daughter of the city owner.

  (end of this chapter)