Chapter 926 Sweet cake episode (22)

   Now that the eldest lady of the city lord's family came to the door, Mo Yunnian remembered the purpose of his previous visit to the different sect.

   But after she explained it, the eldest lady didn't believe her words.

  I also feel that she has benefited, so she is unwilling to return the position of the door owner's wife.

   "Ms. Mo, do you want to give it back to me because you have taken a fancy to the position of the wife of the city lord of Yimen?"

"I heard people outside say that the head of the door loves his new wife very much and gave you a lot of priceless treasures. The clothes you wear are more expensive than the concubines in the palace. Did you make a plan a long time ago and want Swindle money and treasures from the sect master?"

  After hearing what she said, Mo Yunnian's eyes widened instantly: "Why should I lie and ask for something from my brother! I have it myself!"

  This little girl has been pampered since she was a child. When she was a child, she took all kinds of priceless treasures and received soft hands. In the eyes of others, those treasures are nothing in her eyes.

  So, she didn't even realize how special her food and clothing expenses in the different sect were.

   "Brother Yanqi? Heh, Miss Mo's methods are really clever. I'm afraid she just used this small mouth to make the master of the different sect very happy!"

   "But, don't you feel ashamed at all for stealing other people's things and the identity that should belong to others?"

  The young lady of the city lord’s family had heard that the head of the different sect was robbing his wife, and that he was a blood-sucking ghost, so she didn’t want to marry her anyway.

   But this moment and that moment!

  A while ago, the emperor came to their city on a private patrol in his micro-clothes. Who knew that her lecherous father would actually rob a civilian girl in the street, and the emperor caught him straight and chopped him up.

   Also seized the City Lord's Mansion.

  The city lord's mansion collapsed overnight, and their family members could only be reduced to pariahs.

  When did the eldest lady of her majestic city lord's mansion suffer such grievances? She lived in a broken thatched hut in the suburbs for a while, living a life similar to a beggar.

   She is naturally not reconciled!

  But her former lover now dislikes her identity.

   It just so happened that that day, she heard rumors about the new wife of the head of the different sect in the street market, and only then did she know that that woman had replaced her to enjoy the glory and wealth in the different sect.

  She came here today because she wanted to transfer her identity back to Miss Mo.

   "If I remember correctly, the master of the different sect had his eyes on me, not Miss Mo. To put it bluntly, you are just my substitute! Isn't it?"

   "How about this, if you choose two of the things that the sect master gave you as a gift, you will have enough to eat and drink in your next life. For the rest, please take them out and return them to me. I am their master!"

  Hesitating Yan Qi didn't explain the marriage to Mo Yunnian in detail before, so Mo Yunnian is also a little confused at the moment.

   "You mean, brother Yanqi likes you?"

The eldest lady of the city lord's house pulled her lips and showed a confident smile: "Otherwise? If he likes you, why did he order to force my father to marry me to him? You think so?" !"

   "I don't know when I met him, maybe it was in a hurry on a certain street corner!"

   Originally, if this Miss Mo was not so good-looking, as the eldest lady of the City Lord's Mansion, Su Yun'er might not mind her staying and being a sister with her.

  However, this girl Mo's appearance makes people jealous, so staying here must be a disaster.

  (end of this chapter)

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